Gan Wei took 3 children to play after divorce. His belly was suspected of having four fetuses.

Recently, a video appeared on the Internet. In the video, Gan Wei wore a yellow loose dress and a twin daughter and son dancing happily on the grass. The scene was very happy.

Although the 36 -year -old three -child mother Gan Wei was hit with a divorce and bankruptcy, her mentality is still very good. She is like a 18 -year -old sunshine girl with the children.However, some netizens found that the position of Gan Wei’s belly wearing a loose dress was a bit bulging. According to Gan Wei’s figure, she was a relatively thin type, so she was suspected on the Internet. Is she pregnant?

In fact, Gan Wei wore a loose skirt in itself. Is it difficult to say because of pregnancy. The reason why netizens really doubt that her pregnancy is that Gan Wei responded to netizens in the comment area and said: My mother gave birth to 4.

Gan Wei just gave birth to a twin daughter and a son. In this way, it is difficult to doubt that she is implying that she wants to have a fourth child.It’s just that Gan Wei has divorced Jia Yueting in October last year, and Jia Yueting has been taking refuge abroad. If Gan Wei really became pregnant, would the father of the four -child child still Jia Yueting?

Speaking of Gan Wei and Jia Yueting’s feelings, it is also confusing.When Jia Yueting was just an accident, Gan Wei not only sold the film and television company created at a low price to LeTV, in an attempt to save LeTV’s economic crisis, and also stood up to say that he helped Jia Yueting bear domestic debt problems.Gan Wei was once called "the best daughter -in -law".

Gan Wei was also included in the list of dishonest people.From 10 billion yuan to "Lao Lai", Gan Wei really experienced the most ups and downs of life.

During that time, Gan Wei, who was once surrounded by major stars, left only Li Xiaolu, one was the grandmother of the downturn, and the other was a big star who was rebelled because of derailment. Seeing Gan Wei and Li Xiaolu in the same frame, it made people feel sad.EssenceHowever, both of them were in good condition, and they were defeated by no life at all.

Unexpectedly, in October last year, Gan Wei filed a divorce to Jia Yueting and asked for a breakup fee of up to 3.98 billion.After the divorce, the three children followed Gan Wei to live. Jia Yueting needs to pay the child’s living expenses every month.

After the divorce, Gan Wei’s life was obviously relaxed a lot. The dynamics she issued before always helped Jia Yueting to deal with debts. Now she issued more about the dynamics of going out with the children.Although it is no longer tens of billions of wide, Gan Wei, who is after divorce or huge breakup and living expenses, believes that it is not scarce in material life.

For Gan Wei, the biggest gain of this experience may make her see the so -called "sisters".It was once a member of the famous "Teddy Sisters Group" in the entertainment industry. She married Jia Yueting and became the C position of the Sisters Group. Qin Lan, Huo Siyan and Li Xiaolu all surrounded her.

It is said that Gan Wei used to be the best person in the sister group.Ying Caier said that Gan Wei married Jia Yueting was the most successful investor.When Li Xiaolu, when Sheng Tianxin, he first called Gan Wei to come to see Tianxin, hoping that her daughter would be as good as her when she grew up.

When Li Xiaolu was not derailed and Jia Yueting had not yet bankruptcy, Yang Mi was also one of the members.

Baby also briefly entered this sister group centered on Gan Wei later.

Later, as Jia Yueting had an accident, just like the previous article, Gan Wei never had the former sister group around him. Except for Li Xiaolu, he had to say that the communication circle of the rich is still very realistic.

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