Fire during breastfeeding causes toothache during breastfeeding. Can’t take medicine?Reminder: Eat these 3 foods to effectively fire the fire

During breastfeeding, it refers to the period when the maternal after the production is completed with her own milk.In the period of lactation, there will be many precautions during breastfeeding, especially some drugs can not be used at will, otherwise the drug component will enter the fetus and cause the fetus to be seriously damaged.

Therefore, during breastfeeding, once women have some health problems, they dare not take any drugs.However, during breastfeeding, many women will have some problems due to excessive fatigue or other factors, such as toothache.So, what should I do when breastfeeding women have toothache?

What to do with toothache during breastfeeding?

1. Treatment according to the cause

When women have toothache during lactation, they must not take any drugs randomly.First of all, the cause of toothache should be self -judged. If it is caused by some periodontal diseases, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a corresponding examination in time.Then, under the guidance of the doctor, give the corresponding treatment.

2. Do your oral hygiene

There are many causes of toothache during lactating women. It is not related to oral hygiene. In addition, if you like to eat some sweet or sour foods in your daily diet, you can easily cause dental caries and thereby having toothache.

Then, you must do a good job of oral hygiene. After each meal, you must rinse your mouth to clean up some food residues in the seams of the teeth and brush your teeth twice a day. In addition, you can rinse with heavy salt water during toothache.The mouth can play the effect of anti -inflammatory, sterilization, and analgesic.

In addition to giving corresponding treatment according to the cause and doing a good job of oral hygiene, if breastfeeding female body fire causes toothache, or other fires, you can eat some foods with the effect of removing fire.What do you eat when you get angry during breastfeeding?

1. Winter melon

Winter melon has a variety of effects such as clearing heat, detoxifying, clearing the heart, removing annoyance, diuretic diuretic, etc., which can not only play a role in removing fire, but also has a certain improvement effect on the toothache caused by the fire.

Second, mung beans

Breastfeeding women can eat some mung beans appropriately every day, such as boiling some rock sugar mung bean water, or cooking some mung bean porridge, which has certain effects on eliminating fire.It can also play a role in diuretic, swelling, pain relief, and detoxification, and can improve toothache, oral ulcers, constipation and other problems caused by fire.

Three, bitter gourd

Bitter gourd has very good effects such as fire and detoxification. It has a very good improvement of sores, sore throat, sore throat, gum swelling, and constipation caused by fire.For pregnant women, once a fire appears, you can eat some cold bitter gourds, or drink a small amount of bitter gourd tea.

All in all, when breastfeeding women have toothache, do not take any drugs by themselves, or take some recipe therapy, otherwise it will easily increase the symptoms.

In addition to the corresponding treatment under the guidance of a doctor, you should also adjust your diet. Do not eat cold, cold, cold, and irritating foods. Eat more vegetables and vegetables rich in vitamins and water.

In addition, you need to replenish water every day and pay attention to rest. It has a good improvement in the phenomenon of fire during lactation, and toothache.

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