Female friends!In addition to the "bubble -like" leucorrhea, these 7 vaginal secretions should also be paid attention to

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Xiao Wu (a pseudonym) is a college student at school who originally lived a three -point campus life. It is reasonable to say that the task in school is to work hard to complete his studies.However, this bland life was broken. Xiao Wu was drunk and couldn’t extricate himself in love. Not long ago, Xiao Wu made a boyfriend she thought he was very reliable. The boyfriend was dedicated to research. TwoIt did not take long for people to determine the relationship.

Xiao Wu is straightforward, and his thoughts are very open. It didn’t take long for the two to have a relationship between the two. Xiao Wu couldn’t extricate himself when he tasted the taste. Almost every week, Xiao Wu had to go out for three or four nights.Two months later, Xiao Wu became pregnant. Both Xiao Wu and her boyfriend could not accept this result. They still couldn’t bear this responsibility, so they discussed that they came to a private clinic to flow off their children.The matter was quite smooth. After taking the medicine prescribed by the clinic, Xiao Wu was as described as the doctor said: "Just a few days of blood!" Sure enough, everything returned to normal after a few days.Xiao Wu felt that this drug flow was too convenient, so he did not bring a condom when he was with his boyfriend several times.After half a year, Xiao Wu began to appear itching and hot lower body, the foam -like leucorrhea increased, and the menstrual period was abnormal. I went to buy medicine and took medicine.Service, Xiao Wu began to get tired of such a life, and in the end, there was only a breakup.The first thing after breaking up was to go to the hospital for examination, and was finally diagnosed as "trichomoniac vaginitis". Because Xiao Wu had a frequent sexual life, and did not pay attention to hygiene, there were varying degrees of cervicitis.The medicine flow of privately has not been treated cleanly now, and it has grown into polyps. It has seriously affected personal life.

Through this story, the female friends here must love the body in life. Don’t wait for a problem to regret it!

In addition to incorrect sexual life in daily life, some problems may also be caused by their own personal bad behavior. Lands are a messenger of women’s gynecological problems. Many problems can be identified by white.

1. Foam -like leucorrhea: The leucorrhea is gray -white or yellow foam. This is a typical symptom of vaginal trichomonas, which can be manifested as itching, burning, and burning pain in the vulva.

2. Tofu dregs -like leucorrhea: The leucorrhea is tofu residue or cream sample. This is infected with the bacteria, commonly known as "mold vaginitis", which can also be accompanied by the symptoms of vulvar itching and burning pain.

3, sticky leucorrhea: presented egg -shaped, with certain stickiness, generally colorless transparent brushed.This phenomenon is mainly found in the ovulation period. Of course, in addition to the ovulation period, viscous leucorrhea endometritis, ovarian dysfunction, and vaginal aden disease will also occur.So pay attention to observation after avoiding ovulation.

4. Blood -colored leucorrhea: Avoid dark red or bright red in the leucorrhea after menstruation. This situation is abnormal during menstruation. It can be seen that the uterine polyps, cervical cancer, endometrium cancer, cervical polypybal, or lower mucosal fibroids.If the menstrual period is not adjusted, it should be checked in time.

5. Gray fishy stinky leucorrhea: increased leucorrhea, gray color, and strong dead fish odor. This is a typical bacterial vaginitis.

6. Yellow -green leucorrhea: The leucorrhea is thick, accompanied by pus, it has a odor, yellow -green, which is infected with gonococcus.

7. Tao rice water -like leucorrhea: leucorrhea, gray -white, flowing water, accompanied by evil odor.It can be seen in cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, or submucosal fibroids with infection.

The above is a common pathological leucorrhea. The main purpose of sharing is to let everyone learn to identify early and strive for medical treatment.I do not recommend drugs to prevent individual comrades from random medication and cause delays.

I am "Dr. Yang said", thank you for your reading, praise and attention!IntersectionIntersection

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