Extraordinary comment 丨 89 -year -old grandfather helped the granddaughter during pregnancy and rubbed his legs. Being a man should still be a little sunny

Ji Mu News commentator Qu Jing

Recently, a netizen in Weihai, Shandong uploaded a video of the 89 -year -old grandfather to help her getting pregnant, but unexpectedly caused great controversy.Some netizens said that adult women and the elderly are not in contact with this. Grandpa is an elder and a man, and family relationships must be proposed.(According to Qilu.com on April 26)

In fact, this is right, affection should be proper.The old saying "a child from the mother, the female to avoid the father", it makes sense.In reality, there are indeed some parents lack a sense of gender boundaries about their heterosexual children. They are too intimate and improperly, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of young people.

The most typical is the "suspected obscenity girl" incident on the high -speed rail a few years ago.A father repeatedly lifted up the 6 -year -old daughter’s clothes in public places, stroking and kissing his body, causing netizens to be indignant. Although the police determined that their behavior did not constitute an obscenity illegal, many netizens still believed that such behavior should be at least criticized for criticism., Parent -child relationships should have a degree, intimate move should be bound.

However, this view is used in the current incident, it is a bit strong and stubborn.Pregnant women are prone to leg edema in the late pregnancy. Massage can relieve discomfort and prevent thrombosis. It is a very common family health care method.Judging from the video uploaded by the female netizen, Grandpa just helped her massage her legs normally. There was neither excessive moves, nor did it have any times."What about"?Even if it is a heterosexual physiotherapist who does not know at all, there is no problem to do this action. At this time, talk about men and women. Is it too feudal?

As for some people, the netizen let the elderly massage themselves, not respect enough to the elderly and filial piety. This is even more nonsense.Is it such a superficial thing to respect the elderly?In addition to giving care of the elderly in life, the elderly should also care about their emotional needs.What many elderly people need now is not to get along with their children and grandchildren warmly and intimately. Do you still feel needed by this world?

Moreover, the netizen later explained that she had deep feelings with her grandparents. When Grandpa was young, he would massage physiotherapy. At first, he did not do it.Go on in person.Letting Grandpa do this is also to make the elderly feel that he still needs him as a child.The "four generations" in the same hall, the calf is deeply affectionate. It was originally a very family, warm, and loving scene, but it was forced to explain it. It must be explained, it is really helpless.

Indeed, as the Internet is becoming more and more popular, people who speak online and do things also feel that they will become more and more hands, because they will never know which sentence they may be because of which sentence and which action, and is "bumper", "spray", "spray", "spray", "spray", "spray",Fighting on the cusp of the public opinion, even encountering cyber violence.This incident is very typical. When netizens uploaded videos, they would never think of the grandfather who had always been in love with himself.Seriously, this is definitely not a pleasant experience, and it is definitely not a discussion environment that should have a healthy and harmonious network space.

Moderate sensitivity and alert, clarify the right borders and promote social progress; overlook the bars and trials, infringe on the rights and interests of others, and disrupt the network order.No one hopes that when sharing life happily, he must bear the risk of being maliciously examined and composed.Being a person should still be a little more sunny, compare your heart, speak rationally, and reject "bumper essence". Everyone is responsible.

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