Follicle?egg?stupidly can not tell

On the road to preparing for pregnancy, we often mention follicles and eggs, but many friends may be confused about the relationship between follicles and eggs. So what is the follicles and eggs?Is the follicles equivalent to the egg?

In fact, the relationship between eggs and follicles is a bit like grapes and grape seeds.Therefore, the quality of follicles will also determine the quality of the egg.Women who cannot get pregnant because of poor follicle development also account for a large proportion.

In all periods of women’s lives, the number of follicles is actually very different.For example, the fetal period is about 7 million, and it is reduced to 2 million at birth. By adolescence, it is only 300,000 to 500,000. After menopause, it is basically exhausted.In the embryo period, there are 1,000-2000 primitive germ cells migrate to the normal developmental ovarian nests. The embryo has developed for 2 months. The ovarian proliferation has about 600,000 ovarian cells.In the month, these eggs were upgraded to the beginning of the foundation.The foundation of the foundation will not wake up until the beginning of the tide.Finally, only 400-500 follicles can develop and ovulate.In the only ovulation once a month, there was only one follicle developed mature, discharged eggs, entered the fallopian tube, and was prepared to suffer.

So someone will ask, women have more than 400 eggs in their lives, so do they have more than 400 chances of conception?In fact, due to the age and other factors of women, the chance of conception is far less than 400 times.You can combine this number roughly estimate and arrange your own pregnancy planning plan reasonably.

During the best fertility age of normal women, during the period of 23 to 29, it will be expelled from 84 eggs according to 12 eggs a year.If a female friend immediately gets married and has children when she is 23 years old, her best pregnancy is only 84 times.However, the new era is also a minority of women who are 23 years old, so when each woman intends to ask for a child, she must cherish every chance of conception and arrange their fertility time reasonably to avoid missing the golden age.

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