Exclusive dry goods knowledge of pregnancy#一 怀 怀 怀 怀

Article 18 of Article 18 of the practical knowledge is exclusively sorted out, girls must watch!

Girls have to know the basic knowledge of 1.1 yuan/c.Obstetrician and gynecologist exclusive finishing:

1. How long does pregnancy not be calculated from the same time, but from the first day of the last menstruation.

2. The cost of calculation is the decrease of 3 in the last menstrual period, and the date plus 1.For example, your menstrual rules, the last menstrual period is August 8th, then your due date is May 15 of the next year.

3. Preservation during pregnancy, it is not recommended to stay in bed for rest. There is no evidence to prove that bed rest can reduce the occurrence of abortion.And this will increase the risk of lower limb vein thrombosis.

4. We must pay attention to two things during pregnancy: bleeding in the early pregnancy and be vigilant for ectopic pregnancy.Be sure to pay attention to your blood pressure in the middle and late pregnancy.

5. For the first time after pregnancy, it is about 6 weeks.If you have abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, you need to come to the hospital in advance.

6. It is not a full month after 10 months, and it is called full moon after 37 weeks of pregnancy.

1. For the first time, the pregnant mother felt that the fetal movement was 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, and the mother of the mother will be a little bit advance.The day and fetal heart are normally 110-160 times/minute.

9. The normal weight of the newborn is that the normal weight of the newborn is 5 ~ Xinjin, which is less than 2500g called a low birth weight, and it is greater than 4000g.

10. Early pregnancy reaction appears in about 6 weeks, and it is clearly relieved by about 13 weeks of pregnancy.

11. Eat iron -containing foods and choose iodized salt during pregnancy.

12. There are no special circumstances during pregnancy to exercise appropriately, such as walking, strolling, dancing, swimming, yoga.

13. The following exercise cannot be selected during pregnancy: jumping, vibration, balls, ascending, long -distance travel, standing diving, skiing, and riding for a long time. These risky sports.

14. Most hospitals have built a large card for a large card at about 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.The frequency of delivery is 28-36 weeks of pregnancy before 28 weeks of pregnancy.After 36 weeks of pregnancy, it is a weekly inspection, at least 10 times in total.If there are special circumstances, the number of advice is increased.

15. Electronic fetal heart monitoring is also commonly known as fetal supervision.Starting from 34 weeks, if there are special circumstances, it will be advanced to 32 weeks in advance.

16. Going to the hospital for a check -up, just like thunder, the purpose is to find a pregnant woman with risks and problems and intervene in to ensure the safety of mother and child.

So there is no problem with the checkpost, you should be happy.

17. It is not necessary to use medicine during pregnancy but reasonable medication.Doctors also follow the principles of no special circumstances during pregnancy. Do not use medicine. One day and puerpermia is an important reason for 6 weeks because the uterus is fully recovered, which takes 6 weeks.Don’t forget the hospital clinic after 6 weeks after giving birth.

I will share it today when I share it today. Pay attention to more health knowledge.

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