Folk story: Beautiful women are unwilling to marry, but they are unexpectedly pregnant.

There is a small village called Fenghuang Village under the Fengshan.

As the saying goes: "Eat mountains and eat water by mountains." The people here are cutting firewood, hunting, and fishing for fishing.

There is a pair of mother and daughter in the village. Her mother Li’s is gentle, her daughter Cui Niang looks beautiful, and her tenderness is like water.

Li’s husband died early. Li’s remarriage for her daughter Cui Niang has not been remarried. She has been alone in the empty house for more than ten years. Now her daughter is eighteen years old. She is very sensible and filial.

When Cui Niang arrived at the age of marriage, there was a constant stream of people who came to the media. Li wanted to choose a good condition. The daughter’s marriage could enjoy blessings.

Among the many relatives, there is a young man named Liu Ziyang, not only handsome, but also in a small business at home. The days are not enough.

In ancient times, the marriage of marriage was the words of the parents of the parents, and Li settled the family’s affairs to her daughter.

After Cui Niang set a pro -pro -pro., Those young guys who admired her were dead, but a village named Wang San was psychologically imbalanced.

Wang San is a blacksmith. The family in the family is not worse than Liu Ziyang’s family, and even better than his family. He doesn’t understand why Li did not choose him as a son -in -law, but chose Liu Ziyang in the neighboring village.

In fact, this Wang San not only loves to get blossoms, but also addicted to alcohol. Even if such people are wealthy, few people are willing to marry his daughter.

Wang San was unconvinced and tried to dismantle Liu Ziyang and Cui Niang.

One day, Cui Niang went to the ground to weeding, and a few small mixed blocks blocked her road. Her hands were hand -in, and Cui Niang cried and ran home.

The incident was spread to the village next door. Everyone said that Cu Niang did not inspect and offended people. People had to retaliate against her.

After hearing about it, the Liu family retired with Cui Niang. Wang San saw Cui Niang withdrawn from marriage and was particularly happy, so she asked the matchmaker to come to the door, but was still rejected by Li.

Wang San became angry and said, "Don’t marry me Wang San, no one wants you."

Wang San spent money to find some long tongue women, and made rumors to slander Cui Niang, saying how she did not check, saying that she had nose and eyes, which made people have to believe.

In the past, many people came to Li’s family to propose a relative. Now there is no one who brings relatives. Li’s heart is very worried. What should I do if my daughter can’t marry?

Li knew that all this was Wang San’s ghost, but their orphans and widows had no way. It seems that her daughter can only marry Wang San.

So she discussed with Cui Niang and said that she would marry Wang San. Although Wang Sanai loved to drink, he could not worry about eating and wear.

When Cui Niang heard it, she was unwilling and said, "I would rather not marry in my life, and don’t marry Wang San."

Li understands her daughter’s mind, so she doesn’t say anything, let’s go!

Wang San refused to stop, and always went to Li’s house with nothing to do. At the beginning, the mother and daughter of Li were also polite to him.

Later, Wang San began to speak some tricks, and he also managed his feet, and Li said that he would not let him come in the future.

Wang San said: "My Wang San has money to spend and eat, that is not good? I can see that your Cui Niang is your blessing, don’t know how to lift it!"

Cui Niang said: "I am not rare for such a blessing, go quickly, and then close the door."

Wang San said loudly: "In this life, you are my daughter -in -law of Wang San. If you don’t marry me, who do you want to marry? No one dares to ask you!"

Cui Niang said: "I won’t marry you in this life, so don’t be delusional!"

One day, Cui Niang was weeding in the ground. When she was halfway, she felt weak and was particularly sleepy, so she sat in Tian Yan to rest.

Cui Niang saw a cloud floating on her head, and the clouds were white and white, like soft cotton.

The white clouds fell beside Cui Niang. Cui Niang was too tired, so she fell asleep on the soft clouds.

When she woke up, she realized that she had just a dream just now. The sky was already dark. Cui Niang didn’t think about it, so she went home with a hoe.

In the following days, as long as Cui Niang had to go out, Wang San harassed her and frightened her. Li was worried that she went out with her daughter every time.

One month after a blink of an eye, Cui Niang’s monthly incident did not come on time. She murmured in her heart, but she didn’t take it seriously.

Cui Niang’s meal is getting smaller and smaller, and her skin becomes waxy yellow. She loves to sleep in particular. When Li saw her daughter, she was very worried and said that she would ask Lang Zhong to show her.

But she found that her daughter’s waist seemed to be thicker, so she was stunned, and quickly asked Cui Niang if she didn’t come?

Cui Niang said that the month was not here for two months. Li’s was taken aback and quickly pulled Cui Niang into the house to ask.

Asked if she had a close relationship with the man, Cui Niang cried and shook her head, saying that she had never had anything to do with any man.

Li’s knows her daughter best. She has been well -known since she was a child and never lie. Li’s believes in her words, but what’s going on with this belly?She was puzzled.

At that time, it was a very disgraceful thing that a woman was pregnant without marriage. Li’s quietly found stabilization. As soon as he checked, Cui Niang was really pregnant.

Li asked Hua Po to give a way to think, Ping Po gave Cui aura, and she said with a stinging look: "Cui Niang is weak, there is no way, but she can only give birth!"

As soon as Li heard the five thunder, she gave birth to her child. How can Cui Niang live in the future?Li’s shed tears.

Cui Niang is also the Lord of the Six Gods, and she is afraid of tears. She can’t figure out why she will not be pregnant inexplicably?

To this day, Li can only think of marrying Cui Niang, so she finds Liu Media in the village to talk about the media.

Liu Mengpu was very embarrassed at the time of hearing, saying, "I can only do my best!"

Cui Niang’s belly became bigger and heavier, and Li’s mood was getting heavier. She went to Liu Meng and asked if she had a suitable person?

Liu Mengpo said: "Who would be willing to be good? Do n’t Wang San like Cui Niang? Let Cui Niang marry him to make a minor, at least eat and wear."

After listening to Liu Meng’s words, Li went back to her heart, but she thought about it, and felt that what Liu Magma said it also made sense, but he was afraid that Wang San was holding Cui Niang, and his heart was very contradictory.

Wang San heard that Cui Niang was pregnant and was in a hurry to marry someone. She was particularly proud of her heart. She said to Liu Mengpo: "If you want me to marry her, let her tell me in person!"

Liu Menggao told Wang San’s words to the mother and daughter of Li, and Li listened straightly.

Liu Menggao told Cui Niang’s words to Wang San, Wang San was so angry that she took a straight table and cursed: "I don’t know what to lift up, I see how capable she is!"

Cui Niang’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. When the people in the village saw her, they pointed out, saying how she was well -behaved and kind before, and now she has become so unbridled, but even her children are pregnant.

Some people also speculated that the children in Cui Niang’s belly were Wang San’s. Wang San was on a black pot for no reason, and he was so angry that he was proud of his heart.

Faced with the point of pointing of the villagers, Cui Niang was like a knife. While Li’s not paying attention, she quietly came to the river and thought about it.

When Li found that Cui Niang was gone, she hurried out to find, but found Cui Niang in the river, and quickly told the villagers to help Cui Niang back home.

Cui Niang was lying on the bed, and she was dying, and Li cried and died.

The villagers came to persuade Li’s sorrow, but Wang San said there was coolness.

At this time, a white -bearded old Taoist was here, saying that he had to drink water. Li was sad and sad, and a villager brought a bowl of water for the old Taoist priest.

The old Taoist had drank water and heard the sound of crying in the house, and asked what was going on, and the villagers told the old Taoist.

The old Taoist walked into the room and looked at the Cui Niang lying on the bed, and said to the Li family: "Don’t be sad. Your daughter is blessing, and she is still alive."

After listening to the old Taoist priest, Li’s words were doubtful and rushed to cry on Cui Niang.

The old Taoist’s mouth was thinking, and the dust in his hand was sweeping on Cui Niang’s face.

After a while, Cui Niang opened her eyes. When Li saw her daughter woke up, she was shocked and happy, hugging her crying.

The mother and daughter cried for a while, and Li remembered to thank the old Taoist priests, and begged the old Taoist to show Cui Niang. Why did she get pregnant with a yellow flower girlfriend?

The old Taoist said, "Everything has cause and effect!"

After Cui Niang was fine, Li’s accompanying her every day, advising her to want to drive.

A few months later, Cui Niang gave birth to a big fat boy, because Cui Niang’s surname Liu, and the child had no father, Cui Niang named him Liu Tianci.

It is strange to say that other children are crying and crying, but Liu Tianci laughed.

The villagers heard that Liu Tianci laughed when he was born. He felt that this child was unknown, so he came to the mother and daughter’s home of Li’s mother and daughter, saying that the child could not stay.

Wang San also found a middle -aged Taoist to do it, saying that this child is the evil star, and there must be unknown, and it will be handled quickly, otherwise there will be a misfortune in the village.

The villagers were even more scared as soon as they heard it. Someone rushed into the house to hug the child, but Cu Niang held the child in her arms and refused to let go.

Crying: "He is still a child, what sin is? Please raise your hands high, leave him a life!"

Li also knelt in front of everyone and begged to ask these people to leave their children.

Seeing that Li’s mother and daughter cried pitifully, they looked at each other and couldn’t bear to grab the children.

When Wang San saw everyone like this, he said, "Just now the master has said that it is not peaceful to keep his village, and there will be a disaster!

Wang San’s remarks ignited the anger of everyone again. Everyone followed Wang San into the house to grab the children in Cuifu’s arms.

After Cui Niang was finished, she was weak. Where is the opponent of everyone, the child was taken away by Wang San.

Cui Niang crawled down from the bed, lay on the ground and hugged Wang San’s legs to leave, and others went to hold Cui Niang.

Wang San was going to run with his child, but was pulled by Li who was caught up with him, and everyone went up to hold Li.

Cui Niang stood up hard, stumbled to chase Wang San, chased while crying, "Please return me to me, I will take the child away …"

Li also begged everyone to say that she and Cui Niang took their children to leave the village, and would not affect everyone. Everyone felt that it was possible, but Wang San held the child not to let go.

The middle -aged priest said: "I took the child away and washed the debt on his body to keep everyone safe."

I don’t know when, a white -bearded Taoist priest stood in front of the middle -aged Taoist and Wang San.

When the middle -aged Taoist saw the old Taoist, his face changed his face, "Why are you here?"

The old Taoist said: "Since you leave the teacher, the demon is confusing and doing evil. Master has given you a chance, but you do n’t know how to repent. Today, I have come to Master’ s life to take you! "

As soon as the middle -aged priests were about to escape, the old Taoist’s hands waved, and the child fell in his arms, and the middle -aged Taoist was tied up and could not move.

Wang San was a little scared when he saw it. He went forward and said, "Where did you come from? Let’s put the master!"

The old Taoist priest took a breath at Wang San, and Wang San shut up, standing honestly.

The old Taoist returned the child to Cui Niang and said, "Treat the child well, he is here to report it!"

Everyone listened to incredible, and was doubtful to the words of the old Taoist.

If the child does not have a father, he will naturally be instructed by many people and white eyes. Cui Niang is afraid that the child will be hurt, so he keeps him at home and does not let go.

This child is also very good. He always does not cry or make trouble. He helps Li and Cui Niang at home to do housework.

When the child was seven years old, he said to Cui Niang: "Mother, I have grown up, you can’t always keep me at home!"

Cui Niang looked at her son’s longing eyes and was very sad, so every time he went out to work, he would bring a little God.

When the villagers saw it, they talked about it. The child had red lips and picturesque eyebrows. Although it was handsome, she was no similar to Cui Niang.

In the past, people thought that Wang Sanli and Cui Niang gave birth to a child. Now it seems that the child’s appearance and Wang San are even more incompatible, so everyone feels that the child must not be Wang San’s species.

Who is Liu Tianchen’s father, everyone can’t guess, but even Cui Niang didn’t know.

Wang San originally wanted to dispose of the child, and then made Cui Niang home as a small, but all of them were yellow by the old Taoist.

Liu Tianci has been staying in the village, and he has grown up, and Wang San’s heart is uncomfortable.

One day, Cui Niang burned a meal at home. Wang San saw Liu Tianci who came to picking vegetables in the garden garden, and dug a few round fruits in the ground for Wang Tianci to eat.

Wang Tianci said: "Thank you Uncle, my mother will not let me eat others!"

Whatever Wang San was willing to stop, he looked at Wang Tianci and stuffed the fruit into his mouth.

In fact, this is a plant -shaped root of the plant. It is toxic. Wang San wants to poison Liu Tianci to relieve his hatred.

Who knows that Liu Tianci’s teeth bite tightly, but he didn’t eat, and he still bite Wang Sanyi in the struggle.

Wang San painful, he let go of his hand, and Wang Tianci took the opportunity to go home.

Wang San’s arm was bitten by Wang Tianci. He hurried home and asked Lang Zhong to apply some medicine. Thinking about it soon. Who knew that after two days, the wound founded and the yellow liquid flowed out.

Wang San went to Langzhong again, but Langzhong was helpless, and Wang San’s arm was not good. He also sent out a bad smell. Everyone had detoured when he saw it. In the end, he couldn’t tolerate him.In a firewood house, he was not allowed to come out. Later, he ulcerated his body and died in the firewood house.

One year later, the local drought, the people did not talk about life, and the people’s lives were miserable. Everyone set up altars to seek rain, but Liu Tianci said to everyone: "Everyone has been cut off in these years, hunting is serious, and the fish in the river are almost shining.This robbery is God’s will.

If you want to descend Ganlin, everyone must correct the fault."

After listening to Liu Tianci’s words, everyone felt a little incredible, but when he thought of the old Taoist priest, he decided to do it as he said. He no longer cut the wood to cut the wood and no longer hunting the fish. After a month, he finally rained.

People cheered in the rain, so everyone believed that the old Taoist said that Liu Tianci was not a star, but a blessing star.

In order to express gratitude, everyone took things and sent it to Li’s house. Liu Tianci said: "Everyone doesn’t have to thank, this is just in response to God’s will."

When Liu Tianci was eighteen years old, one day, he said to his mother Cui Niang: "I have been out for so long, I should go back …"

When Cui Niang hugged him, he cried and said, "This is your home, where are you going?"

Liu Tianci said, "Don’t be sad, I will come back to pick you up."

Cui Niang asked him when he would come back. Liu Tianci said that after her hundred years, Cui Niang heard it and cried.

At night, Cui Niang had a dream. Dreaming of her son walking away, she hurried to chase, but she didn’t catch up, so she cried sadly. When Li heard crying, she woke her up.

Cui Niang quickly went to her son’s room. When she saw that the bedding on the bed was neatly neat, the person was no longer going to go. She couldn’t help crying again.

After Wang Tianci left, because of natural disasters and human disasters, everyone had no food, and she was almost hungry. Cui Niang suddenly remembered what her son said when he was leaving. If he did not eat, let her open the box on the bedside.

This box was dark and was picked up from the outside. Cui Niang opened the cabinet to see. The original empty cabinet was full of rice noodles.

Cui Niang was kind -hearted, so she took out the rice noodles from the box for everyone, and the people had the difficulty.

Later, Li’s age was old and ended without illness.

After Li’s death, she left Cui Niang. She ate fasting at home every day, and often took out things from the cabinet to help poverty.

One day, someone passed by the door of Cui Niang’s house and felt uneasy in her heart. She walked into Cui Niang’s house to check it. As a result, she saw Cui Niang lying on the bed. She had died. She looked peaceful and smiled at the corner of her mouth.

The villagers were grateful to Cui Niang’s help and prepared her aftermath. At this time, a young man came, saying that it was Cui Niang’s son, so everyone remembered that the young man was Liu Tianci.

Liu Tianci held a funeral for Cui Niang, and then resigned to the villagers.

The villagers saw Liu Tianci and Cui Niang standing on a white clouds, and the clouds flew to the sky with them.

Only then did everyone understand that Liu Tianci was not a person, and everyone kneeling quickly.

At this time, the old white bearded Taoist priest appeared again and told everyone.

It turned out that Cui Niang’s previous life was an extremely ugly woman, called salt girl, but she was kind and helped many people.

Once, she collected medicine in the mountains and saw a little boy bitten by a snake, and she rescued the little boy and brought the little boy home.

The salt girl never married, and the little boy said that when he grew up, he married her as his wife, but on a night -thunder night, the child disappeared.

In fact, the child was the Jade Emperor. In order to repay the grace, the Jade Emperor made Cui Niang conceive her child.

After Cui Niang died, the Jade Emperor asked his son to pick up his mother, and the family of three reunited in heaven.

After listening to the old Taoist priests, the villagers felt incredible, and everyone gave up the house where Cui Niang lived during her lifetime, and her story was passed down throughout the ages.

This story is purely fictitious and has nothing to do with superstitions. It is mainly to promote folk culture and punish evil.


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