Get up a glass of salt or honey water early?Wrong!The correct practice is here

Is it autumn after the autumn?

No!There may be "autumn tiger"

Then, at this season

It should be a little lighter to eat in response to the solar terms

Still have to use heavy taste

Wake up the appetite tortured by the heat of the heat

What about salt?

Today, Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University

Wu Pinghe, Director of Clinical Nutrition Department

Shuguang Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cui Song, Chief Physician of Cardiology

Starting from taste

Teach you "salt" to keep healthy!

Drink a glass of salt or honey in the morning


Dr. Wu pointed out:

The most unhealthy way -get a cup of salt boiling water in the morning;

The second unhealthy approach -get a cup of honey water in the morning.

Dr. Wu explained that doctors will repeatedly emphasize the relationship between salt and hypertension. To prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, they must control salt.

In the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines" just issued, the daily salt intake should be <5 grams.

In this regard, Dr. Wu said that it is actually difficult to achieve this standard, because usually drinking a bowl of soup may be 2 grams of salt, and there will be a lot of salt in eating a dish … So, don’t worsen it again.A glass of salt is boiling water.

As for the unhealthy honey water

It is because of high blood pressure

Not only related to the intake of salt

It is also related to the intake of sugar

If sugar exceeds the standard for a long time, it is no less harmful than salt; in general, the intake of sugar a day should be controlled below 50 grams.

Many people think that drinking honey water can relieve constipation. In this regard, Dr. Wu said that 90 % of people drinking honey water is not effective to relieve constipation.It has a laxative effect, but there are fewer people.

So, the most correct approach -a cup of 250 ml of warm water every morning.

Dr. Cui pointed out that there are still many "hidden salt" in daily life, which also attracts attention.

For example, everyone thinks that eating a cake is very sweet, but for taste considerations, it may also add salt, which may be unknowingly consumed., Another day to give yourself an indicator -a cup of salt in the morning, the intake of 1 gram of salt is added invisible.

How to control salt in daily life?

Dr. Wu suggested that you should not eat salt as much as possible, and usually eat bread, milk, eggs, etc.

As for lunch, many people now call takeaway, so that the intake of salt will definitely exceed the standard. Therefore, it is best to eat at home and cook as a healthy cooking method as much as possible to cook and stew.

Healthy diet

Still start to start with your mouth!

Develop good eating habits

Also change some inherent wrong ideas

Source: Famous Medical Dialect Health

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