Folic acid supplement: What is the supplementation of each stage during pregnancy?Do you stop your fetus if you eat too much?7 major issues talk about the whole

Folic acid is also called vitamin B9 and vitamin M, which is a water -soluble vitamin.Because the human body cannot synthesize folic acid, it can only rely entirely on exogenous supply. More than 50%of neural nerve tube deficiency cases are related to insufficient folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy. Supplementing folic acid can significantly reduce the incidence of neuromatical defects of neonatal tube.

So how should women in childcare supplement folic acid during each period?Let’s talk about it below:

01 Supplementary dosage of folic acid

The "China Clinical Reasonable Reasonable Supplement of Folic acid Multi -disciplinary Expert Consensus" released in 2020 put forward suggestions on supplementing female folic acid in childcare age.

Preparation and early pregnancy women

Differential development of embryonic nerve tube generally occurs after 2 to 4 weeks after fertilization, that is, 4 to 6 gestational weeks, and women find that pregnancy is usually in the fifth week or later, so it should be supplemented in advanceIn order to ensure the normal development of the embryo.Therefore, it is recommended to start taking folic acid at least three months before pregnancy.

Recommended dose:

Women with no high -risk factors: 0.4 mg/d or 0.8 mg/d of folic acid until 3 months of pregnancy or even childbirth.

Personalized supplement: Women with the following situations need to increase supplementary doses or extend pre -pregnancy supplementary time: 1. Live in the northern region, especially rural areas in the north;· Short pregnancy time.

For women with preparation or early pregnancy, combined with information, fertility history, family history, diet, drug taking, behavioral habits, and related testing and inspection of the husband and wife.The demand may be different.

Women in the middle and late pregnancy

It is recommended that women in the middle and late stages of pregnancy continue to increase folic acid in addition to ingesting foods rich in folic acid.

Replenish dosage: The recommended dose of folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy is 0.4 mg/d.

Breastfeeding woman

Due to lactation needs, breastfeeding women have generally increased nutrients’ demand for nutrients due to lactation in breast lactation. Therefore, compared with normal adults, breastfeeding mothers are more likely to lack folic acid.WHO recommends supplementing folic acid until 3 months after giving birth.

Replenish dose: 0.4 mg/d is recommended to increase folic acid during breastfeeding.

02 Folic acid supplement 6 common 6 problems

Question 1: Do you not want to eat folic acid tablets, can you use food to replace it?

Although green leafy vegetables, fruits, and animal liver contain a lot of folic acid, the stability of folic acid is poor, and the loss of food in the process of storage, processing and cooking is as high as 50%to 90%, especially the heating is the most destructive to folic acid, so it passes through it.Eating supplements can hardly reach the standard of 0.4 mg per day during pregnancy.Only through the method of food supplement, you cannot calculate the amount provided every day, and you cannot evaluate whether the fetus has suffered sufficient amount of folic acid.Therefore, foods with high folic acid content cannot replace folic acid supplements, and can only be used as auxiliary measures to supplement folic acid.

For mothers, the prevalence of anemia for childcare women is 20.6%.And intake of reasonable folic acid can create normal red blood cells for expectant mothers to prevent anemia during pregnancy.For fetal babies, folic acid can prevent fetal nerve tube deformities and reduce the risk of birth defects in the baby.

Once folic acid deficiency occurs, the consequences are serious, and this problem cannot be made up by tonic acid, and surgical treatment is also very difficult. Do not take such danger.

Question 2: How should ordinary folic acid and active folic acid be selected?

There are two types of folic acid, one is ordinary folic acid, which is artificially synthesized; the other is naturally extracted active folic acid.

Ordinary synthetic folic acid requires a systematic metabolism to be used by the body. Active folic acid is a folic acid extracted from natural fruits and fruits. There is no tolerance limit, does not hide the lack of vitamin B12, does not require metabolism, and directly enter the folic acid cycle.

So which one should be supplemented in these two?This should be determined according to the situation of pregnant women, and the specific method is also very simple: women who prepare for pregnancy are recommended to test folic acid metabolic capacity genes before pregnancy. As a result, if it is a low risk or high -risk factors without the above, make up for ordinary folic acid.For example, free folic acid issued by the country; if it is a high -risk, or patients with a deficiency of folic acid or those who have the above risks, it is necessary to make up for activated folic acid, and it is recommended to start from 3 months before pregnancy until delivery.

The utilization rate of active folic acid is about 12-15 times the same dose of normal folic acid.Therefore, active folic acid is relatively easier to absorb and use than ordinary folic acid. It can be taken appropriately during pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding, which can meet the increase in demand for folic acid during this period; and the effect of activated folic acid is better.It can prevent the fetus from developing dysplasia.

Question 3: Will eating folic acid be disordered by "aunt"?

This is a question that many women are concerned about. There may be many reasons for irregular menstruation, but no clear research has shown that taking folic acid will affect normal menstruation.

Causes of menstrual disorders: One may be that pregnant women have affected the secretion of pituitary hormone due to psychological causes such as stress or tension and causing menstrual disorders.Another possibility is that endocrine disorders are delayed due to changes in the physiological characteristics of nutrition during pregnancy.

If the menstrual cycle is often disordered, gynecological conventional examinations should be performed in time, and menstruation can be treated according to the results of the inspection.

Question 4: Will you get pregnant without eating folic acid? Will it affect the fetus?

This mainly depends on the folic acid reserve in the mother’s body.If pregnant women usually pay more attention to the intake of vegetables, of course, it is better.If the partial eclipse is usually serious, then continue to replenish folic acid immediately after finding pregnancy, and pay attention to the B -ultrasound monitoring of the fetus.

Taking folic acid is mainly to prevent fetal nerve tube malformation, but it may not necessarily have a problem without replenishment, so don’t worry too much.It can be seen, especially the amniotic fluid puncture can be diagnosed accurately.Of course, remembers to replenish folic acid when you are pregnant or have been pregnant.

Question 5: Do men take folic acid during pregnancy?

Supplementing folic acid is not a woman’s patent. The lack of folic acid in the prospective dad will cause the semen concentration and weaken the vitality of the sperm, and the number of chromosomes carried in the semen will also occur abnormal, and there will be too much or too little.This will not only increase the chance of abortion of pregnant mothers, but also cause newborn birth defects. For example, Don syndrome, but also increase the risk of cancer when newborn grows up.

And because modern men are paid more abroad, smoking and drinking cannot be avoided, this will cause many male sperm. If men take some folic acid every day, the risk of sperm abnormalities will be reduced by about 30%.

Therefore, it is recommended that men still need to supplement folic acid during pregnancy.

Question 6: I heard that if more folic acid is supplemented, it will cause fetal stopping. Is it true?

Specifies will not cause embryonic development to stop.There are many reasons for tire stops. The most common is the abnormalities of the embryo itself, as well as insufficient luteal function, lack of folic acid in the body, abnormal chromosomal, and the emotions of pregnant women.

The quality of the embryo is not good or the reproductive tract is malformed. If you eat or not folic acid, you may stop breeding. Taking folic acid in standardized can reduce the risk of fetal stopping.There are many reasons for the stopping of fetal stopping. It doesn’t matter if you stop your fetal stopping. You only need to adjust your mood next time you may be bred normally.However, couples who have more than two fetuses have to go to the regular hospital to check the genes and chromosomes of both parties and other projects related to abortion.

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