Grandma don’t add salt to your child’s supplementary food!A 8 -month -old baby has lost his life due to salt

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Xiaofen is annoying recently because she is going to work after maternity leave, and her mother -in -law is very strong for bringing children.

She told her mother -in -law that the child could not add salt when adding supplementary food, otherwise it would hurt the child’s kidney.

My mother -in -law didn’t say anything in person, but when I went to chat with other elderly people later, I mentioned that I brought 4 children by myself. I don’t understand how to raise children?The young people now read a little bit of books and thought they were amazing.

As a result, her mother -in -law secretly added salt to her child’s supplementary food. One day, Xiao Fen went home early because of the participating unit activities.

When I went home, I saw some children’s porridge in the pot. She was hungry, so she pretended to eat a little bit. I didn’t expect to take a bite. She felt that the taste was still very heavy.A lot of it!

Later, Xiaofen told his husband that the child’s supplementary food could not be added with salt.

I saw that before I saw a mother on the Internet, I believed that eating salt can only be able to take a long time. I feel that her child seems to have no strength for 8 months.Many, caused the child to eat too much salt for 8 months, the kidney burden is too heavy, and the life is lost!

Xiaofen’s husband talked to his mother about this. Although her mother -in -law heard it, she didn’t take it for granted. Later, Xiaofen had no choice but to resign at home with the children!


Many elderly people do have such a statement. They feel that the child should add some salt after adding supplementary food. If you do not add salt to the child’s supplementary food, it will cause the child to have no energy, and you will walk even slower in the future.

In fact, this statement is wrong. The child’s demand for sodium before the age of one is very small. The sodium he needs can be met by breast milk or milk powder plus daily supplementary food.For example, porridge, rice noodles, or carrots, celery, etc. we eat.

For example, 100 grams of mutton contains 80.6 mg of sodium, 100 grams of duck contains 69 mg of sodium, 100 grams of white radish contains 61.8 grams of sodium, and 100 grams of rapeseed contains 55.8 mg of sodium.

Therefore, the daily diet contains a large amount of sodium, which can meet the needs of children’s growth and development.

If you are still adding salt in your child’s complementary food, it will cause the child’s intake to exceed the standard, affect the burden on the child’s kidneys and affect the child’s health.

Therefore, nutritionists and pediatricians recommend that the child does not need to add salt to supplement food before the age of one, and even a nutritional expert also recommends that when the child is 1 to 2 years old, if you can eat supplementary food without salt, you can not add salt without salt.After the child is two years old, consider adding a small amount of salt to the child.

The stars also highly respect the children’s supplementary food without salt. For example, Liu Xuan’s son does not add salt in the supplementary food before the age of 4. Jay Chou’s wife Kun Ling also mentioned that she reminded her mother every timeAdd salt to the supplementary food of the two -year -old child.

Because salt is not easy for children, it is easy to be too much.

Light and less salt helps the child’s health. It is recommended that the child should not add salt to add supplementary food before the age of one. When the child is 1 to 3 years old, you can not eat salt or a small amount of salt.After the child is 4 years old, the salt is also controlled at 3 ~ 4 grams, so as to be more conducive to the child’s health.

The first: adult noodle

When we go to the supermarket to buy adult noodles, we will find that the sodium content on the noodles is very high.

Therefore, you should give your children noodles, try to buy noodles for low sodium children, and do not give children the noodles of adults.

Second: various snacks

For example, words, honey, jerky, seaweed, potato chips, and puffed foods, these will contain high -content sodium.

Third: dessert

Bread, cake, and even biscuits contain a lot of sodium.

Fourth type: fast food food

Pizza, burgers, and fries will also add a lot of salt during the production process.

Fifth type: dried fruit category

Melon seeds, happy fruit, walnuts, especially some non -original processing, there are a lot of salt inside.

Sixth type: cooked food products

Small, sausages, sausages, sausages, roast chicken, or loquat, there will also be marinated procedures during the production process. This pickled program will add a lot of salt.

Therefore, if you want your children to be healthier, cultivate light eating habits. Try not to add the above 6 "invisible salt" foods.

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