Fat poly sac can also get pregnant naturally, so presented to the sisters

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I was married on October 1, 2014. I was also my birthday that day. I experienced many things with my husband. I got married and felt particularly happy!At first, we were not anxious to have children. I always thought that I would get pregnant when I got married, so I never thought about giving birth to a child. Another reason was that I wanted to have a baby monkey!It was not until May 15th, and I didn’t know that there was an ovulation day during ovulation!Anyway, there are all kinds of failures. In June, my cousin asked my husband to check the sperm. As a result, his sperm was not liquefied. I was afraid of not being cured. After taking 10 pairs of Chinese medicine, I checked it.The sperm is not energetic and did not take medicine. He exercised for a while. In September, I went to his city with him and bought ovulation test strips. I didn’t go to work.Gym, he was asked me to watch TV at the time. He could go online in it and exercised for a month. On October 25, he went to Guangxi for a few days with his girlfriend. After returning, he used a test strip to measure Qiangyang. Hurry up the next day and buy a ticket to go to go to the next day.His city, after that, he weakened again, and arranged it quickly!Next, my aunt came. Every month, my aunt came gorgeously. I was really depressed. What was going on? I planned to go to the hospital a year ago, and I felt that I was about to celebrate the New Year.I also often look at the situation of other sisters in the creation of people. At that time, I suspected that I might be infertile, and I might not be able to pass the fallopian tubes. I did not check the tubes before pregnancy. I always thought it was the reason.Do you go to the hospital for an examination? My cousin thought that I was pregnant and said that it was okay. I said that I was going to do a tubal examination without pregnancy. He said that it was possible to do it.A lot of it, I think my life has no hope!In March 16th, I went to do follicle monitoring. Thinking about this is more direct. I know it is clearly ovulation. I went on the 14th day of the holiday (because I have been testing the weak yang, and the cycle is long)The follicles on the left are 1.0 and 0.9 on the right. At that time, it was very happy. After two days, it became 0.9. The list was also written on the list.After saying a lot, my mood suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley. I called my cousin. He said that you tested again, and there was no mature follicle when I went to the next few days. After I went home, I started taking Chinese medicine.Conditioning the ovaries is still the uterus, and then the aunt did not come again. (Fuck is really worse), the Chinese medicine that eaten in April is a bit different from March, there are saffron inside!I ate another 10 pairs in May, which is also regulating the ovary!Originally, I didn’t want to take medicine anymore. I wanted to take the medicine directly. My brother said that he could eat it, but he still suggested that I adjust it first.I also thought that the Baby Monkey had no hope, so I took the medicine first. It was May 25th. I did n’t come. My brother said that I would have an injection when I did n’t come for a few days.I have planned to go home for two days and take Chinese medicine. First conditioning this damn aunt (I don’t want to take?) I prepared to take a bath yesterday afternoon. I thought that there were so many early pregnancy test strips anyway.For a moment, two deep bars, I don’t believe it, I took another bars in the water. I tested it this morning that it was really two bars!Happiness is here. I feel that it has a lot to do with my mood. I wanted a monkey baby at that time. I was too late. I thought, forget it, anyway, it is too late to adjust my body.IntersectionMy palace is cold, and the menstruation is not decent. I always push it back. Sometimes I do n’t come for a month or two. I can get pregnant like this, so you can also relax.The phone called my brother and told him that he would make a B -ultrasound in about fifty days!Thanks to everyone who accompanies me, and thank my in -laws for not giving me pressure. Of course, I would like to thank my cousin, it is my private doctor, sisters, I hope you will be pregnant soon!

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