Guangxi’s post -90s couple gave birth to 10 babies.

On June 11, 2020, Dengtun, Shangzhen Village, Baoan Township, Du’an County, Guangxi.

"Hmm … Lao Qi … Lao Qi, what is the name …" The man supported me and scratched his hair embarrassingly. He couldn’t think of the name of the seventh child.

"There are too many children in his family. Recently, I have a lot of interviews, and my mind is probably confused." Outside the camera, a kind person broke the embarrassment and hit a circle.

Wei Guo couple and children

"Oh! Household registration! I forgot …"

The man jumped up sharply, hurriedly found the account book, quickly turned to the page of the "Old Seven", and said, "His name!"

The man with a dumb man named Wei Guoze, a dumb man, was a father with 10 children.The number of children is so much that he can’t even remember his name.

Wei Guoze

So why did Wei Guo have so many children?

The mountains are lustrous, the mountain roads are winding, the grass and trees are lush, and the lush is lush. In this original natural landscape, it is looming a small wooden house for a long time.

The appearance of the house is very simple. The top is covered with rain -blocking plastic sheds. The broken rocks are used as a foundation underneath. The wall surface is wood.

The wooden house is located in the mountains, and the allocation is the hillside of high and low, and there is no way around.

Outside the wooden house, there are many woods and garbage that can be treated in the future. Inside the wooden house, all the furniture is crooked, hiding and dirt, exuding an unpleasant smell.

Weiguo’s house

Wei Guo, a family of 12, is the owner of this wooden house. The family lives in Laulin all year round and lives an isolated life.

When the reporter came to Shangzhen Village for the first time, he saw Wei Guo’s wife Meng Xiuping.At this point, she was expected to produce after two months.

Different from other pregnant women, Meng Xiuping’s appearance is very thin, almost skinny, and only the belly is bulging.

Meng Xiuping’s face was yellow and dull, with wrinkles climbing, and a lot of silver silk was mixed with sparse hair. Both eyes were trapped in the eye sockets, showing fatigue.

Meng Xiuping

"My man is working outside, six children study and live, and I have brought three babies alone recently."

Meng Xiuping looked thin, but his strength was very strong.I saw that she could use three people, holding a big belly, and had to go upstairs to run back and forth.

Meng Xiuping was holding the old eighth in his left hand, holding the naughty Lao Qi in his right hand, and a sleeping old nine on his back.

At the moment when three noisy children fell asleep, Meng Xiuping could really sit down, breathe a sigh of relief, took a break, and had to invest in endless housework.

Meng Xiuping

Most of the time, Meng Xiuping did not speak. Only when reporters asked questions, she would answer a few words symbolically, and her words were very short.

Looking at Meng Xiuping’s tired appearance, the reporter became more and more confused about this 12 family.

Since his life is so difficult, why should the Wei Guo have a ten -born child in one breath?How did the two know each other?

Wei Guo and Meng Xiuping were a post -90s couple. They were born in 1991 and 1990, respectively. They were Yao people.

Du’an County in Guangxi Province is a well -known poverty -stricken county in the country. The county’s cultivated land area is poor. 89 % of them are stone mountains and cannot be cultivated.

Mo Dengtun is the worst and backward areas. The per capita arable land area is less than one acre, and it is difficult to self -sufficient.

And Wei Guo just lived in Duntun, Du’an County, destined to have a bumpy and unlucky life.

Wei Guoze

As the only child in the family, Wei Guo was loved by his parents.Despite the difficult conditions, the parents did not hesitate to raise the family’s power to support Wei Guo.

Every day, as soon as he dawn, his mother will hold Wei Guo’s hand, go through the mountains, walk on the mountain road for an hour, and take a class in the neighboring village.

His father was not good, but he supported the sick body. He insisted on returning early and returning late.

At the age of 11, Wei Guo had just been in the fourth grade.One day, the neighbors in the village suddenly found the school and brought him a clear news.

"Your dad is gone!"

Wei Guoze

At that moment, Wei Guo only felt his head buzzing, and his feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, and he couldn’t move.

After his father left, there was only one pair of orphans and widows left in the family.Mother is small, weak, can’t do farm work, and does not make enough tuition.

The sensible Wei Guo knew the difficulties in the family, and took the initiative to drop out of school, carrying the burden of life with a thin body.

Since then, Wei Guo has accompanied his township friends, moved to major cities, and worked a lot of work.

"I have been to Dongguan, Guangzhou, Qinzhou … I have worked hard in construction workers, water pipe workers, and first helped people to cut sugar cane, and worked as a assembly line in the factory." Wei Guo recalled.

Wei Guoze

In 2005, when Wei Guo was 14 years old, in a battery car factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, he met the love of this life -Meng Xiuping.

Meng Xiuping is from Yalong Village, Dahua County, Guangxi, and is a fellow with Wei Guo.

Meng Xiuping has a pure appearance, pitiful, and gentle, so that Wei Guo fell in love at first sight.

Shenzhen is a lively and prosperous city with rapid development.

Wei Guo was in it, seemed to be out of place, and often felt lonely and empty.The appearance of Meng Xiuping greatly raised the heart of Wei Guo’s wandering travelers.

Meng Xiuping

"We have a good relationship with the disease, and the family is not good. I lost my father at the age of 11. She lost her mother for 3 months. It was a hard -working child." Wei Guo said.

In order to pursue Meng Xiuping, Wei Guo borrowed money from his cousin cheekily and bought the first gift to the opposite sex in his life.

At the end of 2005, Wei Guo took his girlfriend home to see his mother.Meng Xiuping is diligent and capable, and she has a living in her eyes. She helps to make rice and wash dishes.

At the end of 2007, Wei Guo, who had been dating for two years, officially became husband and wife with Meng Xiuping.

Since neither of them arrived in the legal marriage age, they could not apply for a marriage certificate.Because the two economic conditions are not good, there are no wedding banquets.

Wei Guo Ze and his family

The so -called "marriage" was just a solemn promise of the two, and the two people gathered together and got a restaurant.

There are no Feng Guanxia, Shili red makeup, and no car houses, and colorful drill jewelry.

In 2008, less than half a year married, Meng Xiuping was pregnant with her first child.This year, Meng Xiuping was 18 years old, and she was just an adult; Wei Guo was 17 years old, and he was a minor.

The increasingly heavy body could not bear the black and white upside -down labor, and Meng Xiuping had to follow her mother -in -law back to her hometown.

Since then, the pressure of supporting the family has all overwhelmed Wei Guo.He found a job of 200 yuan a day. After getting the salary, he only left a part of it for eating and drinking, and the rest were sent to the wife of his hometown.

Little couples are separated from the two places, and they can only rely on phone to maintain their feelings.Only in the New Year and harvest season can Wei Guo return home and reunite with his family.

The Wei Guo couples are children in the mountains.

On the day of the reunion, the two will hurry up and enjoy the joy of fish and water.So much so that every year, the Wei family will have a new life, never stop.

From 2008, to 2020, the Wei Guo couple had a total of 10 children, and Meng Xiuping’s belly had never rest.

There are 31 residents in Dengtun, of which 30 are hovering on the food and clothing line.For poor families, having children is to produce labor. The more children, the more people who work.

Weiguo’s child

"Children in the mountains are free. There are one or two and five or six, there is no difference." Wei Guo said.

Because of the family planning policy, in order to save expenses, Meng Xiuping did not dare to perform a birth check every child.

Among them, when the third child was born, Meng Xiuping was difficult to give birth and almost bleeding. After sitting in a chair for a few hours, she gave birth to a child smoothly.

After giving birth, the hospital made it clear: "You are not produced in the hospital. We cannot have a certificate of birth. In the future, children cannot go to hukou and school."

For this reason, Meng Xiuping can only be hospitalized early.

Wei Guo and his family are eating

After giving birth to the sixth old, the barefoot doctor in the village had suggested that Wei Guo went to ligation.

However, Wei Guo listened to the villagers saying that ligation would make men’s weakness and recession.

"I can’t ligate. If you do it, no one will raise my child anymore."

Poor and poor nourishment, the children of the Wei family had never eaten milk powder, and grew up by drinking breast milk and millet porridge.The clothes of the first nine children were mixed. My brother and sister were worn and left to my brother and sister.

From pregnancy to production, Meng Xiuping has never eaten nutritional products, so that her skin and constitution are getting worse. At the age of 30, she looks like a middle -aged woman at the age of 40 to 50.

Wei Guo Ze and his family

I do n’t know if there are too many production or not to confine, Meng Xiuping has fallen into a problem.As long as you work hard, your chest and lumbar spine will continue to pain.

After taking care of his wife’s body, Wei Guo decided to take his wife to do breeding surgery.

"So many children, can you raise it?"

In the face of reporters’ questions, Wei Guo smiled bitterly: "There is no way, since it is born, it will be raised slowly."

Wei Guo and children

Wei Guo never gave the child the idea of giving children. Even if economic embarrassment, he did his best to give the children as much care as possible.

When the child is old, he will coquettish his father and want snacks or toys.Wei Guo will remember the child’s needs in the small book, wait for the next work to go home, and distribute the gift fairly to every child.

When mentioning the question of "why there are so many children", Wei Guo’s answers are "unable to ligates" and "do not understand contraceptive knowledge".

With the increasing interviews, Wei Guo gradually opened up, telling a secret secret.

"I’m not my parents’ biological son. This is the secret I only know when I grow up."

Wei Guoze

It turned out that Wei Guo’s native family was poorer. Biological parents had no money to raise children, and sent Wei Guo in the middle of his parents to his adoptive parents’ house.

Each child of Dengtun is two or three bases, while Wei Guo is the only child, and it seems very incompatible.

From an early age, whenever he saw other family children in groups and his brothers and sisters depended on each other, he would be envious.

"When I was a kid, I was playing alone, bullied, and I could only be next to each other. No brother and sister supported me." Wei Guo said.

The more people are missing, the more they will report to make up for it when they are conditions.After becoming a family, Wei Guo was extremely attached to the "brothers and sisters". He urgently wanted to give all the things he had never owned to the loved children.

Ten children, like ten fingers, condensed together, will burst into amazing power, lacking one.

In addition, there is a strange thing that has always accompanied Wei Guo’s entire growth process.

"When I was a kid, I always felt that someone was following me, looking back, but not seeing the figure. After marriage, whenever my daughter -in -law gave birth to a child, a man would come to my house with chickens, ducks and fish, and ask who he was, and did not answer.","

It was not until later that Wei Guo learned that it was his own brother, his brother who was more than water.

After learning about his life, Wei Guo completely broke the thoughts of fetal and sending children.Even if he is suffering and tired, he will not let his biological and flesh, and repeat his mistakes.

In April 2019, adoptive mother died, and the life at home became more and more difficult.In order to sort out the pressure of his wife, Wei Guo resigned from the city and returned to the village completely to make a living by farming and making miscellaneous work.

In 2020, the short video of Wei Guozi’s hot network attracted many media people to come to interview, and also brought a lot of attention and help to this 12 -family home.The township government applied for a minimum insurance for 350 yuan per person for Wei Guo, with a total of more than 4,000 yuan.

In addition, Wei Guo also has several livestock fostering in a cooperative, and can get 4,000 yuan a year.

Seeing that the Wei family’s mountain huts were crumbling, close to the dangerous house, the local government discussed and built a new house of 150 square meters for a family of 12 to live.

In 2022, Wei Guo moved his wife and 10 children into the resettlement house. Individually, he also joined the public welfare position arranged by the village. The family’s life was getting better.

Wei Guo is being interviewed

"Will you be regenerated in the future?"

Facing the problem of acquaintance, Wei Guo smiled awkwardly and shook his head: "No, 10 are enough. Now my biggest motivation is to make money for them to study, no matter which one is admitted to college, IIt will be provided by selling iron. "

It is reported that Wei Guo’s children are very sensible, study hard, work hard, and never cause trouble at home.

When asked about the child’s performance, Wei Guo was proud: "The boss and the third child can learn the first in the class. The second and fourth child will be a little bit, but they are also high -level. They usually live in school.Wash your own clothes by yourself. "

"There are a few small ones, I will go to the streets to buy meat, cakes, and milk, they all like to eat. Occasionally, they will buy toys, but they are often broken by them."

Wei Guoze

As a post -90s, his peers may not have entered the marriage hall, but Wei Guo became a father 10 times.

Maybe some people will satire Wei Guo’s ignorance, knowing that poverty is still born with children, and the more and more poor.However, this is the result of Wei Guo’s native family, living environment, and cultural level.

It is rare that Wei Guo does not focus on men and women, do not sell children, regardless of this, do not shirk responsibility, do not lazy, and do not insist on "reading useless theory". This is already in his ability to do.The extreme.

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