Exercise rehabilitation science | What to do with pubic pain during pregnancy, Teacher Zhang teaches you to prevent and rehabilitate methods

We have been doing online courses for more than a year. There are more than 800 students who have participated in our course. For the nature of the course, young women account for a large proportion. Many of them are pregnant or prepared for pregnancy.Or I have been asking about my pain in the pain during pregnancy. There are also fans left messages to let me write related content, so I have this article!

I will talk about this problem from the following aspects:

basic concept

Cause Analysis

Diagnostic criteria

Rehabilitation method

The pubic bone combination is connected by the pubic disc and ligament composed of the pubic bone plate on both sides with fibromite board.A vertical cracks in the aphrodisiac disk often appear. Women are thicker than men, and the cracks are also large.There are links such as the ligament of the pubic bone in the upper and lower part of the pubic bone union, respectively.

1. In the later pregnancy, the pubic bone combined joint becomes relaxed

2. The increase in the uterus during women’s pregnancy

3. Increase in fetal weight

4. Differential reasons such as estrogen, progesterone, and relaxation cause ligament to relax at the ligament of the united part of the pubic bone

The pubic bone combination pain felt by pregnant women in the late pregnancy is caused by pubic bone combination dysfunction (SPD).The so -called pubic combined dysfunction refers to the excessive gap between the bonding of the pubic bone on both sides exceeding the normal range (the normal human gap is 4-6mm, and the increase can be widened by 2 to 3mm during pregnancy), causing excessive motion of the pubic joint joint during the pelvic activity, causing pain.Most of the pain in the adults during pregnancy appears around August during pregnancy, and the pain of some pregnant women will continue until postpartum.Pregnant women with severe cases could not even get up in the morning because of pubic bone combination.

If the pregnant woman feels the pain in the pubic bone in the pain or the pubic bone combination dysfunction that has been diagnosed, the symptoms of this pain will deepen as the pregnancy time is prolonged, and perhaps sciatic nerve pain or urinary incontinence may occur after delivery.

If pregnant women have pubic abortion in the second trimester, the doctor diagnosed with the doctor’s disciral dysfunction has affected normal vaginal delivery. At this time, a cesarean section should be performed.If you continue to adhere to the natural delivery at this time, it is likely to cause permanent damage to the pubic bone combination and it is difficult to recover.

Because X -ray is not recommended during pregnancy, doctors will ask for the gap between pelvis and pubic bones with ultrasonic waves, but most of the diagnosis is directly judged based on symptoms.If the pain of pubic bone in pregnancy is severe and it has seriously affected the normal life, then it is necessary to confirm the disciral dysfunction of the pubic bone through X -ray.Doctors need to decide whether pregnant women still meet the indications of natural childbirth based on image results.

SPD’s symptoms are

1. The most common symptoms are pubic pain

2. Swelling around the pubic bone

3. Walking obviously

4. It is impossible

5. Right -stand or supine position found that the legs are not in a horizontal plane

6. Walk or move your thighs.

7. Severe normal simple activities will feel pain, such as getting up, entering fish tanks, cars, sitting on pants for a long time, etc.

When the above symptoms are repeated, the SPD may be prompted.

Usually most of the painful pain during pregnancy will gradually disappear after giving birth, but we can still use some methods to alleviate the pain in the pain during pregnancy.

1. Passive stable pelvis

You can use elastic beams to bring stable pelvis, hold on the abdomen, and reduce the burden on pregnant women

2. Avoid the posture of pain in the pain of pubic bone

Such as sitting on pants, sitting and shaking your legs, etc.

3. Avoid standing for a long time

If you must stand, you can wear soft and comfortable shoes to walk slowly in a flat and safe place

4, hot compress

When pain occurs, it can be appropriately applied to relieve pain

5. Sideline sleep when there is pillow support in the abdomen and thighs

If you use the whole body pillow special of pregnant women

6. Prevention and rehabilitation training

(1) Sitting self -practice: Sit on the bed, pinch a pillow between the legs, and then start to squeeze the pillow in the inside consciously.

(2) Internal training of lying on hip: As shown in the figure, put one leg down and hang down on the bed, slowly close in the interior, 20 times in each group, do 3 groups

(3) Equipment of supine hip outflow: As shown in the figure, the legs are opened with the pelvis, the hands are placed outside the knee joint, and the knee joint is exterior and the two hands form a confrontation.Group

(4) Hand -holding wall thighs back: As shown in the figure, the hip force is lifted backwards, pay attention to the lumbar spine, do not stretch back, 15 times each group, do 3 groups

(5) Periodine combined joint stability movement: As shown in the figure, sit on a chair and rotate your legs on the left and right.If there is no pubic pain in this movement posture, advance exercise can be performed, and the single leg supports the lower level (it is best to do it if someone cares)

(6) The practice of the pelvic spine flexibility at four points: If, the four -point support level, the pelvic leaning training on the pelvis is not occurred, pay attention to the coordination of the breathQi, 15 times each group, do 3 groups

During the pregnancy, the pubic bone combination dysfunction brings not only the pain of the pubic bone combination, but also affects the mood of pregnant women. It is easy to cause adverse reactions to pregnant women with irritability, but also increase the risk of premature birth.Although most pubic pain will gradually recover with postpartum cultivation, how to alleviate this pain during pregnancy is very important to pregnant women. These training is not only helpful for preventing and alleviating the pain of pubic bone during pregnancy, but also can also be helpful for the painful pain in the pregnancy.The probability of increasing the delivery, if you have entered the middle of pregnancy, you can start these training.

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