For pregnancy, I choose to take contraceptives?How to choose contraceptives?One article tells clearly

Last time I posted a polycystic girl to tune the menstruation or lose weight first. Some fairy asked after reading: If you want to get pregnant?

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What?Polycystic girls want to take contraceptives for pregnancy?Intersection(I have less reading, don’t lie to me)

When most girls thought she met a barefoot doctor, Yuanmei rolled the encyclopedia in her hands and answered you clearly: the doctor is right.

The contraceptives here are short -acting contraceptives (abbreviated as OC), which is different from long -acting contraceptives and emergency contraceptives.

Here we refer to the previous articles → About contraception, you have these options besides the set!

For polycystic girls, short -acting contraceptives can indeed promote ovulation.

Private work of short -acting contraceptives:


As we all know, the prerequisite for pregnancy is a combination of sperm and eggs, and the birth of an egg is mainly affected by the follicular stimulatory (FSH) and luteumenin (LH).

The follicle formin (FSH) and lutein (LH) in polycystic girls are 2-3 times that of normal people, which causes them to be abnormal in the ovariesFollica).

However, there are more monks and less porridge. The follicles compete for nutrition together.

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Therefore, the polycystic girls need to reduce the follicles (FSH) and promote the lutein (LH), and the estrogen and progesterone in short -acting contraceptives can inhibit them, make the polycystic "less sac", return to normal, return to normalOvulation to reach the purpose of pregnancy.

Taking You Siming as an example, its composition is mainly estrogen and progesterone

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Knowing the principle, how do you usually choose short -acting contraceptives?

Polycystic girl

Which short -acting contraceptive pill is best to take?

After reading the "versatile" of short -acting contraceptives, the next thing to do is to choose one that suits you.

At present, the short -acting contraceptives on the market mainly include You Siming, You Siyue, Da Ying 35, and Mom Fulong. The differences in them are mainly the types and dosage of the progesterone.

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Daying 35

Full name: Esolol Circles Copylene Weltone Tablets

The progesterone contained in Da Ying 35 is a cyclopypene ketone. It has the strongest role in combating high androgen and the highest dosage at the same time. It belongs to "fierce medicine".

It is excellent in suppressing luteinomatin (LH) and follicles (FSH). It also has the effects of improving acne, hairy, and large pores.

(Data source: References 1)

But on the other hand, the estrogen (35 μg) contained in Daying 35 is a little higher than the other three short -acting contraceptives (30 μg), which is more likely to affect the sodium ion metabolism in the body, produce water sodium retention, obesity and other adequate adequatereaction.

At the same time, 8%to 13%of the probability of taking the medicine will occur, which will occur with problems such as headache, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and breast tenderness. Generally, they will appear within 3 to 5 days after taking the medicine, but the symptoms gradually disappear after 10 days. [1]

You Siming

Full name: Quetone ketonehine estrogen tablets

Yoshimin’s progesterone is a queen ketone, which is closer to the characteristics of natural progesterone. Therefore, the impact on lipoprotein metabolism is less. Generally, it will not cause obesity. It is better to blood sugar and blood pressure and will not cause insulin resistance [2].

You Siming can be taken in conjunction with Daying 35,

The alcohol ketone in You Siming has the activity of anticotrophic hormone, which can be used as the effect of estrogen on nephrotin-vascular tension-aldosterone system, thereby reducing water sodium retention

After taking Da Ying 35 for a period of time, replacement of You Siming can control weight [3]

However, due to the small dosage of Youbin’s progesterone hormones, it is not as strong as Ying Ying 35 in improving the problems of hairy, acne, and hair loss.

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You Siyue

Full name: Estrateritone tablets of alcohol ketone (Ⅱ)

The name can be seen that You Siyue is also an alcoholone, and the estrogen content contained in You Siyue is the lowest, and the adverse reactions caused by estrogen are also the smallest.

It is also the preferred choice of PCOS (Evaluation and Management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome "recommended by the" Evaluation and Management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ".

But because it is RX (prescription medicine), it can only be purchased only with the prescription prescribed by the doctor.

The other three short -acting contraceptives need to be taken from one day during menstruation. After taking a box, stop the medicine for a week before continuing to take it.Due to the small dose, You Siyue does not need to stop the medicine for a week.

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Full name: oxygenyne gasel estrogenol tablets

Mom Fulong was the first modern short -acting contraceptive in China. However, combined with the current research materials, Mom Fon ’s efficacy in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome did not reach British 35 [4].

However, for women with insulin resistance with polycystic ovary syndrome, Momfalon can be used with dual -tadpoles.

Generally speaking, Mom Fulong belongs to these four kinds of unsuccessful one, but it is cheap.

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Although the effects of various contraceptives are different, if you change the medicine, you must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. When the polycystic girls are preparing for pregnancy or do not come to menstruation for a long time, it is appropriate to take short -acting contraceptives, but it is not recommended to recommendTaking it for a long time.

The most fundamental treatment of polycystic is long -term management. As long as it is controlled, we are no different from normal people.


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