Fortunately, he went to Zhang Ziyi directly?For the first time in Chinese movies, was it questioned Dad?

Fortunately, this year’s first landing film festival was finally over.

The annual FIRST Youth Film Show, this year is the 16th.

During this period, there were twists and turns and surprises.

Of course, controversy is inevitable.

The twists and turns were that Sir once thought that the Film Festival was going to make soup.

Because of the epidemic in the province, such a large -scale activity can be held as scheduled.

Fortunately, on July 21, delayed official announcement.

However, it is not open to the public, and you can only watch the movie.

Surprise this trip to Xining, Sir made the simplest fans.

Line in line, watch movies, and open up the film.

Leng Qing was a little deserted, especially in the last two days, the light rain of Lili hit the open -air square in the seating, which was a bit of a somewhat atmosphere.

But at least, you don’t have to snatch your head every time.

One day I even forgot to eat. Several theaters rushed back and forth, and at 8 o’clock, they dazzled a large bowl of meat crab pot.

(Don’t ask, it’s not thin)

The controversy lies in the winning list.

Every year in July and August, countless new film power is seen in Xining.

Xin Yukun, Zhang Dalei, Cai Chengjie, Peng Fei …

"China Evil", "Hi Funeral", "Spring", "Sherlock on the Plain" …

And Hu Bo, "Sitting on the Elephant".

The same is true this time.

At the media meeting, some people asked Zhang Ziyi, the chairman of the jury this year, what is different from other film festivals.

She said that the biggest feeling is young, fearlessness–

At the end of an event, a 94 -year -old guy with no work dared to find Zhang Ziyi directly with the script, and wanted her to listen to her explanation.

△ Picture source: Weibo @FIRST Youth Film Show, the same below

Maybe it’s reckless.

But here, there are no status restrictions, some are just a label -people who love movies.

This year’s award list is regrettable and unexpectedly.

But more, it is the consistent gaze of Chinese films in the future.

Next, we said one by one.

Best plot film

"One and Four" Jiu Meicheng column

On the eve of the snowstorm.

Forest’s cabin broke into an uninvited guest.

He claimed to be a forest public security. He had a car accident in the process of tracking pole people. The criminal was not caught.

From the virgin forest covered with white snow, empty -mouth white teeth said that they were public security, can I believe it?

The letter was doubtful, and Genbao in the village suddenly broke in.

Suspicious points.

In the evening, I came to the forest guard to send a divorce agreement, and at noon to enter the hut at noon the next day.

Is it so simple?

Forests are uneasy, "surprise", come again …

Usually, no one visits the cabin, becoming lively at this moment.

Who is public security?Who is a poaching person?Who is a associate?

Even who is a forest guard?

The seemingly simple pole case became confusing at once.

This is a film suitable for two brushes and three brushes. For the first time, you can’t see the clue.

Even starring Jin Ba said that by now (after the screening), he didn’t know who was the public security.

(To be honest, Sir did not see it either)

But combined with inside and outside information, SIR wakes up to friends who want to watch in the future: pay attention to props, warning numbers, clocks.

There is no doubt that "One and Four" is a good film.

The structure of the "Luo Shengmen", the compact plot, the swords in the closed space, the soundtrack, and the acting skills are all online.

(In the middle, SIR urine is unwilling to go to the toilet, and it will be at the end.)

But in SIR, it still has a perfect place.

For example, the ending is not enough, the end is too fast, and it is not mentioned.

According to Ji Meicheng, he wanted to set the appearance of the fourth person to a sharp knife, inserted the key to the key, and quickly ended.

Unfortunately, this knife is not as sharp as Sir’s imagination, and the character and background of the characters are a bit simple and not rich enough.

Nevertheless, "One and Four" is still one of the best films with SIR’s movie festival.

After all, it takes care of the audience in all aspects.

Looking forward to the day when it goes on the courtyard.

Best director

"One and Four" Jiu Meicheng column

That’s right, "One and Four".

This film festival has won three awards, best plots, best directors and best actors.

The director is Jiu Meicheng, 25 years old, but he still has a son who can’t go around: the son of Wanma Caidan.

When Northern Power went to school, he participated in the shooting of "Balloon".

In 2017, his short film "They filmed in the plateau" were permanently collected by the Chinese Independent Imaging Museum (Britain).

As a big director’s son, it is difficult to not be associated.

Moreover, the producer of this film is Wanma Caidan, and the production company also has him.

As a result, some people questioned the fairness of the award, and some even disappointed the First, and felt that it lost its original intention.

Sir feels that you don’t have to go online.

After all, as far as the film is shortlisted in this competition, too many self -expression and personal memory are difficult to resonate, and it is inevitable to push the audience to the opposite side.

And "One and Four" is a rare suspense type film in which it is purely storytelling.

Entering the theater line is also the kind that the audience wants to pay.

It is not bad to get a lot of commercial videos.

At least, FIRST will not turn the carnival of the real small circle.

As for whether Jiu Meicheng is helped by Dad.

This point will tell us the answer.

Best actor

"Where Grows" Elia

"One and Four" Jinba

"One and Four" is the next city.

This time is the best actor Jinba.

He often watched Tibetan movies that he must be impressed by him.

"Balloon", "Back to a Sheep", "The Rain Boots of Wangza", "Soul on the Skin Rope" … all have his figure.

In the past, the characters of the rough Tibetan man in literary films.

This time, he dropped the momentum of Dahan and played a cowardly forest guard.

The confusion in the eyes conveys to the audience, and Sir feels anxious.

At the scene, I was very low -key. If he threw him away, Jinba could be perfectly integrated into the herdsmen.

At the award ceremony, he said sincerely:

"I am an actor who doesn’t know much. Except for occasional acting, I am grazing most of the time, but I will act seriously like a grazing."

Another best actress is Mongolian actor Elia.

The name may be unfamiliar, but you must know your face.

The lost mother of "Di Jiu Tian Chang", the mysterious mother of "Octopus Pavilion Mist".

This time she won the honor as "Where Grows", one of the three amazing first works.

It is also a literary plot with a relatively high degree of completion.

Focusing on the policy of only children and the concept of "heavy men and women", the two families harmed each other and brought the pain to the two generations.

This year’s popular film, Sir has a lot of expectations to watch.

But a little disappointed.

I thought it was a film that exposed social reality and analyzed human nature, but whether it was criticism or expression made people feel a layer.

All the sources of pain in the family were unsightly grandma who did not show up.

And because she did not show up and did not show any details, the audience hated her and sympathy for her children.

Throw the pot like "temporary workers".

The only highlight of the film is undoubtedly the acting skills of Teacher Elia.

When she found her over -protected daughter, she wanted to get rid of her control, and she was not hysterical or pretending to be calm.

The expression on the face is just the right puzzlement and sadness.

What she doesn’t understand is why she has to run all her thoughts and love on her daughter, and she has to run.

The best actress is deserved.

Jury honor/best art exploration

"Street Baby" Najo (director)/Li Jiali (photography)

A film about "struggle".

In order to raise money for his father to raise money for his father, the town town followed the senior hooligan Xixi to learn debt.

He was 21 years old, while listening to the rivers and lakes taught by Greek Jun; he tortured each other with his father who didn’t want to treat; he fell in love with the boss’s ex -wife again-

After all, she is the only person in the life of Dongzi stray dog.

The overall story is the routine of ordinary literary films, but the lens scheduling and the picture are beautiful.

Especially at the end of the film.

Dongzi was lying on a boat and gradually lifts off, which is a bit divine.

△ No in the trailer, feel the spirit

Dongzi’s youth stopped in this humid summer.

A position

"Don’t Goodbye, Fish Flower Pond" Niu Xiaoyu

Sir’s favorite one is very cute and touching.

Director Niu Xiaoyu is still a student.

The girl’s love was unclear because of the "daughter" or because of herself, so she went to the fish flower pond as a fairy.

Blackfish vitality is the most tenacious. Even if you open your belly, you can live for a long time, so it is the best "fish" choice for release.

Of course, fish flowers pond.

The bear was abducted when he was childhood, and he was sewed with a bear skin. He was forced to perform in the circus. Later, the circus closed, and the bear child also came to fish flower pond.

The fantasies of the heroine Ye Zi appeared one by one, but because of the perseverance of the death.

The director handled the more painful family theme.

The film is not "how to face the loss."

It’s "how to be together."

It is a bit of the Chinese version of Apert Chabang.

The processing of some details, such as the beautiful long sky lens with soft music, and some Chen Ying hero’s "The taste of the green papaya".

To say bad streets:

Niu Xiaoyu, the future is expected.

Best screenwriter

"Time Come and Not Turn" Wang Heze

Social development is fast, people are under great pressure, and when the demands cannot be satisfied, we think of asking God.

Xiaoxia, a laid -off worker, fell to the snow, and after getting up, he was strange.

After a few days of dreams, I woke up, so I found the fortune -telling of "half fairy".

It is actually wealth.

Fenal fate is difficult to violate, even if "Banxian Er" is unwilling to come up with the mountain to help her "get rich".

Xiaoxia is really more and more rich, but the troubles follow …

When the head was rotten, Xiaoxia was surprised, and Xiaoxia was surprised that she was lying in the snow that fell at the time.

Black humor comedy with very Chinese characteristics.

"Time Come and Not Turn" is trying to use a easier way to tell the dilemma of ordinary people.

Best long film

"Yiwu Chuangke" Yang Hao

The camera is aimed at a short video businessman named "source brother" in Yiwu.

He filmed short videos in Yiwu and claimed to be "grassroots director" and determined to become "Zhou Xingchi, the Chinese Douyin industry".

There are many myths that are rich overnight.

It’s just that this luck has not come to the "source brother".

Because the protagonist himself is very interesting, the atmosphere of the whole movie theater is particularly easy.

Best short film

"Southern afternoon" Blue Sky

The father of the Uighur who lived in Fujian found a letter from the eldest daughter, suspected of love letter.

If he doesn’t understand Chinese characters, he can only find the help of his little daughter …

The combination of uncommon element on the Chinese screen: the face of the Wei ethnicity and the wet and hot south.

This also means that few people pay attention to this group-

Ethical ethnic groups living in mainstream Han culture.

It seems to be a family story. In fact, it is about the cultural dilemma of people in foreign countries.

This is exactly the charm of the movie.

It is tolerant, and it also needs a variety of and completely different perspectives.

Best Animation/Experimental Short Film

"Meal in the Pan" Xie Chenglin

The setting is very interesting:

"People are like their food."

People will become their favorite food, either growing fishtails, either having a horn, and some people have become chickens …

Think about it, if Sir comes here, it will probably become an oyster.

How about "experiment".

Under the strange setting, in fact, the control of people’s desire is actually discussed.

The above are all the awards of this year.

To be honest, the award is always a small part of the first.

Its existence is the fastest way for young filmmakers to be seen by the outside world.

In addition to these, there are many films that impress Sir.

For example, "Fishing" with a cost of only 20,000 yuan. Director Nan Xin is a ghost, directed and performed, and dialogue with embarrassment, but won the endless laughter of the movie theater.

The closing film "Forty -Four Astronomical Persimmon", Cai Chengjie’s second plot long film, very complete, focused on the college entrance examination of art students.

The plot is compact and the details are true, the details have a certain criticism, and the aesthetic value is relatively high, which can fully bear the weight of closing.

Regarding this journey of the movie, I woke up when I dream.

The reality I saw when I wake up makes Sir feel that it is getting more and more difficult.

Almost everyone is full of anxiety.

The film festival has the anxiety of the Film Festival.

At the media meeting, FIRST CEO Li Zi said:

The four major channels of the film festival have only one.

The government has no sponsorship, the ticket -selling income is not open to the public this year, and the surroundings are also sold.

Only other film festivals sources: sponsors.

Not only poor, but also facing the danger of being stopped at any time.

Because of the epidemic, every movie is separated. Some cinema are small and can’t sit down. Many media that have been lined up for a long time can only be empty.

And from time to time, epidemic prevention personnel are checked during the screening process.

Even when listening to rock music, you have to sit steadily on the chair and not be able to string.

Once a problem occurs, it will be stopped at any time.

The last two games of "Xining’s Night" were canceled.

After all, for Xining, it is important to be safe without movies.

SIR understands the epidemic prevention policy, but just wants to say that at the moment when the film and television industry becomes a "interested industry", Sir cherishes the moment when you can watch movies every time.

The creator has the anxiety of the creator.

At a brick forum, Sir obviously felt the anxiety of the creators and the organizing committee.

All kinds of uncertain environment, hidden concerns that will be suspended at any time, useless theory of movies, and so on.

And the question that everyone is more worried about but did not say export–

If the film festivals such as First are not handled, where can the young director show himself?

Sir doesn’t want to be so pessimistic, and he can’t mention any solution.

But turn around.

In the current environment, we have been unable to get rid of such uncertainty.

Whether it is a movie or something else.

Therefore, what we can do can only grab the fleeting timing again and again.

Cherish, cherish, and cherish.

Cherish those moments when the lights are under dark.

And every time, express the opportunity to love.

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