Finding hypothyroidism during pregnancy will affect children’s intelligence?How to control blood sugar with gestational diabetes?

Women during pregnancy should pay special attention to physical maintenance, promote health through the development of a variety of good habits, improve resistance, and have no disease to affect the fetus to develop healthy. However, many women have poor physical condition, and there is no reasonable adjustment during pregnancy.It may cause abnormal functions of some organs and even affect endocrine. The disease is not perceived in time, and the pregnant woman itself and fetal health will be affected.Therefore, it is necessary to understand the prevention of the disease and the measures to maintain a healthy state.

Will hypothyroidism affect children’s intelligence during pregnancy?

Many women have hypothyroidism during pregnancy, and hypothyroidism, that is, thyroid dysfunction, will have constipation, weight gain, and poor mental state during the onset.Essence

After pregnancy, the thyroid hormone index remains normal, which is particularly important for fetal health. The occurrence of thyroid dysfunction is premature, abortion, low intelligence, and low intelligence of the baby. The fetus will develop abnormally under the influence of the mother’s disease.Symptoms, congenital hypothyroidism, etc.It is necessary to discover in time and treat the normal endocrine as soon as possible.

How to control empty blood sugar in gestational diabetes?

1. Eat less meals

If a woman can effectively control the empty stomach blood sugar by checking the high blood glucose level during pregnancy and the occurrence of gestational diabetes. The most important thing is to maintain good living habits, and the diet is appropriate.Too much food, otherwise, in addition to increasing digestion burden, it will also gain weight because of excessive energy acquisition and not consumed in time, and the level of blood sugar will increase.The amount of food intake per meal can effectively control blood sugar.

2. Stay away from high -calorie foods

Maintaining the stable blood glucose is helpful to improve gestational diabetes, which is necessary to properly supplement dietary fiber.Dietary fiber is mostly obtained from vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains, which can increase satiety. It will not be obviously hungry without the feeling of fullness. Other foods that are easy to affect changes in blood sugar can be eaten less., High -sugar and fried foods, stay away from the stability of blood sugar.

3. Appropriate activity during pregnancy

There should be sufficient exercise in diabetes during pregnancy. Many people do not dare to move easily after pregnancy. The lack of exercise for a long time will have an impact on health.The possibility of getting fat, blood glucose or other indicators is high. You need to move appropriately if you want to control it. After ingesting food, you can get up and walk around. You can usually adjust your body through the exercise suitable for pregnant women to enhance your physique.At the same time, promote the circulation of the whole body, metabolism, while maintaining the stability of blood sugar.”””””

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