Exposure 44 -year -old Sun Yanzi is pregnant with a third child, with a recent abdomen of the abdomen and the taste of pregnancy.

On February 25, according to Taiwan media reports, 44 -year -old singer Sun Yanzi was exposed to the third child. Some netizens took a recent photo of Sun Yanzi. In the photo, Sun Yanzi was wearing a light and loose T -shirt and trousers.V, a sweet smile, and the meat on her face is obviously much, her belly is slightly raised, and her body is scattered with a happy pregnancy.

Sun Yanzi and her husband Nadim got married in 2011. After the marriage, the two had 1 son and 1 daughter. Sun Yanzi, 44, once sang "Meeting", "Darkness", "Magic", "Green Light", "Rainy Day", "I am", "I am""Happiness" and other well -known songs, but Sun Yanzi faded out of the music scene after marriage, concentrating on the husband and husband at home.

Although Sun Yanzi is a Singaporean singer, she has always been committed to promoting Chinese songs. When she received the "Best Greater Chinese Artist" award in Japan, she insisted on winning Chinese awards and won praise from netizens.

Sun Yanzi has also been actively engaged in charity. He has donated 4 million cash and millions of supplies to Wenchuan, actively participated in charity activities. While conveying love with music, he personally visited the disaster area and help more people.

Sun Yanzi’s love with Dutch husband Nadim is very romantic. Nadim was adopted since he was a child. He later became a fan of Sun Yanzi’s fans and launched an enthusiastic pursuit. The two fell in love with low -key marriage after 5 years.

Nadim was 2 years older than Sun Yanzi. The wedding date of the two also chose to have the 5th anniversary of the two people. Sun Yanzi slowly faded out of the music scene after marriage, and gave birth to a son and a daughter.

Sun Yanzi often took a photo with her husband Nadim on the wedding anniversary. Sun Yanzi also followed the marriage vows and had been working hard to be a virtuous wife for her husband.

After Sun Yanzi married Nadim, although she faded out of the music scene, she had gained full happiness. She did not feel the pressure of life because of marriage.

Sun Yanzi once said: "Singing is what I like, but life is important, love and family are the first."She did do this after marriage, and Sun Yanzi also said that she wanted to have 4 children after she got married.

Sun Yanzi is clear in the music scene, her life is low -key, her emotional life is also very dedicated. There is no scandal and no hype. She is indifferent and low -key and realistic.

Regarding whether Sun Yanzi was pregnant with a third child, some media contacted Sun Yanzi’s agent to get pregnant and false, and the agent responded: "I swear that I really have no (pregnancy), which surprised you."

As for the photos provided by netizens, Sun Yanzi has some blessing, and the belly seems to be slightly bulging. The agent responded: "Please forgive the female artist who entered middle -aged, I will try my best to urge her."

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