Girls are going to elope with her boyfriend for four months, and have a sever with their parents.

As the saying goes: If you don’t listen to the old man’s words, you will suffer.Few parents in the world will hope that their children will not live well!How many people who do not let the marrying people listen to it?

Recently, a girl in Guangxi had to elope with her boyfriend after four months of pregnancy. Parents persuaded and the elders at home are useless. This girl also deleted her parents’ WeChat and phone number to interrupt the relationship with her parents.

Let’s look at the attitude of the man’s parents: The man’s parents did not make their children get married at all, nor did they plan to make a gift money. They said that they would have to wait for the child to be healthy after the child was born.

This attitude shows that this girl is looking down on this girl. Maybe I still feel that such a girl is not worthy of entering her own house. It is said that after the child is born, it is necessary to see if it is healthy, and then accept the girl.It is not impossible to sweep her out in the future.

This girl didn’t even realize it, and she had to elope with his boyfriend. If her boyfriend cares about her, how can she let her break the relationship with her parents and elope it?

Seeing this, some people think that the life is living by themselves. As long as the husband and wife are together, they are still afraid of the good life?

The couple who had been able to survive together with their hands were not tasted, but this was two different things with this girl.

The girl’s boyfriend asked her to cut off the relationship with her parents. With four months of pregnancy, she eloped with herself, letting her break the contact of the people around her. Even if she had a bad relationship with her parents, she could not encourage her beloved to leave her from her.Parents!

This is to fully control the fate of the girl in her own hands. At that time, it is not for the girl to scold or sell it.

Whenever I see such examples, I am inexplicable. This kind of girl is not awake, scolding and scolding, and only immersed in their feelings. Any who wants to dismantle them feels the wicked.

There are such people around her. The man was coaxed by the man to sever the relationship with her parents. She took her to the country and used her identity to loan. After she gave birth to her child, she wanted to sell her child to make money.

Even if you finally wake up, you are fortunate to get rid of that person, but he is alone with his child and owe debt alone. How miserable does it have no parents or friends?How dangerous this destiny is to others.

Do not hit the south wall without looking back, do not jump the Yellow River and never die. Maybe you will only be awakened by standing on the river!

The sisters are all awake, don’t smile while laughing at Wang Baodi!IntersectionIntersection

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