Everyone knows that smoking is not good for the fetus, but why are there so many pregnant women smoking?

Today, when I browsed the web, I accidentally saw this post, which was startled.I thought that I liked smoking was a patent of a man, but I did not expect that there was a woman, and she was still a pregnant woman. She loved smoking so much.Everyone does not know the dangers of smoking in pregnant women.The most direct is rabbit lips.However, search for the Internet casually, not only this pregnant mothers on the picture, but also many pregnant mothers have smoking addiction.Please see the screenshot on the editor online:

After watching this, I don’t know if you are like Xiaobian, scared a cold sweat!The harm of passive smoking for pregnant women is so great, let alone active smoking?So, why are there so many pregnant women who love to smoke?

Reasons 1. Strict spiritual stress during pregnancy, want to relax with cigarettes

It’s not easy to get pregnant in October. The spirit is always tight.Among them, the fear and worry, only the pregnant mother can realize it.When looking at your body, you are worried about becoming ugly; when the B -ultrasound is a bit of an episode, you are worried about deformity; when the income is tight, you are worried about milk powder … Especially parents with unstable income, who wants to maintain a good mentality during pregnancy, even moredifficulty.Therefore, some pregnant mothers want to relax through cigarettes.

Reasons 2. Poor self -control and difficulty in controlling smoke addiction

Most of the pregnant women who can smoke are already addicted to smoking before pregnancy.Because the self -control is poor and the pregnancy is too long, you often can’t control yourself.When I couldn’t help it, I ordered one or two.However, there is a second time. Once the bad head is opened, the baby in the belly will inevitably be "influenced" by cigarettes.

Reason three, large nerves, holding an indifferent attitude

Some pregnant women are what everyone says, and the nerves are relatively large.They know the harm of smoking during pregnancy, but they are completely improper.Even the editor has heard that there are a pregnant mother saying: "Some people are still taking drugs, the baby is healthy and healthy. What can I do if I smoke a smoke?", I do n’t care about it, so I do n’t control myself at all.Smoke addiction.

Therefore, today I will warn everyone again that the dangers of smoking for pregnant women, I hope everyone will pay attention to it!

According to research, smoking is greatly harmful to pregnant women, not only to be harmful to mother’s health, but also endangers the health of the baby.The damage caused by smoking to pregnant women and babies includes:

1. Laying insufficient blood supply to the placenta, the incidence of miscarriage, premature birth and death has increased significantly.

2. Caused long -term hypoxia, causing internal distress and affecting the fetal IQ.

3. Fitting fetal malformations, the fetus is susceptible to rabbit lips, children’s polymorphic disease, and so on.

4. Causes the fetal lungs to be relatively small, lung incomplete after birth, low lung capacity, and poor exercise ability.

5. The delayed development of the fetal palace has led to the low weight of the newborn, and the average weight of children who do not smoke at birth is 150 to 200 grams.

6. The incidence of congenital heart disease is 2 times higher than those who do not smoke.

7. It is easy to induce pregnancy hypertension syndrome and seriously endanger mother and child life.

8. After the maternal production, the nicotine content in the milk is high, which can cause irritability of newborns.Nicotine in cigarettes not only damage the quality of breast milk, but also inhibits postpartum milk secretion.

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