Find a "good partner" for ginger, double the benefits!

As a common ingredient and the "net red" of the health world, Jiang has been active in all aspects of our lives:

Put some ginger slices when roasting fish and stewed meat to remove the fishy salamander; add ginger when mixing the stuffing to make it appetizing; make a cup of ginger tea when you have a cold, warm up and cold;Mowing

In the folk, there is a saying of "preparing ginger in the family, not panic". Is there a basis for this statement?

Prepare ginger at home, don’t you panic?

1 Enhance appetite

Ginger in ginger can stimulate the smell nerve nerve and the sensor on the gastric mucosa, promote gastrointestinal tract congestion and promote the secretion of gastrointestinal tract through nerve reflexes, thereby promoting digestion and enhancement of appetite.

2 conducive to strengthening the stomach

Ginger contained in ginger can stimulate the synthesis of gastric mucosa and release endogenous gastricinase with cell protective effects, thereby protecting the gastric mucosa exemption from damage.


Ginger -containing gingerol can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, relatively reduce the formation of adhesive protein in bile, and has a certain effect of inhibiting stones; it can also enhance adrenal cortical function and protect the liver.

4 conducive to antibacterial

Ginger is rich in flavonoids, which has a certain inhibitory effect on Gram -negative bacteria, mildew, typhoid bacteria, Hooista, E. coli, and green mold.

It can be seen from the above that ginger really has a lot of benefits for our health. I recommend a few "golden partners" of ginger to you to add strength to health!

Find a "good partner" for ginger, double the benefits

1 Ginger+jujube to help strengthen the spleen and wet

In summer, the weather is hot, the blood remains more on the body surface, and the body in the body is empty.Coupled with the factors such as like -eating cold drinks and love blowing air conditioning, yang is more likely to be damaged, and the spleen and stomach are easily injured.

At this time, drinking a cup of ginger jujube tea can not only supplement the yang in the body, warm the spleen and stomach, but also help the yang qi to diverge, scattered cold and humidifying, which is very in line with the rules of summer health. It is no problem to drink from early summer to Sanfu.

2 Ginger+vinegar, appetizing and promoting blood circulation

Vinegar soaked ginger is one of the first health magic weapons of Lu Zhizheng Lu, a master of Chinese medicine. He eats 1 ~ 3 tablets every morning. He insisted on it for two or three decades.Both have eased.

In addition, both ginger and vinegar have the benefits of promoting blood circulation. The combination of the two can help protect the blood vessels, which is also very good for the heart.

Method: Wash and dry the ginger, sliced, and salt for 12 hours.Put the marinated ginger slices in a clean and seal container, and pour enough vinegar without ginger slices.Finally, seal with plastic wrap and bottle cap, and put it for more than 4 days to eat.

3 Ginger+dandelion+black plum, help eliminate dampness

For people who are prone to fatigue, early daily fatigue, swollen eyes, sticky tongue coating, and stools, if you want to lose weight, you can try this "ginger tea": ginger, warm phlegm dampness; dandelionRoots, clearing heat and detoxifying, dampness, swelling, diuretic, and protective liver; black, alleviate the thermality of ginger, and reconcile the taste.

4 Ginger+peppercorns and green onions to relieve joint pain

After many people are cold, they are prone to discomfort symptoms. Ginger, green onion, and peppercorns all have the benefits of warming sun, cold, blood circulation, and generals. They can use them to apply hot compresses to help relieve joint pain.

5 Ginger skin+Chenpi, assisted uric acid

This is a classic "Erpi Drink" partner, suitable for people with high uric acid and gout as daily tea drinks.

Chenpi qi and spleen, dry dampness and phlegm; ginger skin and swelling.The combination of these two flavors is conducive to the excretion of uric acid.One cup a day helps prevent gout.

However, although there are many benefits of ginger, there is no need to eat more deliberately, especially for people of different physical conditions, ginger also has different ways to eat.

Just as Chinese medicine believes that "leaving ginger skin is cool, and ginger skin is hot."In life, we need to distinguish different situations to decide whether to peel:

Ginger or not peel

Different difference

1 It is recommended to peel these three situations

① Some people with cold spleen and stomach deficiency, it is recommended to peel ginger, because ginger skin is cold, and eating may cause spleen and stomach discomfort;

② Daily good foods, cold foods, such as bitter gourd, celery, and seafood. It is best to peel when eating ginger, and the cool ingredients in foods and foods;

③ Patients with cold colds and colds are also recommended to peel when eating ginger, because the cool ginger skin can affect the temperature of the ginger itself, which greatly reduces the efficacy of the cold -removing the meter.

2 These three situations, it is not recommended to peel

① Generally, ginger is used for cooking, because it can be eaten with skin, because this can not only maintain the balance of ginger medicine, but also avoid getting angry;

② When the body is edema, eat ginger without peeling, because ginger skin has a good water effect;

③ If there is constipation, bad breath, etc., it is best to use ginger skin alone.

Tips: Regardless of whether ginger does not peel, there are several types of people who are not suitable for eating more, such as people with physical fitness, gastric ulcers, hepatitis, cholecystitis, and people who are taking anticoagulant drugs.The intake of ginger.

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