Give you 4 marriages, if you do it, your husband can’t do without you in your life

Believe it?The quality of marriage can really be in your own hands, just as you can choke the throat of destiny.

Wisdom women can always dominate their own lives, can control their marriage, and hold her husband’s love firmly.

Here, I give you 4 marriage suggestions. If you do it, it is likely that your husband will be inseparable from you in your life.

It is easy to say that it is easy to say that it is easy to say that it is difficult to say that it is not difficult. As long as you understand the preferences and taboos of each other with your heart, it is easy to control.

What do men like?Men like to be respected, valued, and hate being ignored.

Therefore, in the family’s major events, women should not get their own ideas. Even if you have ideas, you have to obtain men’s opinions, listen to his suggestions, and make decisions, do not ignore his existence.

In real life, many women always like to make their own claims. They decide everything by themselves, and ignore the feelings of men at all. This is very insignificant.

At home, men must be allowed to participate, and they must establish a sense of responsibility in his consciousness. When you hear his opinions, he will feel his importance and sense of value at home.

What do men hate most?Men hate women’s shattered thoughts the most.

As a woman, don’t become a role of likes in marriage. Such women are the least discussing men. No one likes to listen to it after class.

Therefore, as a woman, try not to spend more tongues on some small things. If you do n’t have nutrition, such women will make people feel more grade.

Many women are easily unconfident after marriage. They always do not trust her husband. They are always unwilling to interpersonal communication outside, worrying about his exchanges with other opposite sex.

Therefore, it will make improper behaviors such as the other party’s mobile phone.

You know, everyone has their own privacy. Even if the close couples, they don’t want to have no dignity before the other side.

There is a real example in life. A pair of lovers in love are usually very sweet and rarely awkward.

However, by chance, the boy went out to buy something, forgot to bring his mobile phone, and the girl opened his mobile phone to see.

As a result, the girl saw the chat history of the boy and his friend, which contained the evaluation and description of the girlfriend in the boys.

Girls are dissatisfied with men saying themselves in front of others. The two quarrels with this. In the end, the boy proposed to break up.

In fact, sometimes, men are wrong. He didn’t praise his girlfriend with many friends, but it is only the face of a man. He may not really think so.

However, being revealed and questioned by his girlfriend is tantamount to pulling his face off. He could not face such a situation, and of course he was angry.

Later, girls were very regretful for this, but they had been unable to recover.

Therefore, a woman should not interfere with the things that men are outside and give him enough trust. He has his own right. If you give him face, he will give you more love.

In life, it is inevitable that there will be contradictions between husband and wife, and quarrels and sorrow are inevitable. No matter how loving the couple, it is impossible to not be awkward.

Some people say that couples who can fight can improve their feelings and not fight couples who can disperse their feelings.

This is indeed the case. When the husband and wife are awkward, many women like to count all the past, and the land is endless and complained.

No matter how awkward they are, don’t involve each other’s family. Remember, this is a thunder area.

Sometimes, the family who treats men is better than himself than himself.

He accused him of his family, and he would be more annoyed. Don’t try to challenge his bottom line. To this end, it affects the relationship between husband and wife, which is not worth it.

Treating his family, he will thank you and love you more.

Mam once said: Between husband and wife, when he was poor, he tested his wife, Fu Shi, and the husband was the husband. The mature love relied on conscience, and the essence of marriage was accompanied and responsible.

Even between husbands and wives, there are some righteousness of the liver and gallbladder. When poor, women will never give up, rich, and men cherish it.

People have conscience. Men understand how much women pay for themselves, but they don’t like to reveal emotions, but they will love you even more in the future.

As a woman, you must learn to master the size. Do not hang your own efforts often on your mouth. If you say too much, it will make the other party feel less grateful.

In summary, it is not difficult to make your marriage happy and happy. Women are delicate. As long as they are more attentive, they will be able to operate the family and marriage well.

Women have two weaknesses, one is easy to emotion, and the other is to control her mouth. Just pay attention to these two points, and then try to achieve the above 4 suggestions. I believe that your husband and wife will be sweeter.All female marriage is happy and loved.

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