Even if it is difficult after pregnancy, these two kinds of money cannot be saved.

Text/good pregnant sister

Yesterday, I saw such a news: In the hot summer, high temperatures around the country were generally high, and the temperature in Guangdong was as high as 38 degrees.

But a mother -in -law suspected that the electricity cost was expensive and did not let the pregnant daughter -in -law turned on the air conditioner.As a result, the daughter -in -law of 20 weeks of pregnancy was hot.

After being taken to the hospital, the fainted pregnant mother was directly promoted to the ICU for rescue.At that time, the situation was very critical, and the fetus in the pregnant mother almost couldn’t hold it.

Fortunately, there is no danger.

Afterwards, the pregnant mother said that she would be afraid of thinking about it, and she should move out quickly after discharge.She said that she had a fetus at home after pregnancy without income.

My mother -in -law suspected that she would not make money to spend money, so she was not allowed to turn on the air conditioner, and she could only blow the fan.She also resisted and told her mother -in -law that pregnant women were more afraid of heat, but her mother -in -law still disagreed.

In desperation, she had to discuss with her husband.I thought the members persuaded her mother -in -law and asked her to turn on the air conditioner.

As a result, my husband said that his mother was used to save his life, and for the sake of them, let his wife be considerate of his mother …

Well, last year’s speechless news was last year.A mother -in -law ate 12 pumpkins because her daughter -in -law confineed, and she cried during the interview.

I don’t know, I thought she was crying because she felt wronged her daughter -in -law.Who thinks that people are too daughter -in -law to eat too much, and they are reluctant to be pumpkin.

Sometimes I really don’t understand, these people think about it.Diligence and frugality are traditional virtues, but it is really not so money.

Some money can be saved, but some money cannot be saved.Otherwise, I really picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelon.You think you have saved money, but the result will pay a greater price.

For pregnant women, even if life is difficult, the following two types of money cannot be saved, otherwise it will be too late to regret it.

Money for checking inspection

After pregnancy, it is necessary to go to the hospital on time to do a checkup.

Regardless of the blood drawing at 3 months of pregnancy, or various B -ultrasound during different stages of pregnancy, the screening of diabetes during gestational period, and fetal heart monitoring, etc., are to ensure the health and safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

And these inspections are scattered, to be honest, it is also a lot of costs.

As a result, some mother -in -law families will think of spending money.As long as the pregnant mother goes to the hospital for a birth checkup, they are not concerned about the results, but kept gaggering, "went to check again. The previous people had not checked, and the children did not give birth.

You can pick a few important inspections, and do too much inspection.They just want to make money, they don’t need to listen to the doctor at all."

Then I will use the people around me to tell you that people have not done inspections. The children are also very smart and saved a lot of money.

Alas, I don’t know if they think about it.

As everyone knows, if there is a problem with pregnant mothers and fetuses, it is a disaster and heavy burden for the entire family.I regret it again, and it will be late.

Therefore, no matter how difficult the house is, no matter what the in -laws say, pregnant mothers must be responsible for themselves and the fetus.The money for the check -up during pregnancy really cannot be saved, which is related to the health of you and the child.

Nutrition of nutrition

After pregnancy, although pregnant mothers do not have to eat things that make up for the whole day, it is very important to ensure sufficient nutrition.Do not all day of clear soup. In order to save money, you are not willing to buy fruits, and you are not willing to eat nutritious foods such as meat milk eggs.

Or doctors have explained so that they should take some related drugs.But in order to save money, I do n’t want to buy it, thinking that as long as I eat normally, I can make up the lack of trace elements and vitamins in the body.

You know, during pregnancy, the nutrition absorbed by the fetus comes from the mother.If the pregnant mother is insufficient nutrition, then it cannot provide nutrients that meet the growth and development of the fetus.

At that time, not only will the fetal development be slow, but it will also affect the intellectual development of the fetus.

For example, if the pregnant mother is seriously deficient in calcium, not only the pregnant mother is prone to leg cramps, but also causes dysplasia for fetal bones and is prone to disease;

If the pregnant mother is seriously deficient in iron, not only the pregnant mother is prone to dizziness, chest tightness, etc., but also causes premature birth, too low weight and anemia at birth;

If pregnant mothers are severely deficient in zinc, it will not only affect the appetite of the pregnant mother, increase the pregnancy reaction, but also cause the fetus to develop slowly.

Therefore, during pregnancy, it is really not arrogant. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to supplementing nutrition.Of course, everything must be moderate.Like fruits, rich in a large amount of vitamins, but the daily intake of pregnant mothers should not be too much.

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