Grapefruit full of meaning, can be relieved to relieve dry cough in autumn

With the invasion of cold air, most parts of my country have begun to cool down.The decrease in temperature also brings various discomfort in the body, such as sore throat, dry skin, and indigestion. In addition to the cause of autumn dryness, the substantial changes in the environment are also external incentives.At this time, it is the season of grapefruit full of fragrance. It not only tastes sweet and sour, but also has rich vitamin C, which helps moisturize lungs and phlegm, promote gastrointestinal digestion, and is suitable for autumn. Therefore, it is loved by people.In fact, in addition to the above effects, it can occupy a place in the autumn of the melon and fruit harvest. There are other reasons, what are the specifics, please continue to look down ~

1. Grapefruit delicious nutrition, many benefits

1. Beauty and beauty

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the spots on the skin.Eating grapefruit often can whiten the skin and improve the complexion. In addition, it also has the effect of firming the skin, which can make our skin fuller and smooth, and have a good skin care effect.

2. Auxiliary treatment of diabetes

Anyone who has eaten grapefruit knows that the grapefruit has a unique bitter taste. This bitter material is also grapefront.Pomelochin can effectively help treat diabetes and effectively improve the human body’s sensitivity to insulin.Therefore, grapefruit can be a very good health fruit.

3. Enhance physical fitness

Grapefruit can effectively help the body absorb calcium and iron, which is very good for the body.In addition, grapefruit contains only a lot of natural folic acid, which is very good for women who are preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy. They can effectively prevent the occurrence of anemia and have a good promotion effect on fetal development.

4. Protect the heart

Eating a grapefruit every day can effectively reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the human body.In particular, the dark red grapefruit has a better effect on heart health, because it contains higher oxidants.

Second, the "dead opponent" of grapefruit

In fact, the attention of eating grapefruit is mainly related to drugs, such as antihypertensive drugs, lipid -lowering drugs, sleeping pills, contraceptives, etc., especially when eating grapefruitThere are 85 drugs, and their side effects are very strong, such as respiratory failure, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and even sudden death.

But it is not terrible enough to dare not eat it. It is best to avoid taking grapefruit within 6 hours before taking the medicine. If you have taken medicine, you should consult your doctor how to adjust.

Now that it is when eating grapefruit, grapefruit is rich in nutrition, but it also has its own characteristics when eating, especially middle -aged and elderly people with chronic diseases. Be careful when eating grapefruit.There are often a lot of dry cough in autumn. At this time, a cup of honey grapefruit tea can effectively alleviate the symptoms of throat discomfort. Quickly send it to the people around you.

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