Golden hair belly swollen into a balloon, and residents speculated that the anus was stuck in glue?Girls decisively send it to the hospital


If a stray dog is encountered on the side of the road, it takes a lot of courage to adopt it, because after raising a dog, your life may change a lot.And if you encounter a sick stray dog, then it still needs to pay money and energy under adoption, and many people are going on.But although the world is torn, there are always some kind people who will silently sew!What I want to talk about today is the story of a golden retriever.A girl found a golden retriever on the way to get off work that day.When I saw it, I was taken aback, because its belly was large, like a balloon.The girl thought it was pregnant at the beginning, but when I approached it, I found that it was not very similar, and I felt that there were a lot of water in the belly.

At this time, a resident who lived nearby, and the girl went to ask him about what was going on with this golden retriever?The resident said that this golden retriever has been wandering here for a while, and the owner of it has never seen it. It is estimated that it was abandoned!As for why the dog’s belly is so big, he doesn’t know. He also guess if the dog’s anus was stuck by glue, and too much excrement was piled up in the belly?Girls don’t dare to believe that this is true or false, and no one should do such a vicious thing!In order to understand what is going on with golden wool, girls can’t control so much, they plan to ask friends to help together, drive the dog to the hospital for examination.

Golden Mao is a very relative. At first glance, it is a very good family tutor. Although it has become a stray dog now, it is still very enthusiastic about people.After the friend called the car, Jin Mao also got on the car. After arriving at the hospital, he shook his tail and went in. It felt like a light car cooked road. He came to the hospital many times.The doctor intends to do a comprehensive examination for the dog, take a bloody test first, and wait for the nutrient solution before the results come out.The dog is sitting in the cage, like a very aggrieved child, making people look pitiful and funny.

The results soon came out. Sure enough, Golden Retriever was not pregnant. Its belly was so large because of liver liver ascites, and liver and kidney indicators were abnormal.This kind of condition cannot be healed by itself. It can only be relying on later treatment. After the water in the stomach is pulled, the condition will be repeated and may continue to rise, so the treatment cycle will be longer.Probably the owner would abandon it cruelly because of the trouble of golden retriever!The final ending of letting it go for self -destruction can be imagined.

Although it is not sure if the dog can be completely cured, girls do not want to give up, but try to save it.In this way, Golden Rather began to live in the hospital and received a month of treatment.Golden Mao seems to know that everyone is saving it. It is particularly well -behaved in the hospital, and they are very familiar with the doctors!After this recovery, the situation of the golden retriever has improved significantly. Although the stomach is still a bit swollen, it can be discharged. Then, I can give it medicine and take medicine on time at home.

In this way, the girls adopted the golden retriever logically. The first girl who returned home cooked the chicken breast to eat, watching it shaking the tail to eat particularly fragrant, and felt that everything was worth it before!Here I also wish Golden Mool. In the new home, we can pass the day happily every day. I also thank the girls who are beautiful and kind. Let us see the smile of the golden retriever warm men again. Good people are safe throughout their lives!

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