Faye Wong’s legendary life: When Xiao San was caught in bed, he was suspected of drinking and smoking cigarettes during pregnancy.

As a queen -level existence, Faye Wong, no one knows in the entertainment industry. In fact, few people know that Faye Wong was named "Xia Lin" and was renamed "Faye Wong" after 15 years of age.Her native family has created today’s superstars. In the scenery on the stage, the little -known past events also appeared in front of the public.

Because her parents were busy with work, she was shown by her neighbors since she was a child, and she returned to her parents at the age of 6.During the time when she was taken care of by her aunt, she had experienced a long period of time.The good time was that her parents left her once again, lacking warm and loving families, making her very lonely, and she suffered white eyes under the fence. She began to rebellion and want to get the attention of her parents.

Parents’ influence on children is very important, because companionship and care are an indispensable journey in life.Many people feel that for the better life of the child, choosing to leave the child at home, and the slow relationship will change subtle changes.There is no dependence on pure love and care, and the details will be missing a lot.But Faye Wong was born with a touching throat, and the singing made her feel the beauty of life.

The melody of music was obsessed with her, and she felt that singing was an emotional vent and a simple happiness.But her mother has always disagreed, hoping that she can be admitted to a key university like an ordinary person, and then the husband’s life.I couldn’t hold Faye Wong’s own ideas for life, and two people often had disputes, but this did not affect a person who pursued his dream.

Every song of Faye Wong makes people want to stop, delicate, powerful and lingering and unable to stop.The penetration power is very strong, maybe her perception of life has been rubbed into the singing.The acquaintance with Dou Wei was in the Black Panther Band. At that time, it was said that Faye Wong was in love with Luan Shu, because when he went to the band to rehearse, he met Dou Wei.At first sight, the love of the three people was lingering. At that time, she chased Dou Wei, but Dou Wei already had a girlfriend.

Persevere confession made her don’t want to miss this talented man, and Dou Wei did not break up with his girlfriend at the time.After one -night stand, Dou Wei Faye Wong’s potential relationship began, and one person in the love of triangular love was always injured.On the day of Dou Wei’s concert in 1992, Faye Wong flew back to Beijing to watch, but at the end of the concert, his girlfriend could not find Dou Wei.

At that time, she called Faye Wong’s hotel and found the position of Faye Wong. She flew directly to the hotel regardless of the security of the security guard.Two wet people just took a shower.The girlfriend said nothing, this rape shocked the entire hotel, and no one would think of a girl who was crazy at the time, and now it will become a few queen in the entertainment industry.At that time, Dou Wei didn’t care too much about Faye Wong’s feelings, but just thought of being good with a girlfriend.

Faye Wong left Beijing with emotional injuries and went to the United States to heal his injuries to study his strength. The high -profile "Evilly Woman" has become a hot actress.In an interview, the words in the words were implied to Dou Wei’s affection. The two albums in the hearts of the words were all sang to Dou Wei’s songs.Dou Wei was slowly moved, his girlfriend chose to withdraw, and the two were private in the courtyard of the courtyard, and the low -key marriage gave birth to her daughter Dou Jingtong.

The good times are not compared to Faye Wong’s deep affection. Dou Wei is too simple, enjoying her deep affection, and derailment in her marriage.This is unacceptable by many women.Until the two divorced, Faye Wong was hit hard, and she met the man who had been entangled in her life, although she was a sister and brother.But the two people are really affectionate, and after many years, like Faye Wong’s lyrics, "If you can’t get red, you can still be red."

The news of the two people holding hands in 2000 is the explosive news in the entertainment industry.A little finger hooks Nicholas Tse, and Nicholas Tse also admits that he does not like Faye Wong, but loves.The only thing that two people split up together seemed to be the simple love and appreciation.There was such a sentence in Faye Wong’s lyrics: "Our love is like a war. None of us have sacrificed without bleeding." Later, Nicholas Tse married Cecilia Cheung and Faye Wong married Li Yapeng.

When the two people saw it on the Mahjong table, Na Ying became the oldest of the other party.Although I had a good opinion very early, there was a Zhou Xun around, and Faye Wong at the time still had Nicholas Tse. Now the goddess has recovered single. Li Yapeng quickly whipped, abandoned Zhou Xun, and put Faye Wong in his own range.In 2005, the two got a low -key marriage, and Faye Wong was pregnant with her daughter Li Yan after marriage.

Many of Li Yan knew that they were rabbit lips, and everyone was blamed on Faye Wong’s head for this matter.Because it is said that she not only smoked in the bar during her pregnancy, but also drunk often.Tobacco and alcohol caused her daughter’s lips.It is said that at 5 months, I already knew the problem of her daughter’s lips, but Faye Wong still insisted on giving birth, and Li Yapeng had to compromise this matter.

In order to protect her daughter, Li Yapeng wanted to hide her in the United States for a lifetime. She moved once in 3 months. Although the operation was successful, the next one was performing surgery.The stars are just money, and the painful children will go through such a process.Dou Jingtong was better. Although he dropped out of school at the age of 14, he pursued the life he wanted.

In 2013, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng ended a short marriage, and the two people broke up peacefully, making people feel very atmospheric.And Faye Wong’s feelings went back to Nicholas Tse, it seemed that everything was fate.Twelve years later, they reunited again, and the two were still the same. When Nicholas Tse was on the window sill, Faye Wong took the initiative to run over and kissed on his mouth.Run away with a smile, which may be the best look of love.

The two people went around, and many people felt that Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong were selfish and never taken care of the feelings of the people around them.In fact, how many people in love are not selfish?As a husband, Nicholas Tse gave the greatest tolerance and understanding, but everyone has their own bottom line.Faye Wong is also very responsible for the family. After all, a pathological marriage embarrassed two people, why not let it out early.

When Faye Wong’s birthday, Nicholas Tse confessed high -profile that the two of them were no longer a teenager for many years.The awareness of life is very high. It must be very rational to make a choice. Happiness cannot be pretended.Life is short -lived and cherished, and the position of two people will cherish each other’s hard encounters and deep feelings.

The abandonment of adults of the two may be a raw of morality, but they live their happiness very low -key.There is no need for everyone’s blessings, but the courage to love each other courageous?The best way to love is that after many years, it is still that feeling of heartbeat. It is not easy for people to be unchanged at the beginning of middle age.I hope Faye Wong can gain the most beautiful love, she is really a legend.This world is very noisy. More often, you should calm down to listen to the sound in your heart. No matter what kind of way to go in the future, what kind of people you will meet, you should go on without hesitation, isn’t it?

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