For pregnancy, be sure to quit smoking and alcohol and coffee?

For the majority of pregnant people, smoking, drinking, and drinking coffee have become the daily "small habits" of many people, and it is often difficult to get rid of it.Will the lifestyle of "small hobbies" and "small habits" affect pregnancy?Do we need to quit these habits?

First, smoke and tobacco have almost consensus on the adverse effects of human health.Smoking is seriously harmful to both infertile women and mothers.Smoking can cause egg-embryo-decreased quality, decreased embryonic planting rate, clinical pregnancy rate, reduced live production rate to half of the non-smokers, and 2 times the natural abortion rate.15 times.If you have sucking cigarettes, you will be stronger than not to quit -the ending of the pregnancy of the smokers, or it is better than a woman who is still smoking now.As for the "quitting period" that needs to be empty for several months before treatment, there is no conclusion at present, the sooner the smoking cessation is better!Therefore, for women who are preparing for pregnancy, the best choice is to quit smoking immediately.It is worth noting that in addition to not smoking, you need to try to avoid contact with the "second -hand smoke" environment.

2. Drinking the study of drinking for pregnant women is already very comprehensive -drinking after pregnancy, which will bring obvious disadvantages to the development of the fetus -therefore, once the patient starts to prepare for pregnancy or enter the process of preparing for IVF, during the whole treatment processAnd the entire pregnancy period after success, "quitting alcohol" should be a very serious and important suggestion.

Third, drinking coffee, as a daily drink, is inseparable from urban life.A large part of the crowd may depend on alcohol and tobacco as a flood beast, but treating caffeine is much more gentle.Because at present, there are few reliable and reliable studies that have proved the serious adverse effects of caffeine on human health.So far, many related research conclusions are that a small and medium caffeine intake will not adversely affect the end of pregnancy.What is the "moderate intake"?Our recommendation is: women who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnant women, daily caffeine intake should be less than 200 mg.

For reference, the caffeine content of a large cup of American coffee in a cup of coffee chain is about 225mg.Therefore, when preparation and pregnancy, a large cup of coffee (slightly overdose) per day, don’t be more.In summary, it is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol for pregnant women.As for coffee, drink coffee that does not exceed 200mg of caffeine daily.(VIA Beijing Xuanwu Hospital)

Source: Beijing 12320 is listening

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