Guangxi men drove pregnant wives, hitting the house and hurting people!When I checked, I played games overnight, and still drinking and refreshing

At 6 am on May 17

Dahua Town, Dahua County, Hechi City

Liushui Community Ban Matun Yiding intersection

A white car passes quickly

A electric tricycle that will stop at the roadside

An old man in the car was injured

However, the car continues to drive forward

Stop until the wall of the roadside folk house collapsed

Public video showed that after the car rushed into the private house, the body was "rack" on the cement brick. The vehicle was severely damaged.

The driver of the car, Wei, said: "At that time, the glass was very fog. I slowed down the glass and rushed to the private house before finishing the car."

△ The police are investigating the scene

△ Inside the private house after being hit

It is understood that the Wei and his wife played the game overnight until 5 am the next day, and then Wei had a 5 -month -old wife with a 5 -month -old wife at a city of 15 kilometers to eat breakfast.

During the period, Wei found that a friend was drinking, so he drank a bottle of beer with his friend to "refresh the god, and drive".After a few cups, Wei Mou drove home with a pregnant wife, and an accident occurred on the way.

After the exhaustive alcohol test, Weisan’s alcohol content was 54.7mg/100ml, which was driving a motor vehicle after alcohol.

After inspection, the collided old man was not injured.Facing the criticism and education of the police, Wei was very regretful: "Fortunately, there is no big deal for the elderly, otherwise I regret it too late. It is really harmful and hurts himself."

Responsibility determination:

Wei Mou’s fatigue driving, drunk driving, improper operation and other behaviors are the direct causes of accidents. They are responsible for all accidents and are responsible for compensating the injured medical expenses and losses in private houses.According to relevant regulations, the police fined 1,100 yuan for the merger of Wei and 15 points for the driving license.

Fatigue driving

It is easy to lead to slow response and decline in judgment ability

It is even more insignificant to refreshing with wine

Remind everyone again

I’m tired

Still "forcibly insist on" driving

Not only do you get in danger

It also threatens the safety of others

Please always pay attention to your driving status

Arrange the schedule reasonably

Refuse drunk driving

As family and friends, you should fulfill your supervision responsibility

The house can be rebuilt

Destiny is gone

Comprehensive | Guangxi Traffic Police Micro Published, Hechi Traffic Police

Source: South China Journal

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