Excluding all difficulties, I gave birth to my "Baby Tang" …

Hello, all the readers of 1004, my name is Xinxin. I am 34 years old. I am currently a housewife, but in fact, this profession is not my pursuit. Five years ago, I was a sales director at a foreign trade company. ThenAt that time, I felt that my life was full of light and hope, but now, I am at home, dumplings every day, gloomy.

All of this must be from my advice, stubbornly gave birth to the son with the "Tang syndrome" and began to talk about …

I am from Gansu. I was born in a paid home. I am in the second child and a sister who is four years old.My parents are particularly honest people. Everything never competes with others. Holding the life concept of "suffering is blessed" for a lifetime, my sister has also won them inheritance, but I am different.Striving for your own destiny to be the same as the Lord.

After graduating from high school, I did not go to college and I could only go to college.At that time, I had a roommate, and the family was very rich. It was no exaggeration to say that her pair of shoes arrived at me for a month.Watching her dressed every day, I was determined at the time that I must make a lot of money in the future!Before graduating, I worked part -time outside the school to help the clothing store selling clothes. Maybe I had accumulated a lot of experience. After graduating from school, I entered a wedding company as a salesperson.

My leader once said that I had a talent in dealing with people and sales.From ordinary salespersons, to sales, to sales team leaders, to sales supervisors, I spent five years.At the age of 26, I bought a house for my parents in my hometown and bought my first car in my life. At that time, my family was proud of me. Everyone around me also believed that I would haveA bright future.

At the age of twenty -seven, I met my husband.At the age of 28, we held a wedding. Less than half a year after marriage, I was pregnant.My husband and I love children very much, so we have unlimited expectations for this child, so small to clothes, shoes, big to cribs and room decoration, we all prepare them early.

In the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to the large amount of meals, my body has no abnormalities, no nausea, no pregnancy, and even working overtime every day. I remember that I was still joking with my friends at the time, saying that my baby knew how to do side by side with my mother in my stomach.Fight.

At four months, the results of NT showed good, so the Tang sieve that was done directly, and the result came out that an index was hundreds of times higher than normal indicators.At that time, I was in the hospital alone, sitting on the stool in the corridor for a long time, and my hands were shaking when I called my husband. I kept telling myself to calm down. After I arrived, my husband took me to consult a doctor.To comfort us, saying that this is only the probability of calculating, not 100 % determined, and then she wants me to continue to check.

In fact, there were two options at the time, making non -invasive or amniotic fluid puncture.My husband and I discussed because of this matter. The princes vocalized to do amniotic fluid puncture, because the results were more accurate, but I wanted to be non -invasive because it was safer.What if the child is healthy, what should I do if the amniotic fluid puncture hurts the baby?

But in the end, I listened to the doctor’s suggestion and made amniotic fluid puncture.It is about half a month after finishing the results. I was really anxious than ever, including the night dreaming, including the night after dreaming. I had a unhealthy child at night.After half a month, I was afraid of what I was afraid of. The final result showed that 21 triple body was found in the split, and it was confirmed that the Tang syndrome was confirmed.

At that time, I was stunned, and it was no exaggeration to say that it was a clear thunderbolt.I asked myself over and over again, I am still so young, why is it me?Why is the child Tang’s?I usually do n’t smoke, and the wine is quit. Why is this still?I don’t know how to get home. The whole person was stunned, tears kept tears, and my husband couldn’t get better than me. Although I kept comforting me, I looked up and found that his eyes were red and bloody.

The doctor’s suggestion to me is to induce labor. After the whole family knows, it is sad first, and then persuaded me to give up together. My husband also said that we don’t want this child anymore.But it was me who was pregnant. He had been in my stomach for six months. Sometimes I could clearly feel that he was acting inside. When I thought of this, I couldn’t get this determination anyway.In short, I tried to discuss the public and made a bold and resolute decision: gave birth to him.

Maybe there are many people who want to scold me here, but I believe that everyone who has been a mother can understand my feelings. He is the meat I gave birth to. How could I say that I don’t want it.At that time, almost no one at home supported me. Everyone was advising me to get a fetus, but there was a fixed number in the meditation.Maybe he will give me a miracle in the future.

On July 5, 2018, I gave birth to a boy, 4 pounds and 4 pounds.When I saw him at first glance, I really thought that a miracle appeared. Everyone may not know that in the first few months of birth, there is basically no difference between Donald Babies and other children, but as he grows longer and biggerSome symptoms have also begun to appear: there is a gap between appearance and height and children of the same age. Although at the age of five, they will only say that parents and dads, walk bumps, will pull the size on their bodies, and their physique is also very poor …Then, then

Sometimes watching him is about to be hospitalized because of a small cold, I have thought about it countless times. Is it really right that I chose to take him to this world?However, it is worth happy that our family and relatives and relatives have not disliked him, just like a family with a child every household, we buy toys for him and take him out of the house, although we will usher in the surprise of others every time.The eyes, but after a few years, have been used to it.

When my baby was one year old, I quit my job and took care of him at home. He needed to be guarded, bathing, dressing, and even eating. I had to help me. This life was actually tortured.The time, everything is around him.Now he knows that it will be destroyed. If you hurt him or make him unhappy, he will yell and cry.I know that I shouldn’t have knowledge with him. He couldn’t control his behavior, but when he saw him splashing water on the bed, the bowl fell one place, I would still be angry, and he would feel annoying when he looked at him.

Maybe because of no longer working, the common topic of my husband and I are also decreasing. I can only tell him about the child’s affairs, but I can’t help him at work.At present, it is given to him to make money, but I and my baby are very saved. I believe that our days will only get better and better.I have the idea of having a second child. One is to pass on to the husband’s house, and the other is to find a companion for the baby, but my husband has never agreed. I think it may be that he is worried that I will be too tired.

After two years, the child was bigger, and I planned to give it to the four elderly people to help bring it, and then return to the workplace. At that time, even if the head is scored, I have to rush forward.Save more money before retirement or one party must resign.The only thing I am worried about now is that we will go someday in the future. Be sure to save enough money to find a place for an old age to let him spend the rest of his life.

Finally, I want to say that the words are very lethal. I hope that people can think of it and think about it before speaking. Especially for medical workers, they must be cautious. Each Donald baby should be gentle by the world.

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