Four practical methods of preparation in August for suffering in August are dedicated to sisters

Sister letter:

The following is my good pregnancy experience:

From April 9th to 11th, 2016, my husband and I started the travel mode and strolled around. On April 12th, I often went to the hospital for examination. The hospital was close to my house. The hospital’s monitoring did not wait for the advantageous follicles.

The value measured on April 28 was 14*13mm, and I tested again on April 30th. The value was forgotten.Doctors asked for testing on May 2nd, at the time of the May Day holiday, so various gatherings and their families were very happy.

During the period of May 1st, the test strip was weak, and the next day was strong, and I loved her husband in the past two days.

On the 3rd, I did n’t care about it anymore. I went to the hospital and went to the hospital until I did n’t come on May 12 when the menstruation came.Come to menstruation.So testing and early pregnancy was taken in the morning, and the small powder was seal, and the psychology suddenly became open … It was 9 weeks of pregnancy until now.

Recalling the road to pregnancy, I have been suffering for 8 months. I want to cry every month, and they are in vain for the hard work.I have summarized a lot of practical methods in the past 8 months, hoping to help everyone.

1. Ovulation monitoring must be persisted

Beginning in November 2015, I have monitored the hospital monitoring ovulation, about 180 yuan each time, and each time I have to register and then color Doppler ultrasound. It does consume time, but this is also the most direct way to observe ovulation.The inspection shows that my follicle development is not very good. I have never seen ovulation. Nevertheless, I will also ovulate test strips at home and have room on time.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is not necessarily suitable for everyone

Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning began in October 2015. I have two colleagues who have done traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. I also went. The registered fee in the Spring Festival actually rose to 200. Of course, I feel that there is no effect, but the dysmenorrhea is not painful before, and the Chinese medicine medicine stopped.treat.

3. Try various auxiliary methods

Black soy milk: Drink every morning, and change soy milk when drinking is tired. It is really useful. I have been drinking from the beginning of pregnancy. Until now, I have not stopped.

Ai leaves soak feet: 3 times a week, boil the wormwood leaves with water, and then soak the feet of the wormwood leaves. If the water is cold, add the water.If you usually go home at night, you can directly use hot water to open the moxa with hot water. When the water becomes cold, heated the water.

Persevere rope: twice a week, you can arrange it flexibly according to your own time.

Every time I love my husband, I am more nervous, and I have a little pain. I bought the lubricant on the Internet (the French little angel alkaline assisted pregnancy lubricant), which helps increase the lubrication.As long as it is not so painful, but I did not expect that the time I used was winning, but I was not sure if it was because of it.

Special explanation: Be sure to see if the ovulation test strip is expired. The semi -fixed amount is best. Although it is more expensive, use David at other times when ovulation is used.Even if you can’t measure the strong yang, ovulation monitoring will wait until the advantageous eggs, don’t delay your love with your husband. What if you?Am I right?My good pregnancy is in case.

4. Keep a good mood

This is the most critical factor.I haven’t been pregnant for 8 months. Can I not panic?In the end, I thought of the reproductive center, and prepared to promote the row.After all kinds of examinations, check the vaginitis or something, and are also preparing to fallopopolic, but the menstruation is not late, and it is finally pregnant.I think it may be the idea of "moving acupuncture this month, so don’t worry about anything", so that I don’t have that great psychological burden.Therefore, it is important to relax.

Dear sisters, I used to get pregnant before, and now I am successful. I hope to share my experience and process with everyone. Based on their actual situation, you can choose the road to prepare for you.Calmly, don’t doubt your health everywhere.Just seek medical treatment in time, have the same room on time, relax your mood, and good pregnancy.

I also want to have a healthy baby and give you a good pregnancy.

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Sisters, welcome to add Q: 3384147083. Fortunately, the pregnant studio will regularly share the good pregnancy knowledge of the sisters, and select the pregnant mother’s fetal experience.

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