Find a high rate of pregnancy in the same room during ovulation. How can I know if I ovulate?

Many husbands and wives will choose to have a room in the ovulation period because the pregnancy rate is higher.However, many husbands and wives have tried it repeatedly.

Among the patients who have recently come to consult, there is a young couple who has attached great importance to the same room for the ovulation period for half a year, but has never ushered in good news.

So how can you know if you have ovulation?I believe many people are confused.Today, let’s learn about this problem together.

During the ovulation period, the "signal" of the woman’s body will appear

If women ovulate normally, when the ovulation period, the body will issue the following "signal".Pay more attention to your physical condition, you can feel it clearly.

1. Increase secretions

Women’s leucorrhea during ovulation during ovulation will increase significantly, thin milky white, or as transparent brushes like egg white.After ovulation, mucus will also quickly reduce and thicker.

2. Lower abdominal pain

Women’s ovulation may have "ovulation pain", and their performance is mild pain in the lower abdomen.

3. Rise body temperature

Before and after ovulation, women’s basic body temperature will show about 0.5 ° C change, and even some women will feel low -fever.

4. Decreased appetite

Studies have shown that women’s meals during ovulation are the lowest in menstruation.

5. Strong energy

Due to changes in estrogen and progesterone levels in the body, women in ovulation will emit physiological signals that want to be pregnant.

Monitor ovulation, these two methods have high accuracy

There are many ways to calculate the ovulation period, but the accuracy of the following two methods is high.

1. Ovulation test strip detection

Monitoring ovulation through ovulation test strips, if two clear lines appear, it means that ovulation is going to. In this time period, the possibility of pregnancy is more likely.

2. B -ultrasound detect ovulation

Occupation through vaginal B -ultrasound, starting from the 8th to 10th day of the menstrual cycle, one day or daily monitoring.

For a long time, you are uncomfortable, and check if there are "ovulation disorders"

If the woman has ovulation disorders, it is impossible to get pregnant in the same room during ovulation.It is normal to determine whether ovulation is normal, and you can confirm it through the following three steps.

first step:


Step 2:

B -ultrasound can detect mature follicles, track the follicles out of the ovaries;

third step:

Endocrine detection can be performed. After ovulation, the level of progesterone will increase.

Ovulation is obstacles, how can I get pregnant?

In clinical practice, there are two common ovulation disorders: follicles cannot grow up (the eggs can be mature but can not be discharged), small follicle syndrome (also known as follicle development, refers to the non -mature follicles).

There are two common treatment methods.

1. Ovulation treatment

For patients with dysplasia of follicles and small follicles, menstruation can be directly promoted to promote treatment. If the menstruation is abnormal, you need to adjust the normal period of menstruation first, and then monitor with ovulation -promoting drugs to restore normal ovulation.

2. Surgical treatment

For patients who grow up and do not grow up, and the polycystic ovary endometrial envelope is too thick, when necessary, it can help the follicle discharge by surgery.

If it is infertile during ovulation during ovulation during the abnormal ovulation of the woman, it is generally necessary to restore normal ovulation as long as it is actively treated for the cause.

It should be noted that during treatment, professional hospitals and experienced doctors must be selected. In order to find the cause, treatment is targeted, and they can be in place.You can get pregnant.

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