Girls try not to be abortion, just look at the following, you will know

According to the recently conservative estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), about 25 million to 55 million people around the world each year. In my country, there are about 800 million women who receive artificial abortion surgery each year. Repeat abortion.The impact of abortion on women is extremely great, but there are still some women who are lucky and do not go to a regular hospital for treatment. Instead of buying drugs at will, the drug flow is incomplete, and continuous infection causes various gynecological diseases.The uterus, losing fertility for life.

For abortion, there are many misunderstandings in young people. Let’s take a look:

First, I am also ashamed to enlighten my teeth, buy medicine on the Internet or pharmacy, and did not go to a regular hospital for treatment.

Although there are many advantages in drug abortion, it also has its limitations and side effects.Due to the individual differences between pregnant women or irregular medication, and the limitations of the drug itself, if it is not used properly, it will not achieve the purpose of abortion, and it will be lost in life.You should go to the hospital before the drug flow, and conduct systemic examinations, gynecological examinations, and laboratory examinations to avoid tragedy.

Second, do not understand the taboos of the drug flow, thinking that this is just a trivial matter.

What is emphasized here is that women who must be within 49 days of pregnancy can only be used to abortion.Clinical data shows that the effect of abortion of drugs has a lot to do with the number of days of pregnancy during medication. From the first day of the last menstrual period, the number of menopause days is the best effect within 49 days. Basically, the less the number of pregnancy days.Essence

Such as merging with endocrine diseases (such as adrenal diseases, diabetes, thyroid diseases, etc.), abnormal liver or renal function, benign or malignant tumors of various organs, hemocytosis or thrombosis, hypertension, heart disease, glaucoma, asthma, stomach, stomachIntestinal dysfunction and allergies, etc., they cannot be used for drug flow if they are pregnant.The suspicious ectopic pregnancy is taboo. Once you use it easily, it may cause bleeding in the abdominal cavity and even life -threatening.

Third, think that the abortion surgery is easy and simple, just take abortion as a play!

Painless abortion is to implement venous systemic anesthesia for patients first, and then perform abortion.Painless people will not feel the slightest pain throughout the whole process.Because the patient is sleeping, there will be no unsatisfactory phenomenon, doctors can successfully complete the operation in a short period of time to make the problem of "accidental" easily solve it.

The painless abortion reduced the pain to the lowest, and of course it was absolutely welcome.In fact, this surgery damage to our body is almost exactly the same as that of ordinary people.In abortion, many complications may occur. The most life -threatening is cardiac syndrome. In addition, bleeding, damage, cervical adhesion, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

Experts said that artificial abortion and repeated abortion will not only cause complications such as menstrual disorders, endometriosis, and secondary infertility, but also have different degrees of psychological pressure and psychological obstacles to women.Therefore, the majority of women, cherish your body, do a good job of contraception!Don’t abortion easily and incorrectly.

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