Exposure Miao Miao three -child cesarean section, a large pregnant belly exposure, Zheng Kai has not taken care of to go to Thailand to recording

On June 10, some netizens actively said that they were producing in a hospital. As a result, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao were here. They were listening to the aunt of the caregiver.Her cesarean section was performed in advance.

In the comment area, this netizen once again affirmed that Miao Miao gave birth to another. He also revealed that Miao Miao was born on June 2 and was discharged from the hospital on June 5. He was asked whether it was a boy or a girl. The netizen said that he did not know.I only knew that the caregivers saw Miao Miao and Zheng Kai discharged, while another netizen said that Miao Miao was born with her daughter.

Another netizen revealed that on June 2nd, Miao Miao was born in their hospital. The baby was still a premature buttocks. Many people may not understand what the hip position is.It is also reduced production risk.

Three people broke the news that Miao Miao gave birth to three babies. In addition to the caregivers, there were also staff in the hospital. It seems that the truth of this breaking news is very great. In fact, the account of Miao Miao has some clues.

On June 7th, Miao Miao shared a video of assembled piano. Pay attention to watching her thick sweater in winter, and the temperature of Shanghai this day is 20-28 degrees. Obviously, this video is not recorded on the day of Miao Miao.The clothes you wear do not match the season, it should be recorded before.

Similarly, in the dynamics of May 16 and May 5, Miao Miao was wearing a winter down jacket, which confirmed that her videos were recorded before.

Imagine?Why did Miao Miao record so many videos in advance? Is this to cover up her three -child with three babies?After all, once the stomach is obvious in the later stages of pregnancy, but if it does not move for a long time, it will also be suspicious, so you will record the video in advance. Is it a little bit of the post -pregnancy?

Otherwise, it is really difficult to explain why Miao Miao records so many videos in advance. What is the reason that causes unable to update your current situation in real time?In this way, netizens broke the news that she was very likely to have a third child.

In addition, in April, a paparazzi occasionally encountered Miao Miao out. At that time, there was a move that was suspicious. When Miao Miao found that someone took a picture, he supported his clothes with his hands. This move was deliberate.

And even if I support my clothes, my belly looks strange. Normally, I will not be so raised in my pocket. At that time, many netizens speculated that Miao Miao was pregnant with a third child, and my belly looked very big.Looking back, everything has been followed.

However, it is puzzling that Zheng Kai has left home on June 9 and went to Thailand to record the last issue of "Run". His positioning is also in Thailand.Li Chen also took a group photo of the running running men in Thailand, Zheng Kai was indeed among them.

Many netizens have discussed Zheng Kai to go to Thailand to record programs, and believe that Miao Miao is unlikely to have three babies. After all, if a third child is born, Zheng Kai should not go to Thailand to run a man. Perhaps Zheng Kai watched Miao Miao.After the body is almost recovered, I went out to make milk powder?After all, it has been a week, and there will be a professional Yuezhang care, and Zheng Kai also rest assured to work.

Perhaps the reason why Miao Miao did not disclose the third child, and did not want to be concerned by everyone. After all, there are many news about her and Zheng Kai in the recent period.The relationship between the two has always been very stable, just want to live quietly to live a small life.

However, everyone is also worried about the physical condition of Miao Miao. If the news is true, the time and distance between Miao Miao’s three babies is too close. The daughter of the first child was born in October 2020. The second child was born in June 2022 and was born in June 2022What if the third child was born in June this year, then she was pregnant again after she gave birth to the second child. She was really worried that her body would not be able to eat. After all, she was 34 years old.

In any case, we still have to wait for the parties to declare. If you really usher in a three -child, you should also give blessings. After all, some women like a few more children to accompany them. Everyone understands blessings.

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