From love to murder: How can he push the pregnant wife down the cliff and become the protagonist of the movie

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Since its release, "Disappearing her" has caused waves of discussion.Some girls chose to break up with their boyfriends because they looked back, and some girls refused to travel with their boyfriends.

People sympathized with Li Muzi’s experience, lamenting that her knowledge was unclear, and she also scolded He Fei’s ruthlessness. What is shocking is that this movie has a prototype, and the reality is more terrible than the movie.

The acquaintance with Yu Xiaodong will probably be the last thing Wang Nuannun regrets this life.It was 2017, and it was also the third year when Wang Nuannuan resigned in Bangkok.

In the past three years, Wang Nuannuan has tried multiple industries and has indeed made achievements. He has several companies in Bangkok and is a well -known little rich woman.

Knowing Yu Xiaodong was at a fellow party.At that time, Wang Nuannuan was 30 years old. After her career was successful, she also wanted to have a warm family.

At that party, Yu Xiaodong talked in front of the crowd, funny and humorous, and suddenly caused Wang Nuanwen’s favor. Therefore, when Yu Xiaodong proposed to her to add a contact information, she rarely hesitated and agreed to agreeEssence

At that time, she was really unpredictable, but she just added a contact information to give Yu Xiaodong an important opportunity to further act.

Yu Xiaodong, who got the contact information of Wang Nuannuan, did not rashly start actions. Instead, he turned Wang Nuannuan’s circle of friends in the past three years. What he liked to like Wang Nuannuan, what specific commemorative days did you like to understandIt’s thorough.Wang Nuannuan’s circle of friends has become a treasure chasing wife in Yu Xiaodong.

After understanding Wang Nuannuan’s joy, Yu Xiaodong opened a violent pursuit of Wang Nuannuan who started to vote for him.When she was hungry, she gave her a meal she wanted to eat, and gave her enough companionship when she was tired.

In this way, Wang Nuannun believed that they were in love under his "intimate attack", so naturally, she fell and was lost in Yu Xiaodong’s gentle illusion.

Yu Xiaodong’s "love" of Wang Nuannuan always expressed his enthusiastically and direct. From the first day of being together, Yu Xiaodong started a proposal again and again.Although Wang Nuannuan felt that they had not been rejected enough time, Yu Xiaodong could still turn everything they did together into a reason for a proposal.

Finally, under the planning of Yu Xiaodong, Wang Nuannuan was moved by Yu Xiaodong, who was riding by a white horse by the sea, and the two went to get a marriage certificate.At that moment, in Wang Nuannuan’s view, Yu Xiaodong, who was riding a white horse, was her prince. The prince and princess always lived happily together, but her life after marriage had nothing to do with happiness.

After marriage, Yu Xiaodong gradually showed his true face. He no longer worked. He played games at home all day, and he didn’t talk about it.Moreover, once again, Wang Nuannuan learned that Yu Xiaodong was still a former staff member.

In Yu Xiaodong’s explanation, it was a misunderstanding. He didn’t know that it was stolen goods, so he was sentenced to eight years in prison.Later, Wang Nuannuan knew that this was not the real fact. The fact was that Yu Xiaodong was sentenced to twelve years in prison for robbery.

In addition, Wang Nuannuan also found that Yu Xiaodong owed more than one million gambling debts.In the face of Wang Nuannian’s question, Yu Xiaodong kneeled in front of him and cried, vowing as long as Wang Nuannuan was repaid for him. This is definitely the last time. He must have diligent and diligent in the future.

Wang Nuannuan looked at the man in front of him, thinking of his intimateness and tenderness, after all, he was still soft -hearted.Therefore, she not only paid more than one million gambling debts for Yu Xiaodong, but also gave a company to Yu Xiaodong to take care of it.If Yu Xiaodong has changed this, maybe the ending will become completely different, but how can a poor gambler be so easy to change.

Yu Xiaodong, who started to manage the company, had money in his hands, so his old illness was committed again.In the end, when Wang Nuannun developed, Yu Xiaodong had owed a huge gambling debt of 5 million.

This time Yu Xiaodong still chose to show weakness, swearing, Wang Nuannuan also wiped his ass again.But this time, Wang Nuannuan will not condone him anymore.She recovered the salary handed over to Yu Xiaodong, and began to control the money in Yu Xiaodong’s hand, and did not allow any extra money in his hand.

Yu Xiaodong’s more anger for Wang Nuannun’s control, but he knew that he could not show it, and he wanted to coax Wang Nuannuan.So, he wanted to ask for the most when he was warm, knowing the cold and hot, and the care after the saddle.

Later, Wang Nuannuan became pregnant, and Yu Xiaodong began his plan.He first bought a huge amount of insurance for Wang Nuannian, and then proposed to Wang Nuannuan that in order to celebrate the child’s arrival, go to Thailand to travel.

In a park in Wuwenfu, Wang Nuannian and Yu Xiaodong had the sun, and even Yu Xiaodong still asked Wang Nuannian how regrettable Wang Nuannuan had. Wang Nuannuan also felt that there was Yu Xiaodong and children. In this life, he was very happy.

Then, Yu Xiaodong pushed Wang Nuannuan from the cliff. He stood wildly on the cliff, but he thought of the warm property in his mind.

Perhaps God couldn’t stand Yu Xiaodong’s bad move, Wang Nuannun survived miraculously, and was sent to the hospital after being discovered by several donkey friends.And when the doctor brought Yu Xiaodong, Wang Nuanwen’s heart was desperate.

During the police inquiry, Yu Xiaodong had been monitoring outside the field, and threatened the king warmth again and again.Wang Nuannuan has no choice but to obey.

Fortunately, she met a responsible doctor and prevented Yu Xiaodong from taking her out of the hospital forcibly. Fortunately, she met a good friend and could help her collect evidence as the only evidence to sue Yu Xiaodong.

In the end, after three claims, Yu Xiaodong was sentenced to 33 years and 4 months in prison.Wang Nuanwen can finally let go of the new life.

Wang Nuanwen has outstanding ability, young and promising. He could have a better life, but he just lost his life because he chose the wrong person. In fact, she had many opportunities to regret.Yu Xiaodong gambled out of the gambling, so there was no need to go through this thrilling time. Fortunately, the disaster would not die, and it would be smooth in the future.

While sympathizing with Wang Nuannun’s experience, let’s take a look at the legal issues involved in this case.

In the comment area of Wang Nuannuan’s personal account, some people say "Yu Xiaodong planned murder, and he could pretend to be innocent and ruthless. It was also a scourge to come out in the future.

I don’t deny Yu Xiaodong’s ruthlessness and danger, but every judgment of the law is based on it.Yu Xiaodong pushed his wife down the cliff premeditated, which was undoubtedly determined to be in line with the crime of intentional homicide.

In the Criminal Law, the crime of intentional homicide is intentionally depriving others of the right to live.Therefore, Yu Xiaodong’s intentional homicide was not controversial. If he really succeeded, Wang Nuannuan really died under the cliff, then Yu Xiaodong’s behavior was really likely to be sentenced to death.

But Wang Nuannuan was rescued, so Yu Xiaodong’s behavior became attempted to kill.

The Criminal Law stipulates that the offender has shot to commit crimes, but it is attempted to fail to succeed due to non -personal will.It is possible to compare the criminal or minimum torture.

Undoubtedly, Yu Xiaodong has already started Wang Nuannuan, and has already existed as a behavior that can kill Wang Nuannuan, and Wang Nuanwen’s rescue is not Yu Xiaodong’s personal will. This is what he did not foresee, so he belongs to the attempted murder.The court’s life imprisonment of 33 years and 4 months is in line with the law.

How can this be so easy?

In the "Civil Code", the inheritance of the inheritance has clearly stipulated. The first heir is a spouse, children, parents, and the same inheritance of the same place.

Although Wang Nuannuan’s children are not born, her parents are still alive. Therefore, according to the inheritance method in the civil code, Yu Xiaodong, Wang Nuan’s parents are equal to all the property of Wang Nuannuan.The relationship between property people has changed.

Although Wang Nuan Nuan was unhappy with his parents because he married Yu Xiaodong, Wang Nuannuan did not make any property inheritance statement.Then Wang Nuannian’s parents still have the right to inherit her property.

In the discussion of this case, some people mentioned that "if Wang Nuannuan is discovered that Yu Xiaodong’s gambling debt is divorced, you only need to pay some debts for Yu Xiaodong to be relieved."

Is that really the case?In fact, it is not that the joint debt of the husband and wife cannot be understood as it is understood that the debt generated during the marriage period can be regarded as a common debt of the husband and wife.

There are two provisions for the joint debt of the husband and wife in the "Civil Code". The first is the signed and common debts of the husband and wife, that is, both parties know and sign the signature, and the other party recognizes it; the second is to prove that it is used to use it.The daily expenditure of the husband and wife.

And Yu Xiaodong’s gambling debt is neither because of the daily expenditure of the husband and wife, nor the signature or confirmation of Wang Nuannuan. Therefore, Yu Xiaodong’s gambling debt does not belong to the husband and wife’s common debt.

After understanding the common debt, everyone may be curious. If divorce, can Yu Xiaodong get part of the property?The answer will indeed be partially divided.

In the "Civil Code", the income of the production, operation, and investment of the production, operation, and investment of the marriage of the marriage belong to the common property of the husband and wife.

Therefore, after Wang Nuannuan and Yu Xiaodong got married, the benefits of Wang Nuannuan’s company belonged to the common property of the husband and wife.

However, the property obtained before marriage is a personal property.Many companies in Bangkok were established after her business, and she existed before he married Yu Xiaodong. Therefore, all companies under Wang Nuannian’s name belong to her personal property.

In summary, we can conclude that for Wang Nuannian’s company’s income after marriage, it can be used as a common property of husband and wife. It can be partially partially parted with Yu Xiaodong when divorcing.Give Yu Xiaodong.

In fact, compared to Wang Nuannun’s gambling debt returned by Yu Xiaodong and later encounters, the part of the property that was assigned to Yu Xiaodong can be ignored, but unfortunately Wang Nuannuan failed to stop the loss in time and hand over herself to the demon again and again to the demons again and again.In your hand.

As the saying goes, "Women are afraid of marrying the wrong Lang", the elderly in the family often say that "marriage is the second child for a woman."

Nowadays, these words are still so reasonable to advocate equality between men and women. Therefore, when choosing a partner, girls also have to do a good background investigation. If you have entered the marriage, please do not feel soft, do not believe the other party’s apology and the other party’s apology andVowing that some errors are the bottom line and cannot be touched. Once you touch it, you must stop the loss in time. Always remember that love yourself is more important than loving others.

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