Everyone rescue!Three months of pregnant mothers fainted in the subway due to hypoglycemia

Chutian Metropolis Daily, October 10 (Reporter Pan Xizheng Correspondent Zeng Siqi) A pregnant mothers who were pregnant 3 months fainted in the train when they took the subway.Passionate passengers, doctors, and nurses helped in time, and expectant mummy turned to safety.

"Jianghan Road Station, passengers are fainting at the front of the F20, please handle it immediately!" At 17:40 pm on October 8th, Wang Xiang, a webmaster on duty on Line 6, was busy organizing the late peak passenger flow, receiving receivingAfter notifying the driving schedule, he immediately retrieved the platform monitoring and found that the train was entering the station. He notified the platform staff Wu Xiaoqian and Hu Guanyi immediately rushed to the scene, and he ran to the scene with the medicine box and another staff member.

The train entered the station and opened the door. Wu Xiaoqian and Hu Guanyi and the kind -hearted passengers took the passengers out of the bus.Passengers at the scene described the situation at the time. When the passengers fainted, some of the surrounding personnel had always held her, some handed lollipop, and some contacted the driver through an emergency call device.

After Wang Xiang rushed to the scene, he found that the passenger fainted passengers was unclear and sweaty. When asked about the onset of the onset, he could only respond through some simple "yes" and "no", so he immediately called 120 and arranged on -site staff at the scene to arrange on -site staff members.Swap the passengers and prepare warm brown sugar water.

At this moment, a passenger who claimed to be a nurse of Wuhan Central Hospital came to the scene and immediately took off the passenger’s coat to help him adjust his breath.Five minutes later, a male doctor passenger also took the initiative to help diagnose. Through the on -site pulse, it was caused by the passenger’s fainting as a hypoglycemia.After some rescue, the passenger slowly recovered his consciousness and his face improved.After careful questioning, passengers said they were pregnant for 12 weeks.

For security reasons, the staff on the scene helped the passengers to the wheelchair and pushed it to the management area to rest.20 minutes later, at 120, the station employees assisted the medical staff to send the expectant mum to the ambulance.

On -site medical staff reminded that pregnant women must pay attention to rest, supplement nutrition, and travel peaks if necessary.

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