For 6 months of pregnancy, 5 precautions that pregnant mothers must know, must be treasured

In the 6th month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother is used to it, and there is a baby in her belly. I believe that many mothers have also learned a lot of pregnancy.

After experiencing pregnancy and disgusting, it was the happiest when he was about 6 months of pregnancy, because some reactions of pregnancy had disappeared. At this time, many mothers could eat very well and feel very happy.

Lucky was married when he got married. The eldest husband was two years older than himself. After marriage, he was pregnant immediately. Both were still children. Therefore, they were not very concerned about some knowledge during pregnancy.

Just one night of Lucky 6 and a half months of pregnancy, Lucky suddenly felt that his legs were very uncomfortable.

So I woke up her husband. Just after the mother -in -law was not at home because of the epidemic, the husband saw the crying lucky, and he didn’t know what to do. Seeing that Lucky became more and more uncomfortable, the husband quickly drove to the hospital and hung the emergency department.Essence

When the doctor in the emergency department saw such a couple, he suddenly didn’t know how to say, so he had to tell the husband that it was because the calcium deficiency caused the calf cramp. When he encountered this, he could rush to the legs of his wife.

And usually need to supplement calcium for his wife to prevent calf cramps.

I believe that many expectant mothers have also encountered the case of calf cramps. Indeed, at 6 months of pregnancy, there are still many things we need to pay attention to.

Although many people say that letting it let it go, and many people think that if there is no family genetic disease, the baby must be healthy, and this idea is very wrong.

(1) Do a good job of prenatal education

After 6 months of pregnancy, the baby’s brain development is already very complete. Moms may wish to try to interact with the baby a little bit.

Whether it is listening to music or talking, it is a good choice. Of course, it is also good to interact with the baby with lights occasionally. These can promote the baby’s brain development.

(2) Checkplace check -on -time inspection

Although medical medicine is very developed now, many people still do not go to the birth check regularly, because they are all doctors cheating money.

But in fact, there are few doctors doing this. After all, the hospital is already busy. Who has come to cheat money? Doctors have so many work, and we also believe that doctors have medical ethics, so pregnant mothers must be for their children.To check on time.

(3) Reasonable meal,

Although at this stage, many pregnant mothers will find that they are very capable. Many things that do not like or hate eating in the early pregnancy can be eaten at this time.

But no matter what, at this time, it is still during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to reasonable diet, eat more fruits and fruits, consume more high -quality protein and dietary fiber, eat more foods containing iron, and promote the growth and development of the baby.

(4) Appropriate exercise

Indeed, at this time, the stomach of the pregnant mother has begun to increase, but the pregnant mothers pay attention to it, and don’t lie on the sofa all the time.

Maintain an appropriate amount of exercise every day, which can control the weight of the fresh air effectively, and allows the baby to grow better in the stomach.

(5) Pay attention to calcium supplementation

Fast -growing babies need a lot of calcium elements to support. If the mother does not consume more calcium elements, the baby’s body needs to only be obtained from the mother’s body. At this time, the mother will lack calcium deficiency.

It is the occurrence of calf cramps, back pain, back pain, leg weakness, etc., and even more serious can cause baby’s dysfunction.

Pregnancy is indeed a very sacred and happy thing. Although many mothers feel very hard, they feel very proud.

But since his childhood life in his belly, the mother’s life has begun to change. For the health of the baby, the mother has to face many strange things.

Despite this, because of love, mothers have done very well.

Message: Although we want to respect the elders, we must choose scientific parenting in the matter of parenting. Do not listen to the elders everything.

After all, the development of science is based on theoretical science, and it has a lot of theoretical and data support.

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