Greedy father.

After getting pregnant, I patted my stomach to force me to give up, and I sent her directly to jail.Alas, my mother is the daughter of the treacherous phase. Three million raised blood flowers first respect the prime minister, and my father Lede couldn’t take his mouth to promise to be promoted.Everyone knows that my father is greedy for money, and is the plague god designed by the court of the court.Only I remember my father was once ironing, and the discounted legs never kneeling to the wealthy.

I had a younger sister who was pressed by the county’s carriage when I was in the cold winter.My dad had no fire to smoke a bloody tobacco outside the house, and he couldn’t show his blood complaint into Jinjin.

He was unlocked shortly after he went out of the city gate, and was pressed into jail in the name of treacherous.My dad was humiliated in prison and broke a leg, just to coincides with the new emperor to be released from prison.From that day, he vowed not to live in the person. He wanted to be an official and a big official. He ordered the heirs left by Grandpa Tai. After countless hands, he repeatedly bought a sesame -sized can.

My dad watched five years of onlookers, and he was self -made to keep his family members and leave his name.In the end, a prince who took a micro -service tour came to our house. When he stepped into this grassy courtyard, he made a full fragrance.He stayed for a few days, and half a month later came to my house.My dad was broken and promoted to worship.Since then, my father’s promotion is getting faster and faster, and he has not worked hard to save money.

Finally, the prime minister told the old to return to his hometown, and my father should not be pushed to that position.On the day of the movement, my dad red eyes and touched the crown over and over again, putting himself in and worshiping a lined spiritual hall.It was also the county magistrate that killed my sister on that day suddenly violently at home. The family was beyond the evidence of numerous corruption and bribery. Li Juan was all sold as an official sacrifice. Ding Jin was distributed and filled with the army. Our women finally lived a good life.

I was also in Jinyi Yu Food. Enron grew up to the year of Jiji, and the people who asked relatives broke the threshold.My dad refused to the past one by one. It seemed that except for collecting wealth, he could no longer make him happy.Every time a gift is given, there will be only the two of us in the hall, but he is always silent for a moment.Seeing my eyes always blame and regret.I know what my dad is blaming himself, but in fact, I don’t care about it.One day in a person wearing noble, after walking out of my dad’s study, I listened to the sighs in the room, and finally couldn’t help breaking into the door.Dad, he would not marry the disabled persimmon.

I have known that the arrival of the prince was not a coincidence, but that there were nobles who secretly led them, and the nobles who could pull His Royal Highness were not ordinary wealthy, but today’s unbelievable regent.The regent Wang Ken helped my father a condition, that was to marry me and his only son Xue Sulou.

I heard that Xue Sulou was a young general general on the battlefield. At the age of 6, he entered the military camp and entered the army and entered the enemy.However, as he was proud of his young man, a battle suddenly fell from immediately. Since then, his legs have been unable to stand, and the future has ended.Xingzi is also increasingly violent.He is two years older than me because of disability, and people who are better at the door are unwilling to control their daughters. During his death, he was just a gamble.

My dad will ask for the top of power in the future, so I agreed with him in advance.At the moment my Feng Guanxia went into the palace with the scenery, my father rushed to me brightly, grabbing my hand and said that my child was wronged.Despite going home, Dad will protect you with this old life.

I reached the main hall with tears, and there was a hazy red gauze in front of me, and I couldn’t see the expression of the people around me.It was only after a while to hear someone shouting, and the persimmons also said.For a moment, Guangyong entered the house, and a man sitting in a wheelchair slowly entered, bringing a hint of cold.

I pointed out that at the end of the month, he saw that his facial features were the best, and his face was clean and white.I went out after worshiping me.The death was laughed first, and the people around me did not dare to come out. It was so rigid until the night. I sat in the cave’s legs to numb, and the lion master who waited for the right did not mean to lift the cover.

So I simply lay down and fell asleep with my hijab, staggered in the middle of the night, and only faintly listened to the sound of opening the door. It seemed that several people hurriedly stepped back.Gently squeezed the pole and picked it out.I bumped into those deep and clear eyes, and my eyes were opposite.However, his eyes faded down with cold eyes.

I think I don’t look bad.I am not self -proclaimed in Beijing, nor will my father buy me for me.

At first such a notorious son, grandpa was willing to worship me.I thought it was what he thought about me. I didn’t expect that he was so disappointed that he picked his hijab. It was that the husband seemed to be unsatisfactory to his body.I have changed my mouth by myself.He twitched his sleeves from my hands with a naked face, and he wrote that he didn’t want to ignore me.

He pushed the door and walked until dawn and didn’t return.The next day I went to the father -in -law in accordance with the rules.He didn’t say that Mrs. Wang was very satisfied with me. He pulled me and asked Dong to ask Dong to ask Dongxi. The only way to deal with his eyes or not consciously looked for him.

Until a girl hurriedly rushed to report to report the lion master again, this time she had to wave her own knife, and my mother -in -law and I changed their faces and went straight to the past.Inside the room was a messy mix of blood, and the man sitting in a wheelchair hair was messy, his forehead was still handsome, but he was still handsome.He raised his eyes and saw me sneered at my mother -in -law.I heard you marry her, so can the baby let him enter the house?The mother -in -law yelled at the old tears and hugged him, and she couldn’t say a word.

When Mo Di remembered that he asked for it on time. It seemed that a girl was holding a word selling to the Qinglou to ask her mother -in -law to see it.Xue Suilou was just a dark under his eyes, and his mother was going to speak to the child.He looked at the mother floating in his heart expressionlessly, and raised his dagger to his throat.Shizi is also slow. I do n’t know the courage to loudly loudly loudly Lay’s second girl.He and mother -in -law looked at me as the same meridians.The advantage of Dad is that Ningxia’s industry is abundant.

The green tower in this city is now in my dad’s name to facilitate him to eavesdrop all kinds of news.A few days later, the babies like jade were introduced by me by myself. I often suspect that his name should be ice monster, because he was too crying, and everywhere he went, he was swollen and rendered jade.As soon as I saw Xue Sulou, I was so angry that I was so angry that I had no doubt that he could be abandoned by me the next second, so the night when I passed the door, Xue Sulou came to my room.He laughed at me with a rare and thanked me.

In fact, when I was willing to help him marry another woman, I would no longer treat him as a husband, and I rejected what he left.With the infant, Xue Sulou’s body became better every day, and he could even stand up.Every day I eat alone in the front yard, listening to the laughter from the backyard, and the people in the house laughed at me, and it was not as good as a woman from a green building.Obviously I am a lion concubine, but there is something in the prefecture, all of which are for the person in the backyard to choose. I will always be the one who is forgotten and ignored.

In the past, I saw Xue Suluo’s days. There were only a few days. At the beginning of the month, he was extremely politely pretending to be a model couple with me, and asked his in -laws.The regent of the regent, the improvement of his heart, gradually acquiesced in the presence of the baby.Jesus Tower is grateful to my generous sense, and occasionally comes to the yard in the evening to find me.I always do n’t see the door behind it. I am my daughter ’s daughter, no matter how people all over the world misunderstand him.In my eyes, he will always be the hero who has been interrupted and still smiled and said.The feelings of Xue Sulou’s alms were unremittingly tried. The baby’s belly became bigger every day, but he and I had never even had a round room.In the face of countless rumors, I don’t mind.

I know that I just appeared in other people’s stories very unfortunately, and became the vicious female partner that hindered the male and female owners who loved each other. The mountain was set up from the mussels, so the family also followed the flying Huang Teng.He was a sale of a flower girl.Xue Sulou couldn’t forget that the sweet smile of the girl who saw the flower -selling girl saw on the street when she first opened. She made an oath early.In the end, the person he married was me.

The baby’s father quickly exposed the mountains in the middle of the Chaozhongzhong, and the style was vulgar, but some Xue family covered the official Yun Heng and the water.One day when I was passing out of the backyard, I accidentally heard the baby crying and crying to Xue Sulou.

· My dad wants the position of the prime minister. I didn’t listen to what Xue Sulou said, but just speeded up.Back at the hospital, I rolled out and thought about whether to notify my father immediately. Someone hit his head to his head.On the night, the figure of the monherhood was wrapped in the cold wind into my door, and it was rare for a hundred years.Before I mocked the opening, he had fallen to my bed in front of my bed.

What’s this?He has no feelings without a trace of feelings. The reply alone is what you see. Xue Sulou laughed at Shen Yue. When did you eat and wear it here short, so why do you do this?The Lion Lord was not intending to do the position of Laozhang people to the father of the concubine. He did not answer as the default.

· After a while, Chen Shengdao was given by my family to your father. It was the position of my dad to change with the merit.I know what he wants to say. He wants to say that if he leaves the big tree of the regent, according to my father’s greed, he is not known for many times in the summer.But I just feel irony, did I do n’t know how much my father collected the silver of my dad into Guifu. I vomited the words of the two words of Guifu very clearly, announcing the Chuhe and Han realm of our essence.Staring at me and smiled, very good and good. The moment he went out, he seemed to think of something, sneered back, and I gave you a chance this month.

You are the persimmon concubine of the persimmon, or the Miss Qianjin of your father. I made a choice without hesitation.I was not rare at all. Although I let your baby do it, he laughed at the door and left the door and left. I was placed under house arrest that day and could not leave the former half step.One day, I had a palpitations and dizziness for a while. I was lying on the bed, and a voice was passed in from the yard, and it was cool.If you do n’t see your baby in a few days, you can do it.

I smiled bitterly watching him blocking the tip of his nose with a Paizi. I saw something dirty. I walked outside the door with idle things. I had seen the Lion Fei very polite to see the Lion Fei, but he sat directly in the main seat.I don’t look at me at all.I encouraged that I didn’t want to be seen by him, and I laughed and said why the nobles were not wondering.Is such a big belly going to give birth, or don’t come.I was so happy for myself in this obscure place, touching my belly with a smile.There is a Persimmon Grandma spoiled. This blessing is naturally thicker than others.But I came here today, but there is good news to share with my sister.What good news of my eyebrows and jumps, the baby has poured a cup of tea for himself, and slowly spit out a few words. Naturally, he congratulates his father’s officials worshiped the prime minister.There was something exploded in my head for a moment.

I never thought that Xue Sulou was absurd at this point. At this point, it was cruel. In order to say a word for each person, I actually pulled my father from the official position of his life.This is my dad’s hard work for a lifetime.Where is my father now?

The baby picked up the tea device and smiled and devoted himself to Shen Qing’s greed.After the autumn, I asked, what I didn’t know later, I just felt that I seemed to have nothing to hear anything, and the ears were buzzing and painful. I watched my white piano clothes stainlessly stained with a large beach.I realized indifferently that this was flowing from my mouth.

After the autumn, I asked Zhan. After the autumn, I lost my consciousness. In the coma, I seemed to fall into a hard embrace. Someone kept shouting my name in my ear. I don’t know who it is, but when I woke up, I saw it.It is Xue Sulou’s face.He didn’t seem to have resting his eyes at the bottom of his eyes, and the neat crown tomorrow was loose.

My father and his words have not been asked yet. He exhaled his hand and pulled out Shen Yue from my arms.I was like a knife in my belly. I do n’t know what happened. Do you know the bright red under his eyes, do you know that you killed the baby ’s child and also killed our children.I used to make me speechless, and he had a cold look up and touched the Thunderbolt.

I am like watching a stranger who makes him extremely disgusting. I agreed to the baby Shen Yue. I will let you pay for the so -called price today. He waved his hand.EssenceThis broken cloth is generally discarded in a place where the corner of the sky is cold and humid.The rice is wet and cold, and I shouted where you are.What Dad got a jailer with impatient scolding. I received a confession letter with the roommate of the mouse and ants Zhang, and asked me to admit that he was poisoned in the tea and murdered the son of Emperor Liang.I laughed and torn the confession.Why do I have to recognize me?

I suddenly felt that I was a father ten years ago, and the men and women of Dad’s shirts were put into iron prison.Obviously he was the victim, but he was beaten and beaten, forced to recognize a crime that was not his own.So disgusting!It’s really disgusting.

I just want to laugh wildly. If my father is really dead, I will not let go of Xue Sulou and the baby when I am a ghost.I cried for a while and laughed. It was not until the middle of the night that I knew that I was asleep. In the blur, the wolf door seemed to have a pair of slender hands on my pulse.Sighing a sigh of sigh and a pill in my mouth.But the pills enter the entrance, and I swallowed unconsciously before I reacted.Opening your eyes is a gentle and clear face, which is always different from Xue Sulong’s one with dark colors.It looks clear and clean.

Chen Ming, the administrative government of Weichen Tai Hospital, saw the prince Chen Ming.I seemed to hear the name of this person, saying that he was a rare juvenile wizard of Tai Hospital, and his promotion was rare in my father.Is my father who let you come for a text?I held a hint of hope in the weak opening. He hesitated nodded, and his brows opened immediately, that’s right that would be good, that’s it, it means that my father was still alive.

I asked again, then my dad was really detained in the jail, would you like to ask after autumn?He shook his head, and I didn’t know how I was asking about my Majesty’s attitude towards my father?What about the regent?He shook his head again.In the end, I asked many questions. He said ignorance. I was tired and turned over on the meadow.He walked to me and slowly retreated outside the cell.

I unexpectedly heard Xue Sulou’s praise, and in his eyes, only his father’s rape.In order to avenge his father, he did not hesitate to poison and the goodness of the persimmon.There are such lunatics in the world, and poisoning is all out.The lost baby will be edited. I can’t scratch his nose, lying in a tear on Xue Sulou crying, and the bastard is probably softened to him, and he will unload eight pieces.

The next night, my body was cold, and my consciousness seemed to get into a very warm place. It was very warm like my father’s embrace.The broken hair was so gentle that the gentle father curled up in his arms, but the tears fell off. He was in a hurry to coax me, but the more I cried, the louder.Dad, I should marry him. He is really a bastard Xue Sulou who doesn’t love me at all. He never glanced at me. He always helped others bully me and deducted me.

I always wrapped last year’s winter clothes on a hot day. In the winter, only summer clothes can be worn. My room is cold without charcoal fire, but in the later period, people can always throw out a lot at will. I am not rare to pick up others.It’s just that you don’t want to stay there. I don’t want to stay there. You can pick me home and cry intermittently, but he holds me tighter.I heard a familiar voice sticking to my ears, and the forehead was printed lightly. He was a bastard that he had mistakenly mistaken people.I cried and asked my father to take me home. He breathed a hot breath floating outside me and was almost crazy, but leaving him was not pitiful.

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