Go to West Africa for Aiyuan, abandon raising parents, and cut off contact, and think that it is the fault of a native family!

This is a video brushed today.

The heroine is called Zhou Zhou.

After 00, he found a 14 -year -old Nigerian husband, gave birth to a daughter, and settled in Nigeria.

I searched her vibrato, called Zhou Zhou in West Africa, and lived well.

Anyway, it is almost the same as domestic communities.

It is estimated that in Nigeria, it is relatively awesome.

But the focus here is not to discuss the marriage between Chinese girls and blacks.

For this kind of transnational marriage, I think as long as I settle abroad.

Girls no longer retain Chinese nationality. Children go to Nigerian nationality. I am very supportive!

And I suggest that all women who marry foreigners are like this,

Don’t let your husband stay in the mother -in -law’s house, and eat in white and drink.

What focuses on the discussion here is the problem of her native family.

According to the heroine Zhou Zhou,

Her native family brought her extremely trauma.

When she arrived in junior high school, she knew she was adopted.

She chose the current husband because of her native family, and learned that she was disappointed after she was pregnant.

There is no contact with adoptive parents.

Speak the truth.

Watch this week’s speech.

I was a little sympathetic to her, and I had a good opinion of her.

It’s really a white -eyed wolf!

Judging from the information currently obtained on the Internet.

This Internet celebrity was pregnant at the age of 20, and the object was 14 years older than her. It was still a foreigner!

Here we don’t pull any black people.

True love, I still support it.

I understand the mood of Zhou Zhou’s parents!

Put it on any parent,

The daughter is so young, the man is so old that he will not be assured?Intersection

Are you pregnant at the age of 20 and you are pregnant. Do you make your parents happy?Intersection

If I knew that my daughter was pregnant at the age of 20, I couldn’t discount her legs!

I also said that the attitude of her parents disappointed her, and you didn’t realize that it was your own problem?Intersection

Don’t you think you will be willful?

20 years old, that is, the level of sophomore, you are pregnant, then you have to have sex 18 or 19 years old.

Don’t you think it is small?Do you really think this is normal?

And this Zhou Zhou blamed everything in the native family, and also cut off the contact with the adopted mother.

People are your adoptive mother, not your biological mother.

It is enough to raise you enough!

How are you embarrassed to say such a thing!

It really should be the old saying.

Your adoptive parents are really obscure!

I don’t know what adoptive parents have done to you?

But after 20 years of raising people, is there no gratitude?

I am really speechless.

Fortunately, this woman had a good life and became an Internet celebrity.

Some of her videos, her adoptive parents can watch it.

Do you not want to think, do you want you your adoptive parents?

They are your biological father and mother, and they have more conscience than your biological father and mother!

I hope this Internet celebrity can finally reconcile with adoptive parents!

Life is alive, really, there are only a few important relationships.

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