Folk story: Woman dreams of being bitten by a green snake, with pain in the lower abdomen, Lao Ni: Your heart is really poisonous


During the period of the Tang Dynasty, there was a wealthy businessman named Rong Daixing. It was nearly forty years old and still had no children. He obeyed his wife’s suggestion.At the age of 16 and seven.Rong Daixing said, whoever sirs his son is in front, calling the second mother, and the back is San Niang.

But don’t underestimate this order. In the front, the status will be higher, the words will be stronger, and the face will be stained with a little.On the New Year’s Eve family banquet, or worshiping ancestors, the position of Er Niang will be high, more awards.As a result, the two were full of energy and wanted to be a son.

Ji Shi was pregnant first, and Songshi was pregnant for more than a month before he became pregnant. To this end, Song’s heart was extremely unhappy. He only hoped that Ji Shi had a daughter, he had a son, and counterattacked his position.

After a while, Ji Shi accidentally shed the birth, and Songshi comforted Ji’s on the surface, but his heart was unlimited, and finally lost his competitors.Who knows that she is also happy, because she gave birth to a daughter.Since neither of them had a son. In order to comfort Ji Shi, Rong Daixing made her become the second mother and cried Song’s anger, but had to stare.

In a blink of an eye, four or five months later. On this night, Songshi had a weird dream, dreaming of a little green snake, drilled into his belly and bitten, screaming and waking up.After a while, the lower abdomen was painful, and Song’s sweat was dripping and moaned.

After dawn, Rong Daixing invited the doctor, and the doctor asked about it.Song’s drinking medicine was relieved.

In the evening, Song’s dreamed of Xiaoqing snake drilled into his belly and biting it, screamed and sat up, trembling kept trembling, and he didn’t dare to lie down again.Xiaoyahuan quickly fooled the medicine to take her, and the pain improved.

On the third night, Song’s refused to fall asleep, Rong Bingxing came to accompany her, comforting for a long time before she fell asleep.As soon as she closed her eyes, she dreamed that Xiao Qing snake bit her and cried.

Rong Daixing felt strange. After dawn, he ordered the sedan to raise Song’s nuns and asked Lao Ni to ask.Every year, Rong Daixing will give a lot of fragrance money to the nun’s aunt. He is the master of the nun’s aunt and is respected by the old nun.As soon as I heard that Rong Daixing begged, she quickly instructed Xiaoni to bring it to the Zen room, and she stood at the door and greeted it.

After everyone was sitting, I saw that Shan’s double eyebrows locked the painful face, and asked with concern.Rong Daixing talked about the bite of Xiao Qing snake three nights, and begged her to give pointers.

Lao Ni nodded, reached out and held Song’s hand, closed his eyes, and thought in his mouth.After about a scent of fragrance, Lao Ni opened his eyes and shook Song’s hand away.

Rong Daixing was surprised, and I wonder why the gentle old Ni, who had always lost his temper?Song’s is not clear, so I asked, "Respect the teacher, why do you say that?"

Lao Ni groaned for a moment and said, "I just said it, and I don’t have to cover it up for someone like you. Xiaoqing snake is the soul of the fetus.

When Matsus heard the words, her face was pale, and she fell on the ground all at once, covering her face and crying.Rong Daixing asked, "Respect the teacher, why is this?" Lao Ni said, "Let her talk about it."

Rong Daixing asked again and again, and Songshi spoke spitting.

It turned out that Song’s was worried that Ji Shi gave birth to his son, and he was in front of her. She bought a servant woman named Zhang, and asked her to get the medicine outside.Flowing.

Rong Daixing heard his words, and was surprised that he couldn’t believe his ears. He didn’t expect that Song’s is such a vague person. He was so cruel for a small ranking.He grabbed Song’s, raised his hand to fight, but remembered the tenderness of her usual on weekdays. He sighed and put down his hand.

Song’s crying and saying, "I was wrong, I regretted it, begging the teacher to help me, and to relieve revenge." Rong Daixing also begged, and Lao Ni sighed and said, "Alright, I’ll help you help you.Let’s take it. "She took Song’s to the hall, kneeling in front of the Buddha, burning the three incense, and reading the scriptures.

After the fragrant burning, the old Nius let Song’s home, facing the southeast, prayed paper, begging for the soul for understanding, there would be no problem.Song’s hoe, thanked him.That night, Songshi did not have a dream.

Ji Shi listened to Rong Daixing’s evil behavior and cried on the spot.Rong Daixing’s wife said to him, "The Song family is so poisonous that she can’t stay with her, and take her out of the house." Rong Daixing thought about it. Such a woman stayed with her.When the incident happened, the late regret, nodded and agreed with his wife’s opinion.

His wife was the master, and sold Song’s value to hawkers selling cooking cakes at the value of five money.This person has five short figures, dark, fat and short, a big face with a nose collapsed, and the two front teeth are stretched out of the mouth.

Song’s life was unwilling to leave, and she begged Rong Daixing to send her a monk.Rong Daixing also knew that she was arrogant. She followed the cooking cake. It was better to die as if she had died.

From then on, Song’s ancient Buddha was accompanied by the ancient Buddha, and Ji Shi gave birth to three sons, and was deeply affected by the grace of Rongku Xing’s husband and wife.Later, a son was admitted to Jinshi as an official, and she also enjoyed the prosperity and wealth of her life.

Being a person must not be harmful, and those who are harmful will eventually hurt themselves.This story adopts the absurd brushwork, in order to obey the law and persuade the world, and has nothing to do with feudal superstition.

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