Get married at the age of 15!Talk about those things about the young girls in Cambodia …

In the process of social development, a strange phenomenon is prone to occur: the poorer the more poverty, the more you like to marry early and childcare; even if you are poor, you will finish your marriage early.Some girls in the flower season should have been studying in the spacious and bright classrooms, but they are affected by their families and elders. They drop out of school early and marry their women, and then pregnant and have children.

In fact, this is also the true portrayal of rural girls in remote provinces in Cambodia.According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health from 2021 to 2011, the growth rate of young women’s pregnancy increased by 30%, which caused strong concerns about the department.

The increase in the pregnancy rate of young women is concerned

The report shows that the pregnancy rate of women in Cambodia increased by 30%.Among them, the 15 -year -old girl’s pregnancy rate is 2%, and the 19 -year -old pregnancy rate is 30%.

Kim Latana, director of the National Maternal and Child Health Center of the Ministry of Health, Cambodia, said that pregnancy under 20 years of age has huge health risks to mothers and babies.

She said, "In the remote countryside, parents ask their daughter to get married at 10 years in advance. When they are not ready to get pregnant, they are pregnant, and this error will eventually lead to abortion. Pregnancy under 20 years of age will cause women to bodies.Weak, the chance of having a malnutrition baby is very high. Early pregnancy will also increase the baby mortality, because the baby born of unhealthy mothers may lose weight and die. "

She pointed out that most girls are pregnant in rural areas with low levels of education, so they are expanding the knowledge of young people’s marriage and pregnancy risks.Girls should know that teenagers are the stage of learning knowledge at school, rather than sitting at home to get pregnant.

The province with the highest pregnancy rate of young women in Cambodia

The report also said that the pregnancy rate of young women in rural areas is higher than that of cities.

The province of Pingding is the province with the highest fertility rate of young women, followed by Lada Kili Province, Perkowei Province, Oujing and Monopic Province.

Director of the Health Bureau of Shangding said: "Some people do not know that girls will have risks in pregnancy, and some even use traditional ways to live in a traditional way, endangering maternal and child life. Most rural young women give up education when they get married at the age of 14 or 15.One year later, they gave birth to a child and started raising their families. "

The deputy governor of Berweisha province said that the local people follow their family culture, and provincial officials cannot force them to stop their daughters who are pregnant and pregnant at the age of 15 or 19.The authorities will ask the village chief to investigate parents, let health officials come to visit and teach, and increase the risk of promoting girls’ pregnancy.

Deputy Director of the Cambodian International Plan pointed out that during the epidemic, the number of teenagers who abandoned their studies and married increased.Early marriage and early childbearing harm to health. They are not prepared for pregnancy, and they lack the basic knowledge of contraception and pregnancy.The organization will cooperate closely with government officials to explore the solution of children’s marriage and girl pregnancy.”Cambodia”

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