Endless!During George’s pregnancy, Manchester United superstar was traveled, lady: Cristiano Ronaldo, and I have dyed with me

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During this time, Ronaldo was exploded another big melon. During Georgen’s pregnancy, the former Manchester United superstar was derailed with other ladies outside Georgena.She has a dye.

It is reported that a lady named Georgilaya said in an interview with reporters that when Georgen was pregnant, Ronaldo found her and had a sexual relationship with himself.After she broke the news, Cristiano Ronaldo just ended the rape 11 years ago, and is now caught in the vortex of the "Video Gate". It can only be said that the attention of Manchester United superstar is too great. This lady went to the Qatar last yearAt that time, they cheered for Ronaldo. At that time, the two also showed a wave. I do n’t know what the enthusiastic performance of Georgena ’s enthusiastic performance will have this kind of enthusiasm.But Ronaldo’s expression at the time was a bit embarrassing, and afterwards, the two were separated from each other and separated.

Georgilaya said that she and Ronaldo actually met very early. At that time, Georgena had just became pregnant, and Manchester United superstar had spent one night with her. At that time, the picture of their relationship was recorded by the video.Make her very fascinated. After he joined Manchester United, the two often have telephone contact, but some reasons have not had a relationship again, but after Cristiano Ronaldo came to Qatar, he called himself.George did not come there yet, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to "review" the past with herself, but there were special regulations on this place, so they could not have a relationship together.

This lady has a lot of fans on the social platform, because she has a delicate face and perfect figure, which allows her to absorb a lot of fans.The attention of the media and fans, those reporters also began to discover the past of Ronaldo. This woman did know it with Manchester United superstar a long time ago. As for whether they had a relationship, they could not know. Although the lady said that there was a video video,The video can prove it, but she found a lot of excuses to maintain the reputation of Ronaldo. She never thought about the release of a video of Ronaldo’s relationship with her.

A good news reporter is guessing that she may be one of the biological mothers in several children in Ronaldo. Of course, this is the guess of the media. The lady claimed that Ronaldo had a relationship with her during George’s pregnancy, but she had a relationship with her, but she had a relationship with her, but she had a relationship with her, but she had a relationship with her, but herThis time, it is estimated that the former Manchester United superstar came to the eye. This made many Cristiano Ronaldo fans very angry. This woman deliberately discredited Cristiano Ronaldo in order to make her fame, so she was so shameless.

Everyone knows that Manchester United superstar was a well -known flower carrot that year. However, since he met George, Ronaldo changed his person, and other women around him had disappeared.Find any lace news on Cristiano Ronaldo, and I have to admire Georgena Yulf. She can clean up Ronaldo such as a big heart."" ".

Do you think that Ronaldo would have a relationship with the lady when Georgena was pregnant?Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area!

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