Everyone!How to take care of the pregnant kitten, can the mother and son be safe?

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The kitten is pregnant, a matter of nervous and happy shovel officers!But before excitement, confirm, is your cat really pregnant?

The belly is bigger+the breasts are rising+the milk is squeezed out = the cat is pregnant?NONO, this may also be fake pregnancy. It is not uncommon for fake pregnancy to be in animals. The shoveling officer does not have to be too fuss. If it is more than a month, the cat restores the original state, that is, fake pregnancy!

Of course, after a month, if the kitten’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, then, let’s have a cute grandson!Cat’s pregnancy time is generally 56-71 days, with an average of 65 days.

Two weeks near the cat produced, cats may be born at any time, so shoveling officers must prepare the delivery room in time!

A qualified delivery room must be satisfied: the three major factors of the space, good thermal insulation, and quiet!

(Carton) Size: It is about twice the cat’s body shape, which is convenient for kittens after birth!The opening of the carton in and out, because it is 10-15 cm away from the bottom, so that the female cat can enter and exit, and prevent the kitten from falling out!

Insulation: Very important, the bottom is a towel, clean old clothes, and then putting with urine pads. The kitten produced in winter should be controlled above 26 °!

Quiet: Try to set up a relatively quiet place as much as possible, and people do not often walk, so that the cat is more at ease!

If the cat doesn’t like the delivery room you arranged, it may find a corner of light to stay, and you just put on clothes and paper pads, and put warm measures in the place it choose.

Conditional shovel officers suggested that when the kitten is pregnant for more than 8 weeks, take it out to illuminate X -rays to determine the number of kittens.Each cat is produced, at least 1 kitten, up to 13 kittens, most of them are 4 to 6.

Different numbers of cubs will affect the risk of cat delivery: the risk of caesarean section with less pregnancy is relatively high, and about 8 % of pregnant cats need caesarean section.

In addition to arranging the delivery room, it is necessary to enhance nutrition for cats to prevent cats from premature birth and death!

Mother cats during pregnancy will need more protein and calories, but if the shoveling officer usually feeds you to feed you high-quality food and nutritional balance, you do not need to change the food within 2-3 weeks of pregnancy.Quality, of course, most shoveling officers can’t do this, so from the beginning of the cat’s pregnancy, it is recommended to add more high -quality protein, such as sheep milk products, eggs and meat.

Supplement method:

You can add a dry feed (about 10%), so that it can increase the protein content and taste of food, nor does it cause the balance of nutrition.The meat should be grinded into powder, as well as eggs, sheep milk powder can be mixed with water, or it can be directly scattered on it, reducing the probability of catalog of catastic indigestion.Of course, you can replenish some catcogies or probiotics, and the effect of gastrointestinal conditioning will be more obvious!

The amount of cat food feeding:

The amount of feeding is double the amount before pregnancy, but you need to pay attention. If you add it to double, don’t be more, and there will be more nutrients.

Feeding method:

Put food and water in a place for cats to eat and drink conveniently, and increase the number of feeding, because the cat’s belly is too large, the baby inside compresses the surrounding organs.too much.

Topic today: Have you ever been born for the kittens at home?Welcome to leave your thoughts or opinions at any time!

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