Exposure of the top flow men’s sleeping powder to the woman’s pregnancy, the female netizen shouted Wang Yibo, and the pregnancy threatened me regardless of whether

On March 16th, the comic exposure media reposted a set of comic works. After the male top flow and the female fans passion, the woman was pregnant.

The story is to have a super popular male top flow and a rich second -generation female fans who love a lot of female fans in their super -fascinated girls. After the two are together, the female fans are pregnant.Responsible, but looking for a lawyer to deal with the matter, hoping that the fans will not give birth to the child.

The fans’ family members were very angry when they knew that they also asked the fan girl not to give birth to a child.After learning about the attitude of men’s top flow, she was frustrated and sued the other party to the court.Many big fans heard the wind sound, and they ran away from the fans. In order to keep their career, the male top began the public relations fans.In order to be able to go up, she finally chose to withdraw, but she was also confused about whether the child was born.

The media confirmed that she had heard this story, and the woman finally withdrew.At the same time on the same day, it was less than an hour. A female net red named Yan Han asked for help in the dynamics of the net celebrity Li En. She said that Wang Yibo, who wanted to expose the entertainment industry, had a relationship with me before.I am pregnant now, but he threatened me regardless of me, ask for help.

The netizen’s account personality signature is shouting Wang Yibo, hoping that the child in the stomach will have a father, and hopes that the bad guys will be punished.The address of the netizen is in the sea from the sea. In the photos posted by netizens in January, she can see her showing her whole body photos in front of her mirror. The thin body’s belly has a bulge and seems to be pregnant.

Li En was worried that it was a rumor for black powder. She hoped that she would show a proof that the two had a private message to chat offline, but as for the chat content, they did not expose it. I said that the bad guys were punished, and the attitude seemed to be very determined.

I originally thought that it was just a little fan who wanted to win Wang Yibo’s attention, but did not expect to eat the gossip media of the gourd gossip, that is, the well -known media who exposed the painting works, and actually paid attention to this female netizen.And carefully observe the male top flow in the comics, there is a mole where the nose is close to the eyes. Coincidentally, Wang Yibo also has a mole in the same position.

The position of the home where Han Han lives, in the Jing’an Villa in Shanghai, the house here is more than 50,000 per square meter, which is 21 years in the Republic of China, which is built in 1993. It is rich or expensive. It means that the girl’s family is indeed rich second.generation.She has an extraordinary family background, so she does not need to fracer her body to chase the stars. Even if she can accept it, her family will not agree.

Although Han Han said and the situation of the two people, it is similar to the content in the comics, the most important thing is that the evidence of the two people’s contact is not fully exposed.

Either the netizen, he didn’t want the other party’s career to collapse at all, but he hoped that he could be responsible for his child.Either the netizen has no evidence at all, everything is fabricated, and the media believed her speech, and when they heard some rumors, they mistakenly thought it was true.

Li En responded that he did not receive the evidence of his female netizens, and thanked her for her feelings of borrowing her.At present, it has not been correctly stated that Wang Yibo and fans have happened. They still wait for the official response of Wang Yibo and the studio. They are advised to take legal procedures to protect their own interests.

Regardless of the results, I hope that celebrity artists can cherish their feathers, defeat their desires, and become famous for their fame, and cherish them.

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