Gao Yuanyuan is also blessed?The thick legs are doubtful and pregnant again, and the family of three out of the same frame of her daughter is noticeable

There is such a sentence on the Internet -the aesthetic of straight men is probably the explosion of flowing water, and the iron round.Such a high evaluation can imagine the superiority of its face value.

Since May 19th, the crystallization of the love of Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting, she rarely appeared on the film and television screen, and the whole person put a long maternity leave.Now that the spring is coming, Gao Yuanyuan has also taken the pace of resumption of work, and began to return to the public vision again.

On May 7, some media exposed the latest developments of Gao Yuanyuan.Zhao Youting Gao Yuanyuan’s family of three rarely appeared in the same frame. The full armed armed came out of the hotel. The staff did not see the staff with each other, and the behavior was very low -key.

Judging from the picture, Zhao Youting walked ahead, holding her daughter, protecting her very well.Today, the little princess who is almost one year old is taunch with a bow on her head, which is very eye -catching.Although it has not been revealed, she can see her round face, long hands, and long legs.

The state of Gao Yuanyuan, who was walking behind, was shocked.

It is not difficult to see that even after giving birth to a child for almost a year, Gao Yuanyuan’s body shape still looks bloated, loose clothes can hardly cover thick legs and thick waist. At first glance, the body width will catch up with Zhao Youting.In particular, Gao Yuanyuan’s wearing is very simple, standing on the street is no different from passers -by.

And if you look closely, when Gao Yuanyuan is pulling the cowboy shirt, you can obviously see that the lower abdomen is slightly raised. In addition, it is difficult to doubt whether it is there.Netizens also said that they looked like I was pregnant, and the manner was very passerby.

In fact, this is not the first time that Gao Yuanyuan has been criticized for postpartum body state. Compared with other female stars, such as Yang Mi, Angelababy, Zhao Liying, etc., Gao Yuanyuan has been observed, which is also a clear stream.

Not long ago, Gao Yuanyuan appeared in a tight pants, so that the problem of thick legs was even more obvious, and his face was slightly yellow. I don’t know if it was not good.

When pushing the baby out of the street, the shortcomings were exposed, which was far from the image of the goddess on the big screen.

Seeing today’s status netizens also sighed: "How did the girls in many people’s hearts become like this? I thought she had impressed people in the film and television film. Is it necessary to fall into the altar?Is it difficult to escape the blessing? "

At that time, when Gao Yuanyuan was not upgraded to a mother, she also was called "humanoid planting machine" with her good figure and fashionable dress. The sweet smile made people feel at first sight.

This time, the family of Gao Yuanyuan appeared in the three -family family, and her thick legs became the focus of attention.However, some people say that this is a normal phenomenon of postpartum. Don’t be too harsh on the body, just healthy.What do you think about this?

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