Female runners are too persistent, go to run when I am pregnant

Title: For a long time, we have been full of respect for female runners. After all, we have to pay more, and due to the physiological structure, they are more likely to be affected by the body. Thereforea little better.Recently, a foreign girl who has been pregnant for six or seven months of pregnancy has been running on the Internet. Although the possibility of shooting is greater, the speed is not low, which also causes some controversy.In China, there are also marathon elite runners who are still running when they are pregnant, but they are jogging. This is still very admirable for running.

In fact, around our runners, we must have encountered such a thing. We signed up for a marathon. The quota of this competition is difficult to find, so when we sign it, we want to participate in the competition and finish the high -quality finishing game.So we have serious training.However, some female runners may not know beforehand, and they do n’t know if they are pregnant, so they are desperately running long distances. Some of them already know, but do n’t want to give up such opportunities, so they will go to the competition in the case of physical permission.For such a scene, I believe that you must have heard of it for many years, but whether this matter should be advocated, many people have no heart.

In fact, people who run in many people are better in the body. They also need to exercise appropriately when they are pregnant, but they are not easy to grasp this degree, so sometimes since we already know this, then when we runNeed to restrain it. Although we can understand running addiction and understand running obsessive -compulsive disorder, the runner still needs to be divided into the occasion.The price.Although pregnancy has a great impact on female runners, from the previous Xiamen Marathon champion Jiao Jing’s body, we can see the problems that cannot be solved.

Before the Jiao Jingjing also chose to get married and given a child in the golden age of her career, and she did not see her running throughout the pregnancy. After giving birth to a child, she picked up the run step by step, and she took multiple in 2022.Champions, so these are good examples.Running is not a panacea, and it cannot solve all problems. Everyone’s physique is also very different, so we must do it, especially female runners.It is important to remember that when running is the leader of Japan, it is definitely not possible to complete overnight. I hope we can run rationally and healthy.

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