(End) After wearing a book, I don’t know what the male and female masters are. Anyway, my passerby is more and more beautiful.

The little white flower, who was exuding Mary Su’s heroine with just now, is the heroine!

Stunning, the old iron!

The passers -by of the first encountering the bridge section entered, but I remember that the hotel was not in the novel.

I do n’t know who it is a joke to break the silence in the house.

"Where is the big beauty?"

I glanced at that person and said very seriously: "I just came."

The man was stunned, and I didn’t say much, so I passed by Grandpa.

As soon as Grandpa pulled me behind, the heart of maintenance was very obvious.

"This is our fault. Xiao Shao see what we need to do to be happy."

This is very humble.

Xiao Lihan didn’t say a word, but his eyes looked at me. This time everyone turned to see me.

Is this look, do you want me to apologize to him?

Such excessive, for passers -by!IntersectionHow can there be this.

Then I had to go from him, so I organized a good word and went forward to prepare to speak.

He spoke one step first, and his voice was cold and nice.

"Are you the person who was answering the question card in the college entrance examination?"


After so many years, some people remember that my answer card was torn.

A few people next to me were first, and then started laughing.

"Hahahahaha, the person who has been torn by the answer card in half a few years in the past few years is you."

I was too lazy to care about him.

But how did Xiao Lihan know that my answer card was torn?

He didn’t look like a person who could remember a news for a few years. The male lead should not be full of his head, how can he make a few millions of business in minutes?

"How did you know?"

Xiao Lihan opened his lips and smiled, with a little teasing under his eyes, and his eyes flashed: "Coincident, a test room."

Even more outrageous, this is a witnesses.

After speaking, he continued: "I still see you beating."

Grandpa suddenly looked at it. He was so angry at that year. He didn’t expect Jiaojiao to hit someone.

What do you do, slander the image of the big beauty.

I kept smiling and said, "I just greeted his hair kindly."

Xiao Lihan leaned back, and spoke some fun: "Then how do you say how to solve this today."

I thought about it and suggested it seriously: "I call her in, do you spill her once?"

Anyway, she is a heroine and you can’t bear it.

The person next to it:?

Xiao Lihan:?Intersection


Seeing that they didn’t speak, I immediately went out to call the heroine.

At this moment she was still crying under the corner of the outside. The heroine was different, she had a lot of tears, and she could cry into pear flowers with rain.

Although I know, I still have to ask.

"May I have your name?"

Lin Wanbai looked up at me, her eyes were crying and swollen, her eyes were not the big beauty, and she was not the same as passers -by. She belonged to a pure and beautiful type.

She said carefully: "Lin … Wanbai."

I just want to say not to be afraid that I am not a vicious female match, I am just a passerby, and bring you a way to catch the rape.

"Don’t be afraid, but it’s a bit difficult to solve now. You also know that the people inside are not easy to mess with."

When she heard it, she was anxious, and she cried a few tears: "I’m sorry, I’m sorry."

I sighed fiercely,

"You apologize to me first, and have a sincere attitude."

Lin Wanbai followed me, and immediately stood in front of Xiao Lihan after entering. He was sorry for his mouth, and his eyes were crying.

Xiao Lihan glanced at her, and I couldn’t figure out what it meant. The people around him were spoken, and I didn’t know which little master was.

"Why are your hotel employees crying and crying, making me a headache, I have been crying for a long time just now."

I sighed at him,

"No way, women are made by water."

After I said this, Xiao Lihan suddenly stood up, a head taller than the heroine in front of me.

I was very excited.

Starting, the original plot here will bully the heroine and ask for a fire to be expelled.

However, Xiao Lihan picked up a coat on a chair, walked out, and came back.

"Okay, just a piece of clothes."

Is this gone?Why is the male lead not overbearing and arrogant.

Lin Wanbai raised his head and looked at Xiao Lihan’s back. I didn’t know what she was thinking.

When others saw Xiao Lihan, they naturally felt boring to follow. One of them also said with a smile on me.

"Goodbye, answer the question card."

Don’t say anything else, laugh very cheap.

As we all know, although the female owner of Mary Su has many men, her ability to break through is very strong, and they are all others who have suffered in the end.

So I told Secretary Liu to arrange her to go to the logistics, less contact with people, and less trouble.

Since I am about to graduate, there are no courses in the school. I play around all day, or help Grandpa Chu to do things and understand the company’s situation.

Just yesterday, I received an invitation, Gao’s married daughter.

This Gao family is different from the Chu family. It is a real giants. It is closely related to the male lead, and the industry involves a wide range of.

The Chu family is almost peripheral in the upper society, but it is still a little strong, so these activities will be invited.

However, in order to protect my safety, Grandpa Chu generally did not let me go out. It may still be a crackdown on Chu Yanjiao’s parents.

The invitation this time was handed over by Grandpa Chu himself, and I asked me to recognize people with him.

A few days before the wedding banquet, Secretary Liu sent the customized dresses and jewelry, and the gift should not worry. I just go to the meal.

When I first came to this world, I was shocked to see a few zeros on the price of the clothes. Now I have been used to a luxurious life.

Unlike shopping malls in the previous world, it is like eunuchs have a deep sense of weakness when visiting Qinglou.

Soon the day when I was in the Gaojia banquet, I wore a blue dress with a light sapphire necklace, which made my skin shine.

The car slowly drove outside a castle. I saw it from the car and had to lament that the Gao family was really rich.

The Chu family now lives in one of the most rich people, which is still worse than the above, but contentment is always happy.

Grandpa Chu was sitting next to me. It was suitable for a suit and his majesty, but he was still the very loving grandpa.

"When you know, you can recognize a few old friends with Grandpa, and then you can walk around. When you leave, Grandpa will pick you up again."

"Okay, rest assured Grandpa."

"If you have something to do, call Grandpa or Secretary Liu, but don’t be bullied."


Grandpa explained a bunch, and finally arrived in front of the gates of the castle.

After getting out of the car, a person went in to us, and then Grandpa Chu took me to find a few of his old friends. They were all elders who were almost the same as him. I just needed a smile and nodded and asked.

"Lao Chu, your granddaughter is really beautiful!"

Whenever someone praises me beautiful, Grandpa Chu will proudly say: "It’s my gene."

After saying hello, I can walk around.

However, Su Su and Long Aotian I knew did not come. They all said that they were going abroad. I didn’t want to chat with those giants, and I couldn’t talk together.

Yaoyou went to the back garden of this castle. This castle is really big. I stepped on high -heeled shoes and my legs hurt. I was trying to find a corner for a while and saw a familiar person.

The hostess Lin Wanbai was wearing the waiter -born clothes and stood there with the fruit plate.

She has to do a lot of work a day!IntersectionIntersection

To tell the truth about the heroine of Mary Su is not very good. Although the male lead is high -quality, he is too miserable, and he suffers everywhere.

In this way, it is better to be like a passerby.

After a while, I saw a person wearing a pink gift standing in front of her. It seemed to be talking about what, the fierce look, the heroine lowered her head and dared not speak.

I was wondering if I wanted to help her in the past, I heard someone call me, and my voice was a bit familiar

"Miss Chu."

I rotated 360 degrees in place to find people upstairs!

Xiao Lihan was wearing a black suit, and the chair was on the column, which looked very expensive. Next to the man with a cheap mouth next time.

It’s just that I don’t seem to be familiar with them.

"Excuse me?"

The one next to Xiao Lihan was a bit like Gao’s family, a male lead.

"My name is Gao Yufan, we have seen it last time."

Sure enough, I didn’t guess.

"Oh, Gao Gongzi."

"I don’t know if there is any honor to invite Miss Chu to have a drink."

I shook my head and smiled at him.

"Sorry, I won’t drink."

Gao Yufan was shaken by this smile. When he returned, Chu Yanjiao had gone away. He said silently,

"Miss Chu is really beautiful."

Xiao Lihan looked at the back of the downstairs without talking.

And I was attracted by the voice of the heroine, and she stood opposite two girls.

One of the ladies dresses are a bit exaggerated. The skirt of the goose yellow dress is embellished with masonry. It is okay to say that the words are not very good.A bit of a vicious woman feels like.

Another lady is much lower -key, standing quietly, and the temperament of her body is not bad.

I just looked at it like this, and the woman in the yellow dress of the goose noticed me.

"You come here."

I stood still without moving, I just wanted to watch the show and didn’t want to sing.

When the heroine heard her speak, she looked up and looked at me, and then she was surprised and said happily: "Miss Chu."

Suddenly I felt that we still didn’t know it.

The two ladies came over when they heard this sentence. The one who just said scanned me with a somewhat contempt, and her eyes were even worse.

I have reason to suspect that she is jealous of my beauty.

She spoke a little bit: "Chu Zhengxiong’s granddaughter, there is a breakthrough at home, no wonder there is no politeness."

Um?What are the connections between these two sentences?

The lady who hadn’t spoken next to him was spoken.

"Miss Chu, don’t mind, she has always spoken on the occasion."

I laughed with my lips and said in doubt: "Are these two?"

The heroine said with a detailed sentence: "Miss Gu and Miss Li."

Female No. 2 Gu Roufei?

The next one is the stupid class Li Mi, who is usually a gun.

I looked up at her up and down, and learned her appearance: I opened the way:

"Oh, the granddaughter of Li Jianping, it looks like … is not very smart."

Li Mi’s face changed, and the people around us held her. How dare to talk to her so, what she counts.

As for why I dare, of course, because holding the script is so curse, her family is almost bankrupt in the plot. Gu Roufei is a smart person and will not offend people because of this small class. After all, her image is gentle and intelligent.

Li Mi watched me hate what I didn’t expect.

"Balm without a brain."

Xiao Lihan, who came downstairs, heard this sentence, looked up at Chu Yanjiao, and saw that she looked down at her chest seriously, as if she was still satisfied.

I looked down and found that she really made sense.

Then she blinked, glanced at her again, and then said with satisfaction: "Thank you for the compliment, you don’t have to be too inferior."

Li Mi:?

After listening to this sentence, Xiao Lihan laughed and then left here.

Gu Roufei, who had not spoken, suddenly handed a glass of red wine, as if to give Li Mi to a siege.

"Ms. Chu is really a refreshing person, it’s better to sit together."

The female second is familiar. I probably know what she is going to do and deal with the usual tricks of the heroine.

Let her group of celebrities show off their wealth. After all, the Miss Li also said that the Chu family was a hotel and couldn’t enter their eyes, but I was boring.

So I reached out and took the glass of wine and spoke enthusiastically: "Miss Gu is really a good person."


There is still a while before the wedding ceremony. The guests who came were sitting around. Gu Roufei took me to her friends. As for which one was from, I didn’t know one, and obviously she was not ready to introduce.

"Let me introduce you, this is Miss Chu."


After saying hello to each other, they started chatting, from abroad to domestic, from world famous paintings to bags. Whoever went to France again last week …

Of course no one cares about me.

I did n’t consciously yawn, how boring, I thought they would come to some gossip and gossip or something.

Xu felt almost said, Gu Roufei put his eyes on me.

"Ms. Chu usually likes to do, you can make an appointment together next time."

The sight of the surroundings turned to me. I raised an eyebrow and smiled, and I was quite interested:

"I, I like to order a few male models to play mahjong, Miss Gu is also interested?"


Gu Roufei obviously did not expect that I would answer this way. Which of the ladies to make a male model play mahjong, there is something wrong.

She was preparing to speak, and listened to the person next to him.

"Xiao Lihan is here."

Immediately after I saw Gu Roufei’s two eyes pasted, the male lead was charming.

Then the people around started chatting.

"I heard that Xiao Lihan went abroad to open an oil refinery last week and was ready to open the mine."

IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionAfter stunning the old iron, it really was omnipotent.

"The Xiao family is getting bigger and bigger, and Xiao Lihan has more industries than Chairman Xiao."

Gu Roufei’s shy and proud expression was going on, and the heroine also looked at there.

Very good, the heroine is already interested in him.

Before the banquet, I was hungry. I was too lazy to listen to each other. I got up and wanted to find something to eat. I saw a variety of small cakes when I passed the road just now. I am very interested!

When I touched the past, I met the heroine again.

No, is there too much drama in my passers -by.

Opposite the heroine is a white suit, gentle and elegant, with extraordinary temperament. At first glance, it is a strange look.

Unexpectedly, the second male Gu Beiqing appeared so soon, and he returned from overseas to the genius.

I glanced at it and felt boring, and took two small cakes to the sofa in the corner and sat slowly, and it was still comfortable.

It’s just that this person is too comfortable.

A pile of cream touched me.

But who wears a dress with paper, I can’t wipe the sofa.

This is not moral.

So I sat there and asked one of them alone. After several times, I finally came to a man I didn’t know.

"Do you have paper?"


He was blushed by me, and he never dared to look straight at me. I pointed to the folding tidy Pizi on his chest.

"Can you lend it to me?"

"Ah, okay."

When he was about to take it out for me, I suddenly took a dark gray Pass in my hand.

I turned around, Xiao Lihan stood behind me.

The man in front of him said a word,

"Xiao … Xiao Dashao, then I’ll go first."

Then he disappeared here.

Xiao Lihan is so terrible?This is not easy to speak.

Although it is not good to use the male lead, it has already taken it in my hand, no need to use it.

"Thank you."

I quickly wiped my hand, and then held the Pazi a little bit and dilemma. He should not want it. Generally, the male lead has cleanliness.

So I asked carefully.

"Do you still want?"

Xiao Lihan glanced at me.

"What do you think?"

I think that’s of course … of course …


It was the sound of the pad in my hand and the sound of thrusting into the trash can.


Xiao Lihan: "It’s good."


I stood opposite Xiao Lihan, and I didn’t see Gu Roufei behind me rubbing the dress, looking at me with a kind of unpleasant eyes.

Gu Roufei just saw Xiao Lihan here and wanted to talk to him in the past. As a result, he saw Chu Yanjiao took Li Han’s handkerchief and threw it into the trash can.

Brother Lihan is not angry. Why is it so gentle to Chu Yanjiao?

Xiao Lihan kept staring at my movements next to me, and said unknownly: "It’s very fast."

He doesn’t seem to be happy?

I suddenly realized that it was not very good in front of others, so I asked, "Didn’t you say no?"

Then I looked at his face again and tentatively said, "Why am I picked it up for you?"

He shouldn’t want it, Xiao Lihan is not a cleanliness.

Xiao Lihan: "…"

"Remember to lose me next time."

"no problem."

Um, what do you mean?This guy won’t deliberately want me to give him a gift. Well, is it a lot of money on me, a passerby, to deepen the intersection and then …

At this moment, how can I escape if I was sold abroad?Or what should I do to be given to some business rivals, especially those old men, or …

Xiao Lihan looked at me for a while and spoke helplessly:

"Stop your strange thoughts."

"Nothing, then pay for Xiao Shao next time."

After speaking, I stomped my feet and looked behind him again.

"It seems that someone is looking for me over there, Xiao Shao, I will leave first."

With the principles of unfortunateness from the male and female masters, I will take a step first.

When I put on a skirt to put it in the garden garden’s lawn.

The wedding finally started.

The roses are filled with the entire venue, and the sun shines on it to reflect warm love. The top of the venue is covered with pink diamonds. It looks beautiful.

Accompanied by an elegant piano song, the bride and groom entered the venue together.

Because we are not enough, we can only observe the ceremony in the periphery, and there are all rich and powerful families, such as male leads, such as male and female.

After the tea session, the major stars invited to warm the field, all of which are top flowing, and some net reds took pictures beside them.

After watching it for a while, I felt boring again, and Secretary Liu didn’t come to me until now.


I turned my head when I heard the sound, and was a man with a dark suit, but I’m sure I haven’t seen him.

"Are you calling me?"

"Hello Miss, this is my business card."

I glanced at my business card, Lu Ziming.

I thought about it for a while, and the Lu family seemed to be very rich, but I remember that this seemed to be Gu Roufei’s suitor, but it has never been successful, so I was not good at it.

"Chu Yanjiao."

"It turned out to be Miss Chu."

I nodded.

"Is there a problem?"

Lu Ziming looked polite.

"Miss Chu’s long beauty, I want to know it."

He was obsessed with the woman, and I wouldn’t believe that when I saw me, I would fall, and we didn’t have that charm.

It wouldn’t be the female match for him. I looked around, and I didn’t see Gu Roufei’s figure.

So stuffed the business card back to his hand and opened the mouth:

"Oh, you met now, then I’ll take a step first."

After speaking, I left with my own skirt. Lu Ziming stood at the corner of the mouth of the mouth, and his face was unbelievable.

Gu Roufei saw Chu Yanjiao gone from a distance, glanced at Lu Ziming, and said, "It’s really useless."

Before the banquet ended, I called Secretary Liu and went home first. It’s boring to go back to watch the show.

After a few days after San’an, I didn’t know that the plot of the male and female masters was progressing to that step. At this time, I was very much looking forward to a God’s perspective.

It should be said that the drama of my passerby should still be behind. Recently, the development of the plot has made me unable to touch it. I can only take one step.

Group chat [eat melon team]

[Long Aotian]: "Gathering, Xiao Ye brought you a gift back, you must like it."

I quickly played a few words, and I was a little excited.

"Foreign male model?"

[Long Aotian]: "What are your brains."

[Jiaojiao]: "That’s money?"

Long Aotian looked at the information for a short silence, and had to admit that this was indeed what Chu Jiaojiao liked …


[Jiaojiao]: "Then I don’t want it, you keep it yourself."

It is useless to bring.

Long Aotian said that he has been accustomed to being qi for so many years, and at this time he quickly shifted the topic.

"What do you feel like to attend the Gao family’s banquet two days ago?"

What did I miss?I am confused:

"How can it feel? Although I am ordinary, they are the same."

【Long Aotian】: …

[Su Su]: "Come here, I have a big gossip sharing."

I was interested.

"Which one is, say quickly."

[Su Su]: "Gu family."

Why is it a female partner again?

"I heard that Mr. Gu took an illegitimate daughter home two days ago. The illegitimate daughter was still the daughter of President Hu. He was dismantled by the family.

Does the original text have this paragraph? I feel that I have remembered it.

How to evaluate, this old stalk.

Long Aotian had no interest in this gossip and said with a lack of interest: "Acknowledged from the banquet? Which daughter."

[Su Su]: "It seems to be a waiter."



It’s not the one I think.

It didn’t take long for my thoughts to be confirmed. At this moment, I was watching Gu’s banquet at the banquet of Gu’s family.

Very good, the male and female masters are right.

Just looking at Gu Roufei’s eyes, this little white flower heroine will not be miserable.

This plot is getting more and more interesting.

Seeing me, the heroine came over and greeted me.

"Miss Chu."

I touched her with a glass of juice.

"Hello, Miss Lin."

After saying hello, she was introduced by Mr. Gu. Mr. Gu loved her, and it seemed to surpass Gu Roufei.

When I turned around, I saw Lao Gu Dong again, that is, Gu Roufei’s grandfather, who personally walked in Xiao Lihan.

Who can’t say a word.

The male lead!

There is nothing fun in this hotel, so I ran to the sofa in the corner to be paralyzed and relaxed.

This paralysis, the female match came over with the heroine and Lu Zi.

Yes, so the salted fish was forced to turn over.

Gu Roufei took Lin Wanbai to sit next to me, and Lu Ziming took a lot of entrance to me:

"Miss Chu, why is it alone?"

I moved a little to the other side, staggered him, and looked at him and said, "Oh, I am not very good."

Lu Ziming: … The Miss Chu did not have a little he liked except for his long beauty. He made him deliberately pursue her.

Gu Roufei smiled and didn’t speak, Lin Wanbai said,

"No, Miss Chu is very good."

The air was quiet for a few seconds.

Gu Roufei suddenly turned his eyes and looked at me seriously:

"How do Miss Chu think Xiao Shao?"

This is a test, I look at her with doubt.

"Who is Xiao Shao?"

I smiled at her unknown.

"I think Miss Gu’s brother is pretty good?"

Isn’t it just to be separated from each other, I will.

Speaking of his brother, I thought that the second male and the heroine became brothers and sisters, and suddenly it was interesting.

Gu Roufei’s face changed, and she was worthy of her brother, dreaming.

For a moment, she recovered her smile again.

"Haha, I think Mr. Lu is also good, handsome and handsome."

I took the juice on the table and drank two. Yu Guang glanced at Lu Ziming. The guy seemed to be very happy.

"Then Miss Gu married him, just like the talented woman."

Gu Roufei glanced at Lu Ziming, and his nasty eyes couldn’t hide.

"Miss Chu, really laugh."

Talking with them, a glass of juice was bottomed out by me.

These people are really boring, so I opened the game I love.

Immediately after, this quiet corner made some sounds that were not harmonious with the banquet "eight cakes" and "chicken".



It seems a bit boring to play alone. It happened that I and Lin Wan and I had a white eyes for a moment. I immediately invited her to come together.

As a result, she waved her hand.

"I won’t play mahjong."

Well, I have to come by myself.

Gu Roufei:?Intersection

Are you playing mahjong in this occasion?

Xu felt nothing to say with me. Gu Roufei finally left, and I was clean.

But this is holding, I seem to be a little dizzy …

Dizziness, heat, weakness.

This is the first feeling I woke up, but didn’t I sit in the hotel hall, I have air conditioning.

I opened the first glance when I opened it.

There is a luxurious big chandelier over my head. I reached out and touched it. The touch of my men told me that I should lie on the bed.

But I am obviously playing the game, who gave me the room.

The point is that I am very hot, it is hot from the body, and there is no strength on my body, which is very strange.

in this situation.

Isn’t it me crossing again, right?

Where is this time?

What do you do!Did I cross the big gift package, repeated.

In short, I look forward to a rich person this time.

However, I wished.

The next moment, a thriller happened.

The handsome face of the male lead Xiao Lihan suddenly appeared above me, staring at me, scaring me a lot.

His voice is not the same as usual. Today’s extraordinarily magneticity is a bit tempting me.

"Do you prescribe the medicine?"


medicine?What medicine?

So I am a Chinese medicine, so it is so hot.

I glanced at him a little silently, and my voice was dumb: "You can look at me too."

Where can I find this medicine for this three good students.

I feel that my mind is almost awake.

I don’t understand, who would send a woman to the man you like!

The heroine’s little white flower will not.

It can only be a female match. No wonder the male lead doesn’t like her. I don’t like this brain.

After Xiao Lihan woke up, he found that the door was locked, and the mobile phone had no signal. The 29th floor was outside the window.

The plan to apply the medicine is very detailed. At first he really suspected that it was Chu Yanjiao, but he drank the wine handed by Gao Ningfan. Perhaps that person wanted to apply medicine for Gao Yufan, but he happened to be drank by him.

After he checked some, he found that Chu Yanjiao was still lying in a daze, and the lines remained motionless.

In fact, I really have no strength and my mind is confused.

Just a feeling -heat.

I want to pull down the dress down, of course, I did this, and I couldn’t let go of a man around me.

Xiao Lihan saw her movement, and her eyes flashed quickly after glanced at her eyes. She was really white, so that he couldn’t get away from his mind.

Xiao Lihan felt that he couldn’t sit still, and his body continued to heat up. He got up and prepared to go to the bathroom.

It was found that the door of the bathroom was nailed to death.

I was lying on the bed and looked at him without moving, I just felt that the person who did it was very powerful.

I now doubt whether there will be a large group of reporters who break in tomorrow morning to interview our lonely men and widows.

Xiao Lihan came back and sat next to me. Two buttons on the white shirt were unlocked by him, and his clothes were attached to the muscles.

The male lead should have abdominal muscles, I think.

I was paralyzed in one place and staggered:

"There will be no problems after taking this medicine. Fortunately, I am a woman."

This sentence lingering like a magic sound, Xiao Lihan was stunned, obviously that there was this possible.

The longer the time, the more confused I am.

What I think in my mind does not matter, it doesn’t matter.

It’s better than death.

I struggled and looked at Xiao Lihan. There was a pair of peach blossoms in the eyes of the peach blossoms, and the eyes were beautiful. I looked at it for a while, and my head was full.

After watching it, I lay down again, Xiao Lihan’s hand around me was placed there, fair and slender, and when I saw it, I usually supported the excellence.

I put my mouth over and kissed.

Then it was out of control …


When I woke up with my superb creature clock, it was just over six in the morning.

It will be the Internet celebrity, I still go as the best.

As a result, when I stomped my feet to get out of bed, I almost fell a dog to eat shit. I might not wake up too early.

Moreover, I found that the skirt on my body was gone, and I was upset on the ground. After looking around, Xiao Lihan’s shirt suit should still be worn.

As for what he will do, it doesn’t matter.

Sure enough, the door lock had been opened.

Outside the hotel, the sky was not bright, and I haven’t been so hard to study.

After getting home, Grandpa Chu really didn’t get up.

Then I touched my room like a thief. Fortunately, the maid at home had not got up. After taking a shower, I lay on the bed and made up.

When Xiao Lihan woke up, he found that there was no one next to him. Open the phone and see it at 8:30 in the morning.

What does Chu Yanjiao mean?

Looking around, he found that his clothes were gone, and he reached out and rubbed his eyebrows. When he saw the skirt on the ground, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

People in this small world are not boring.

Secretary Li called a lot of calls, and this time I was finally connected.

I don’t know what happened. He could only ask carefully: "Mr. Xiao, where are you now?"

Speaking of this, Xiao Lihan couldn’t help thinking that someone gave him medicine, and his tone could not help but get cold: "Enli Hotel."

"Do you need me to come now?"

"Well, get a suit."


Secretary Li went to the hotel to give clothes to Xiao Lihan, and there was a lot of entertainment with the camera, and he even took a house card in the hand.

Secretary Li was unable to stop, and was squeezed aside, watching them open the door.

As soon as the group of entertainment opened the door, Xiao Lihan, who was standing at the door with cold faces, was also covered.

Isn’t it a son of Gao?How to open the door and become Xiao Shao.

"Is it good? Do you want to come in and take a circle?"

A group of entertainment took a step back silently.

"No need, it turns out Xiao Shao."

Xiao Lihan’s neck has a little trace, which makes people imagine, but who dares to shoot Xiao Lihan, no one dares to post, maybe he lost his job.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, I woke up.

I started thinking about it in my mind, the more I thought, the worse.

Since entering this book, the whole plot has been carried out in an orderly manner, but a big variable has recently appeared: Xiao Lihan.

Even with my passers -by, the intersection with the protagonist has become more, and my task may be a bit difficult to complete.

I haven’t talked about the male and female masters. I went to bed with the male lead.


Xiao Lihan is also very strange. Several meetings feel that his attitude towards Lin Wanbai is very indifferent, and there is no feeling in the novel that bullying you to fall in love with you.

So there is something wrong with which link!Intersection

In the end, I got a conclusion that there was a problem with the male lead, and maybe he changed the core.


Since the incident, I have n’t went out for a few days at home, but I encountered another trouble -Lu Ziming.

I don’t know what the benefit of Gu Roufei gave him, let him entangle me with heart.

"Miss Chu, do you have time tomorrow, please have dinner."

"Miss Chu, what time I can pick you up after get off work."

"Miss Chu …"

Knowing what he had, so I didn’t reply, but every day he sent a message to ask me without answering the phone. After I pulled him black, I still changed the number, not only so, but also waiting for me to wait for me.

The entire company knows that the Lu family is pursuing me, and Grandpa Chu also asked me seriously after returning home.

I explained that we had no relationship for a long time, and even saw it.

After a week, I was going to visit the mall, but he didn’t expect him to come again.

I leaned on the glass bar outside the mall, and looked at Lu Ziming, who was standing in front of me, and looked like a black suit.

Some people do not solve it, it really affects people’s mood.

It’s just not a good place to speak, I took him to the staircase.

"Miss Chu is too difficult to make a time."

I took a step back a little away from him.

"Lu Gongzi has this kung fu to come to me. It is better to go back and work hard. Maybe your Lu family has overtaken the Xiao family."

Lu Ziming’s smile was stiff and chased for so long. This Chu Yanjiao really didn’t enter the oil and salt. No wonder Roufei said that she couldn’t get it.

Lu Ziming looked at me and looked at me:

"I really want to pursue you, why not give a chance."

Fortunately, I eat little meals at noon, otherwise I would have spit it out.

My fingers hooked my hair and stared at his face carefully, "Really? I thought Lu Gongzi really pursued Miss Gu."

Lu Ziming heard that the expression on his face was a little surprised, because Roufei didn’t want to let others know, so he liked her. Few people knew it.

I sighed slightly and continued:

"Since you like Miss Gu, don’t be good at three hearts, otherwise you can’t hold the beauty in this life."

The expression on Lu Ziming’s face quickly returned to us, looking at me a gentle look.

"Is Miss Chu misunderstood something?"

I really will pretend. When you say this, you must insist on completing the task, so let’s get the fire again.

I looked at him and spoke in a difficult look:

"Although Lu Gongzi, you are very good, but you always come to me like this. I’m afraid that our family will be angry."

Lu Ziming:?IntersectionIs there a relationship between them?

Today, Xiao Lihan, who was inspecting the mall, heard the sentence from the stairs just when he went down the stairs. The sound was still familiar, and he stopped and stood there.

Later, Secretary Li and the person in charge of the mall of the peers obviously heard it, his eyes met in the air, and he closed his mouth silently.

Lu Ziming said with some doubts: "You and Xiao Shao?"

I nodded and smiled happily.

"Yes, we have a child."

Lu Ziming: "!! ????"

The person in charge of the mall:!IntersectionStunning, big melon.

Lu Ziming couldn’t believe it. Xiao Lihan was usually cold. Roufei said with a few words to ignore him. How could it be possible for children?He thought that Chu Yanjiao deliberately cheated him like this.

Xiao Lihan’s mouth was pumped, and his eyebrows beating a few times, but he couldn’t hold back the opening: "Chu Yanjiao."


My heart is cold, it won’t be so coincidental.

Looking at the stairs, it is not Xiao Lihan at the corner?

There were a large group of people behind me, all staring at me.

I smiled twice and looked at him enthusiastically, "Why are you here, are you here to pick me up?"

The words were all told, and I could only continue my face.

After Xiao Lihan came down, he glanced at me first, and then turned his head and looked at Lu Ziming, "Are you chasing her?"

This "she" is obviously Chu Yanjiao.

When Lu Ziming saw him asking, he dared to admit that there were many business in the Lu family who held in Xiao Lihan’s hands. It was obviously not cost -effective to offend Xiao Lihan for Chu Yanjiao.

Lu Ziming smiled and said, "Just appreciate."

I "cut" in my heart, it really was soft and afraid.

After listening to Xiao Lihan, there was nothing to say. I walked down and took two steps and turned my head to look at me. I don’t know if it is the illusion. The tone is much milder than just now: "Don’t keep up?"

Great, Xiao Lihan can really play, I almost hit this soul array.

I nodded in a hurry, followed him to him, and went down with him.

This left arrived at the garage, and others around Xiao Lihan went back.

I was not closer to my eyes by the Rolls Royn, and at first glance, it was Xiao Lihan’s car.

Secretary Li consciously got on the co -pilot.

So only Xiao Lihan stood here, and I was really awkward at this time.

There is no one else, Xiao Lihan faces me, and is outrageous in a word.

"We have a child?"

"I found pregnancy in a few days?"

Yes, it is only a week in total, how can I find my pregnancy, but I have thick skin, what do you say?

After thinking about it for a while, I said very seriously: "Maybe there will be in the future?"

I originally wanted to tease him, but he nodded instead, and looked serious: "It really makes sense."


Get on the car, you need to work tightly.

After the door was opened, Xiao Lihan didn’t get on the car and stared at me straight. The meaning was obvious, but I was afraid that I didn’t want to get in the car.

As a result, Xiao Lihan’s eyes were surrounded by a few darts, Made, more bodyguard.

Then in the gaze of a group of bodyguards, I rolled in numbly and didn’t let them urge them at all.

Xiao Lihan couldn’t hold back his lips behind him, and smiled in his eyes.

Before the car started, I murmured without any heart.

"Actually, you don’t need to send me, I can return it myself."

Xiao Lihan laughed a few times: "I helped Miss Chu so busy, shouldn’t you thank me?"

If it means Lu Ziming’s words, it seems to be really. Now he will definitely not dare to bother me. It happens that I have something to determine.

So I deeply agreed with the authentic:

"Yeah, when is Xiao Shao’s time, I invite you to eat meals."

Xiao Lihan was sitting next to me. After getting on the car, she started to read with a document. I didn’t forget to talk to me.

"It’s just noon now, what do you want to eat?"

I understand, now eat it.

"Then how about we go to eat Sichuan cuisine?"

As a passerby with a script, I still remember that the male lead of this book, like other tyrants, has cleanliness and things that do not like.

And Xiao Lihan did not eat peppers.

But he agreed.


Secretary Li sat in the co -driver and listened silently, and was very puzzled: When did President Xiao and Miss Chu be so familiar?

Suddenly thought that Xiao Lihan asked him to check the medicine last time, did Xiao always be with Miss Chu?He seemed to understand something suddenly.

After a while, the driver stopped the car at the door of a relatively famous Sichuan restaurant. After Xiao Lihan got out of the car, I hurriedly walked in.

"Is Xiao Shao taboo?"

Xiao Lihan raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "See what you like."

What is the feeling of being favored.

Alas, hurry up and shake your head, throw out those outrageous thoughts, and order it seriously.

"Then boiled meat slices, pots of meat, hair blood, spicy chicken, palace Bao Ding … um … I’m fine, Xiao Shao see if you want other things."

Xiao Lihan looked at the menu a little careless, looked up at me and said slowly:

"Add another husband and wife lung tablet."

IntersectionIntersectionIf you click to see what I do.

Keke, I couldn’t stand his eyes directly, I turned my head to the other side, but there was nothing to look good in this box.

Xiao Lihan suddenly said: "Don’t drink some wine?"

I shook my head: "I haven’t drank it."

Xiao Lihan: "Try."

My eyes brightened: "… Try it."

I deliberately explained more spicy in each dish. After the dishes come up, the flavor of chili is floating in the air.

Just when I asked Xiao Lihan to taste it, he pinched a chopstick and a chopsticks.

Then put down the chopsticks and said to me, "I’m really not really Xiao Lihan."


It’s a bit, is this self -exploded?

So he really wasn’t Xiao Lihan. Is he like me, and he came from reality?

Xiao Lihan poured me half a glass of wine for me.

"Try a little bit."

I was in a shock for a long time before returning to my mind. After drinking that half a glass of wine, I didn’t seem to have any taste.

After drinking, I then asked, "Who are you?"

Before the words were asked, he had answered.

"Are you curious?"

I nodded madly, it must be curious.

Xiao Lihan smiled with lips, Xu just saw that I drank and did not respond, and poured me a glass of wine.

"Let me talk about you first?"


How did he know that I was not the real Chu Yanjiao, and suddenly found that the man was terrible.

"how do you know?"

Xiao Lihan: "Guess."

I really want to give you a thumbs up, but I don’t think he is guessing, and he should know what inside is.

I just didn’t want to tell me, and asked slowly in the future.

"Oh, since I know me, let’s talk about you."

"As long as you know that I am not the actor here, tell you the rest of the matter later."

I:?IntersectionIntersectionDamn, hang me.

Forget it, I will say that I am not so curious in the future, it is strange.

Listening to half of it is too uncomfortable. Who is he?


However, why this wine is so delicious? I used to drink a bit bitterly. This wine has nothing to do with it.

"This wine is so delicious."

Unconsciously, I got two bottles. I took the wine bottle proudly and showed off Xiao Lihan.

"Xiao Lihan, see how good my drink is … sting."

"Xiao Lihan, how do you split?"

I shook my head, indeed two Xiao Lihan sat in front of me. I stood up and tried to grab one of them. As a result, I caught the sky.

"Well, you can still fly."

"Chu Jiaojiao, you are drunk."

Drunk, yes, I’m drinking.

I immediately let go of him, turned back and raised my bag, and murmured in my mouth: "I’m drunk, I’m going home."

Xiao Lihan followed behind, and when he saw that when he was about to fall, he was very clever. He was drunk and knew home.

When I walked and walked, I was tired and didn’t want to leave. When I felt someone beside someone helped me, I hugged him with both hands and looked up at him aggrieved: "I’m dizzy, I can’t move."

Xiao Lihan had a momentary stiffness. Few people touched him like this. The last thing was just an accident. Of course, the state of mind is different from the same.

In the end, Xiao Lihan couldn’t help it by those big eyes of the water, holding people out.

And I found something that I could rely on, and I got my stomach obediently.

Secretary Li hesitated: "Xiao Shao, where do we send Miss Chu?"

Where to send it?It seems that she hasn’t surveyed her home.

Xiao Lihan thought about opening: "You go to check where the Chu family lives."

After a few seconds, he said, "Let’s go back, go back to Yuyuan directly."

Yuyuan is hundreds of millions of luxury homes.

When he arrived at Yuyuan, people were asleep.

Seeing that she was sleeping in the fragrance, Xiao Lihan reached out and hugged the person in.

I couldn’t leave the person when she put people on the second bedroom bed, and she was pinched by her feet. This posture was a bit bad.

I thought I was holding my Bai, and muttered tighter: "Dabai, sleep together."

Xiao Lihan bowed his head and asked, "Who is Dabai?"

"Chu Jiaojiao, see who I am."

who is it?

I looked up close to his face and looked seriously that the two were not far away from.

He is a handsome guy, and he hasn’t collapsed like this, I know him.

The slightly sweet wine came out of my mouth, and I said leisurely, "It’s Xiao Lihan."

After speaking, I looked at the mouth that was close at hand, kissed directly, and the dragonfly touched like a little water.

Xiao Lihan stunned again, and smiled.

Then, I seemed to fall asleep.



When I woke up the next day, I found that I was lying in a strange room, looking down at it, fortunately … I also wore yesterday’s clothes.

Make me quiet, think about yesterday.

Yesterday, I had a dinner with Xiao Lihan, drank alcohol, and then drunk. He should not throw me on the side of the road.

So this should be his house.

When I turned on the phone, it was eleven o’clock. Fortunately, I told Grandpa Chu to find Su Su yesterday, otherwise it would be urgent.

After coming out of the room, I carefully looked at the house. The decoration was mainly black and white. Each furniture showed the master’s extraordinary identity.

When I heard the sound in the room next to me, I knocked on the door and entered.

Xiao Lihan was sitting in front of the computer. The black shirt was paired with black suit pants, which was exquisite and expensive. After that, why did he always feel that Xiao Lihan was good -looking.

Xiao Lihan immediately closed the computer after seeing me coming in. It seems that he still has conscience. He didn’t lose me on the way last night.

He looked up at me, "Wake up?"

I thought about it, why the memory last night was not very complete, and I couldn’t remember the second half, so I asked carefully.

"I trouble you last night, I shouldn’t do anything bad, right?"

Xiao Lihan raised his eyebrows, stood up and walked opposite me, and said with some interesting way: "Don’t remember?"

I shook my head, I really didn’t remember, I drank a broken film.

In an instant, Xiao Lihan leaned down and looked at me, and said in a confusing voice: "Then I can help you remember memories."

I swallowed my mouth, and some stuttered authentic: "How … what to remember?"

After saying this, I saw Xiao Lihan smiling and smiled. Before he reacted, he had bowed his head and kissed my lips.


Although I did something further, this was my first kiss!

Xiao Lihan: "What? First kiss."

What’s the meaning!IntersectionHow weird this sentence is.

I frowned: "What? You have kissed a lot?"

Xiao Lihan: "…"

It seems that he is also a first kiss, and it is not the one last night.

I took a step back in silence and opened the distance, and when I saw him, I knew that he was also the first time. I continued: "How powerful is it?"

Who knows that he suddenly came to say that I couldn’t touch it.

"Who is Dabai?"

How did he know Dabai? What did I do yesterday?

"Just my big doll, how do you know."

Xiao Lihan: "Listen to you yesterday."

I laughed embarrassedly: "I trouble you yesterday, please invite you to dinner next time."

Xiao Lihan looked at me thoughtfully, and I suddenly reacted, and immediately said, "It’s not the kind of yesterday."

Speaking of yesterday …

If he is not a male lead, will he be attracted by the heroine, what about my task?

"How do you think Lin Wanbai?"

Then my stomach yelled twice "gurgling", weird, but I was embarrassed, but it was noon, and it was really a little hungry.

Xiao Lihan walked to the door and opened the door and looked at me, "Go to eat something first."

I followed closely: "Okay."

When I went downstairs, Xiao Lihan went to find me to eat. To be precise, he did it himself and fry the poached egg!

I have to say that Xiao Lihan is very elegant and charm around the apron with a spatula.

Soon he brought the fried eggs and kept the milk.

But after eating, I quickly ordered a takeaway, and asked what Xiao Lihan wanted to eat, and let him fill in the accurate address by the way.

Xiao Lihan: "…"

After eating, I returned to the question just now, and I asked again without any heart. In case there was a little hope.

This time he finally answered me. He said, "Who is Lin Wanbai? That female lead?"

I cracked, family.

I nodded at my heart, and it seemed that they would not have love, but I actually felt a little happy, is I am magical?

Xiao Lihan looked at me thoughtfully:

"I am not a real male lead, how can I become interested in his heroine."

It seems to be the truth. Since he is not a male lead, of course, he may not like the type of female lead.

Only the bully in the novel will be limited by the plot. For example, some female mixes are very good. Bai Fumei is still the Battlefront Bamboo Horse, but he does not like her.

After a meal, I quickly slipped home, otherwise Grandpa Chu was looking for someone.

Open the mobile phone group chat, there is a pile of information inside, all of which are Long Aotian, the latest one is:

[Long Aotian]: "Why do you have been doing recently? Why can’t you go out?"

This product seemed to invite me many times, and I rejected it. I opened the input box to typing and sent it.

[Jiaojiao]: "To raise a tire, don’t disturb …"

He immediately sent a reply.

[Su Su]: "I’m going, I’m going to be a godmother? Who is who?"

[Jiaojiao]: "I will raise my children independently in the future, remember to transfer money to me (sigh)."

I wanted to entertain at will. After all, we often joked. Maybe this time the joke was big. As a result, Long Aotian actually came to talk to me privately.

One after another.

[Long Aotian]: "Who is the child?"

[Long Aotian]: "Why do you have to support it alone?"

[Long Aotian]: "It’s really impossible. Little master is wronged when your child’s father."

My information has not been sent out: I was kidding.

Then I was in contemplation, did Long Aotian like me?

Impossible, I haven’t seen it for so many years, he hasn’t performed …

But what does he mean?

After thinking about it for a while, I wrote and sent it.

[Jiaojiao]: "Don’t you like me? Miss Ben has always been unreasonable, tell you not to love me without results !!"

I’m clear enough.

After a long time, I replied there.

[Long Aotian]: "What do you think about, this son is afraid that you are too pitiful."

[Jiaojiao]: "Oh, then I can rest assured."

No matter what he thinks, what I should say said.

In the next few days, I went to the company to work and study diligently every day, and then on the way to get off work one day, the bank card received 30 million yuan!

I go, who turned wrong.

Then I received a strange phone call. Those who wanted to come to the wrong money came. I quickly connected, there was a lady who spoke nicely.

"Hello, is it Ms. Chu Yanjiao?"

I am a little bit, I don’t remember people who know such a person.

"I am, please?"

"I am Xiao Lihan’s mother, I have received it just now."

Ms. Xiao Lihan called me to call me and return the transfer?

"I received it, is this aunt?"

A regretful tone came from the phone,

"Oh, I originally wanted to invite you to dinner, but I am now abroad. This is my meeting ceremony for you."

"Meeting ceremony?" I was even more puzzled.

"Yes, our family Xiao Lihan likes you. Of course, I am a mother."

He likes me?Nympho

This is not the same as the general wealthy plot. After that, I refused in every way, and she insisted on letting me accept it.

No way, I can only go to Xiao Lihan. After calling him, he asked me to go directly to his company to wait for him.

Xu said hello. After that, the staff of the front desk took me to more than 20 floors.

Out of the elevator, Secretary Li was waiting for me at the door, and asked me to go to Xiao Lihan’s office with him, and I was firmly rejected by me.

"It’s not good. In the case of losing something in the office, I can’t wash this suspicion.

Secretary Li’s expression was different. Ms. Chu was really different from others. She told President Xiao yesterday that Ms. Chu should like diamonds and gems. I don’t know if there is any problem.


After drinking two cups of coffee, Xiao Lihan finally ended the meeting, following a large number of people behind him.

Xiao Lihan saw me, and his expression was obviously a little surprised. Maybe Secretary Li hadn’t had time to tell him that I was here.

He turned around and explained something, and the people behind him spread out one after another, and many of them quietly looked at me.

I got up and walked towards him. He said, "Why are you here?"

"It’s something to come to you."

Xiao Lihan nodded and motioned me to go to his office to chat.

The office is the same as the black and white gray, which is the same as the home.

Xiao Lihan sat on the chair, and I ran to the sofa on the other side and sat in the middle.

I do n’t know why, I have been embarrassed in the face of Xiao Lihan recently, as if I was embarrassed, I never felt this before.

"Ms. Dream suddenly turned to me 30 million. I want to give her her not, so I want you to return it to her."

Xiao Lihan got up and picked up a cup of hot water and handed over. I caught it with stunned. Recently, the weather turned cold, but he was too intimate.

After handing it to me, he sat opposite me and looked good: "Don’t pay back, this is a meeting ceremony."

I suddenly said, so fucking said the same, so why should I give me a gift.

I took a sip of water to cover the expression, and my eyes stared at Xiao Lihan a little erratic: "Are you … do you like me?"


I felt the air was a bit quiet, so I could even hear the sound of "banging" in my heart.

I have never had a sense of tension around me.



He likes her.

The strange feeling from the first meeting has become more and more obvious in unknowingly, and take root in the bottom of the heart.

Xiao Lihan finally understood that he cared about her and liked her.


I heard my heartbeat leak, and there was only one idea in my heart: he really likes me.

When I was nervous, I drank two more water, my eyes passed by his face, and said uncomfortably: "Seriously?"

After asking this sentence, Xiao Lihan suddenly laughed at me, lifted my other hand gently, and slowly leaned down and kissed.

There are two kinds of heart -hearted sounds. For a while, I couldn’t tell which one was mine and which one was his.

He said, "Seriously."

The office suddenly calmed down. I was thinking at the moment: he likes me?what about me.

I have never been a person who has always been ink. Today I asked this sentence, and whether I did not feel like he did not feel about him.

Xiao Lihan suddenly said: "Jiaojiao, you haven’t said yet."

I looked at him in a circle, did he just ask?

"say what?"

Xiao Lihan: "Like me."


When I got home, I was still in the circle. It turned out that Xiao Lihan really liked me, not that I was guessed by myself.

This incident made me feel restless all day, and I was thinking about eating and sleeping.

When eating, Grandpa Chu frequently glanced at me, then put down the chopsticks, and said loudly:

"Jiaojiao, if you have any, you can say that although Grandpa is older, he is still very tough. Whoever bullys you and you say it."

I just returned to God, "Ah, I haven’t been bullied."

Grandpa Chu asked a little bitness: "Why didn’t you make it out."

I said with a smile: "Oh, I’m about to graduate, there are some things in the school."

"Don’t worry about school affairs, even if you don’t graduate your family, you can afford you."


After dinner, I hurriedly contacted the little girlfriend.

"Su Su, if a man likes you, what would you answer."

[Su Su]: "What’s going on, someone confessed to you?"

"Should … be it."

Although I seem to say it first …

[Su Su]: "Who, who, you care so much. In the past, people gave you a confession. You can be described as the thirteen mother."

Me: "Is there …"

[Su Su]: "Then how do you feel."

How does it feel?

"I think about it all day long and sleeping."

[Su Su]: "Well, you still lack experience, all of which are not thinking about it, indicating that you like him in your heart, you will directly accept the confession."

The fog in the bottom of my heart slowly spread out, and the truth of the matter was revealed. I always felt that he was the male lead in the book. Although I was stricter in my heart, I didn’t want to think that I liked him.

[Su Su]: "Who did you say yet? How did you answer him?"

How to answer him is a bit bad, I seemed to …

After Xiao Lihan finished that sentence, I immediately stood up.

"I … I have something to do. Let me talk about it later."

Then I walked to the door quickly, opened the door and ran away …

I had a few rolls in bed, and I didn’t want to understand why, of course, it was embarrassing.

And what do I do now, do he feel that I reject him.

Thinking about it like this, I turned around a few more times, and when I raised my eyes, I saw a gift box on the makeup table. It seemed that I would pay for Xiao Lihan.

When I thought about it, the phone rang.

Xiao Lihan’s three words came into view, and they were all at eight in the evening. What did you call me?


Xiao Lihan smiled a few times on the phone: "Jiaojiao, are you interested in seeing the gem?"

gem?Suddenly I looked at what gems, but after thinking about it, I still agreed, after all, the stuff like gemstones looked at it.


"Secretary Li has come to pick you up."

Hanging the phone, I immediately climbed up from the bed to make up and pick my clothes.

It seems that in the end, a red suspender skirt was finally picked up, and a white fluff shoulder shoulder is bright red like fire, which is extremely beautiful.

Secretary Li arrived soon, and sent me to the gate of Yuyuan and left. I went in alone.

Before the door was knocked, Xiao Lihan leaned at the door and looked at me and frowned: "Wear so little, cold or cold?"

Then pulled me in and closed the door.

Shouldn’t the attention point be my beauty? Besides, I am quite thick.

"What did you mention in your hand?"

I handed him the things in my hand. I couldn’t help thinking of the last thing. The tone was not very good, "Layoning to Xiao Shao’s handkerchief."

Xiao Lihan took a look at it and opened it. It was a gray handkerchief, which put it into the box, and opened some ridicule:


I squeezed him and walked in, humming in my mouth.


He asked me to see the gem, I guess a lot, but I didn’t expect so much.

As soon as I walked into the house, I was flashed by the gem on the table. Dozens of gem necklaces were installed in the gift box, where the ruby, sapphire, and emerald …

There are several rough stones next to it, which have been cut open, it is pink diamond and emerald …

Xiao Lihan is really rich!

"Like it?"

Xiao Lihan stood beside me, his eyebrows raised lightly, and I looked at him, just like a rich flower peacock.

But I nodded like garlic, who can say that this scene can be said.

Xiao Lihan smiled.

"Give you it."

I turned my head and looked at him.

Xiao Lihan reached out and knocked on my forehead and threatened, "Don’t sell it."

Why do you know me so much?

I looked down at the time, and it was already over nine o’clock. When I was about to speak, Xiao Lihan suddenly asked, "Did you eat?"

I shook my head and actually ate, but I was absent -minded when I was eating, so I didn’t eat it.

"What do you want to eat, I let people send it."

This is to keep me for dinner, then I will respect it as if I am more than life. Then I reported a lot of dishes. Anyway, he was rich.

Because of the air conditioner in the house, I put my jacket on the sofa, and then paralyzed on the sofa and waited for dinner.

I looked at the necklace in my hand and didn’t notice when Xiao Lihan walked away. When I found it, I was gone.

So I was ready to turn around.

When I turned to the master bedroom upstairs, I found that the door was open, and the lights were lit. When I went in, Xiao Lihan was in the bathroom, and the sound of water came in it.

What bathing at this time.

Then I waited outside. After waiting for a long time, I found that people hadn’t come out, and there was no sound of water in the inside.

Isn’t this something wrong, are you stuffy?

I reached out and knocked on the door, and my mouth called: "Xiao Lihan, Xiao Lihan."


No one answered.

It won’t really happen.

Do you want to go in and see, what should I do if the picture should not be.

In the end, I think it ’s all right, anyway, I have seen what I should not see. In case there is something wrong, it is not good.

Pushing the door, the hot air surrounded the water steam in the air. Xiao Lihan lying in the bathtub was prohibited. Xu was steamed by the hot air, and his face was a little red. At this time, I really felt that he was dizzy.

I walked over a few steps, and when I walked, I stopped and stopped, for fear of seeing what I should not see.

After several tangles, I still walked over, staring at his face, just don’t look at anything else.

I patted his face with my hands and shouted softly: "Xiao Lihan, what happened to Xiao Lihan?"

I still didn’t wake up, but fortunately there was a breath.

I retracted my hand and went out to make a first aid call. The skirt was wet most of the skirts on the ground.

I bowed my head and sorted it out, and I saw Xiao Lihan look at me when I raised my eyes. I pleadedly asked, "Are you awake?"

The next moment my wrist was pulled, and my whole person rushed into Xiao Lihan’s arms.

Xiao Lihan and I were just a short distance. My body was bumpy, and I was a little bit covered, and my face became more and more red.

"Do you do … what?"

Xiao Lihan stretched out his hands and stood up with my long hair, and the tension that didn’t cover it in his eyes: "I haven’t said it last time, I like me."

I lowered my head and touched the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: "Like it."

Xiao Lihan’s breath came up strongly. In the end, I just remembered that their bathtub was quite big.


It was eleven o’clock when I woke up the next day, and I didn’t know where Xiao Lihan went.

I didn’t want to move on the sofa. I was hungry and paralyzed.

Xiao Lihan suddenly came back from the outside and brought it to eat. After eating and drinking, I proposed to go to the movie room of the villa to watch the movie, and ask him some things I don’t know by the way.

"What do you want to see?"

I didn’t find what I like after watching it.

"Just put one casually."

In the end he chose a literary film, and I didn’t even watch the name because the point was not this.

I pulled him to sit next to him, looked at him with curiosity and asked:

"Remember what you said last time, your identity."

Xiao Lihan pulled me into his arms, circled me with both hands, and his jaw was on my head.

"I am the manager of the Shifang World, managing the operation of these worlds. This is just one of the small worlds."

I’m a little shocked, and this means that it is a fairy according to the novel.

"Are you sure you are not telling me a novel?"

Xiao Lihan reached out and squeezed my face.

"I will not lie to you."

I turned off the lights when I watched the movie. At this moment, the lights were not strong, and the atmosphere was suitable.

If he is talking about it.

"Then why did you come here to be a male lead?"

"Because I was injured when I dealt with something, my strength was seriously damaged, and I needed to recover in the small world."

When I heard him hurt, I wanted to sit up and see. As a result, Xiao Lihan pressed me back again. I had to continue lying in his arms and asked:

"How is your injury? Why come here to recover?"

Xiao Lihan: "Of course, because the male lead in the small world is strong, it is okay now."

I nodded, the male lead aura was really powerful.

Later, Xiao Lihan slowly told me a lot of things. I remembered it. Anyway, he needed to maintain the balance of these small worlds from time to time. If the small world collapsed, his power would be severely rejuvenated.

I am more interested in one thing. He can shuttle between these small worlds at will, which means that he can experience the rich man of the modern world at the same time.No one can help him.

Speaking of the end I was lying in his arms, and naturally I didn’t hear the important words he said …


A few days later, I got out of the car and met Lin Wanbai at the door of the mall.

She was wearing a white skirt and looked whiter than before, and her temperament was more outstanding.

I didn’t expect her to see my first sentence: "Is Miss Chu and Xiao Shao together?"

I nodded and answered with a smile, "Yes."

How to create a feeling of grabbing men.

Then Lin Wanbai said that he would also go to the mall to buy things and invite me to be with her.

"How about Miss Lin recently?"

Her sister is not a good stubble. If I know that I and Xiao Lihan are together, I reasonably suspect that she is thinking about how to do me now.

We stood outside and chatted, and I haven’t entered the mall yet. I glanced at it for four weeks.


Soon, I saw the power of the crow’s mouth …

A black van stopped in front of us. I used black cloth to put me and Lin Wanbai with black cloth. I couldn’t help but say "I go."

It seems that I am unlucky every time I encounter the heroine, and of course she may be unlucky when she meets me. In short, she is afraid that she is a magnetic field.

After getting in the car, I will be honest. Based on the experience of watching the TV series, if you struggle, there will be a high probability that you will get a few big comparisons.

Sure enough, "slamming" next to it should be received by the heroine.

"be honest."

Then the heroine was much more honest, not crying or struggling.

The original book has never happened. I don’t know what to do now. I can only expect Xiao Lihan to find that I am gone as soon as possible.

After the car was driving for a long time, I estimated that it would take us about it to the suburbs, so it would take some time to find someone over there.

After the car stopped driving, we were taken out of the car. After getting on the two -story stairs, we should enter a room.

After being pushed to the ground, the black cloth on my head was revealed, and the seal on my mouth was torn.

The two wearing black clothes stood in front of us, and the long and fierce gods were not like a good person. They looked stronger, bearded, and the other was a bit fat, just a fat and fierce expression on the face, but a bit a bit a bit.funny.

Lin Wanbai said crying: "Who are you and you? Why do you catch us?"

The fat man spit his mouth spit, and said fiercely: "I officer who should not offend, why do you say?"

Lin Wanbai cried and wanted to speak, because we were sitting in a bunch of them, I gently pushed her with a hand tied to the back, signaling that she should not ask anymore, so as not to be a big pocket.

Obviously hate the two of us at the same time, so she is her good sister.

The fat hands were a little excited: "Boss, these two girls are pretty, hey."

The strong one said after a slap for him:

"Get, you haven’t spoken there yet, don’t think about other things."

Before speaking, I and Lin Wanbai could not be fully stayed.

Just when the two were going out, I called them.

"Wait, how much does Gu Roufei give you?"

The boss was stunned, and then turned his head.

"Don’t ask if you don’t ask."

I smiled and said sincere.

"I just want to say that I can give you more money, but my bag I believe you have searched. The ruby necklace in it is worth 7 million."

When the little fat man heard it, it was the necklace in his pocket.

Fortunately, I only brought one out.

The little fat man raised the necklace in front of his boss and said excitedly: "Boss, 7 million."

The boss took a look at the necklace and stared at me very much: "Really?"

"Of course, you can go out to verify now. I hope you can consider my proposal and cooperate with me."

The two of them went out for a moment, and I didn’t know if I went.

Of course, normal people will not choose to take risks in this mouth, but they are different.

First, they love money and have a seven million necklace, which is difficult to hold back.

Second, there is a heroine next to me, and the female lead has allowed some very things to happen.

If he goes out, Xiao Lihan should be able to discover my trace.

After they left, the dilapidated house was only me and Lin Wanbai. This would finally not cry.

"Miss Chu, what should we do now."

When I said, I had to cry, and I hurriedly spoke.

"Kobayashi, you calm down first, someone will come to save us"


I turn around and give her back.

"Don’t, so, can you see it?"

This rope was too tight and painful. I doubted that my hand was worn out, and I had to unbutton it and relax. As for why she let her solve me first, because I really can’t … I really can’t …

Lin Wanbai looked at it for a while, and then turned his back, and said warmly, "Then I’ll try."

Just as we worked together, I found a strange thing. A countdown appeared in the lower right corner of my sight, showing: 3 days.

What does it mean?Is the death notice?

This effort passed quickly. It was seen through the high windows that the outside was dark, and the two people hadn’t returned yet.

The good thing is that the rope was finally unlocked. I looked at Lin Wanbai’s eyes with admiration. She was a little embarrassed. I quickly unlocked the rope on her hand.

The wrist has been worn out. I have n’t eaten such a loss in the past few years.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside, and I quickly signaled that Lin Wanbai put her hand behind, so as not to be tied up and tied up.

Still the two people just now, the little fat man and his boss.

Suddenly found that they seemed to be brainless and unhappy.

The little fat man walked down in front of me and squatted down: "It’s really seven million, you really have money."

But I didn’t speak, but looked at his boss, and it was obviously who was the Lord.

"So do you want to cooperate? How much Gu Roufei gave you, I can give her three times."

Is it not important, Xiao Lihan has it.

But why haven’t he come yet?

Just after I finished this sentence, the door was kicked away from the outside.

Looking through the dust and seeing the dust, it’s not our family Xiao Lihan …

It was Gu Beiqing who followed a bodyguard behind him.

Alas, Xiao Xiao, you can’t do it anymore.

When the two kidnappers saw the people, they quickly stood beside us and threatened him.

At this time, Gu Beiqing said the words of the male and female tears.

He raised his hand and pointed at Lin Wanbai:

"Give you money to put her money, others … freely."

After speaking, I glanced at me, I smiled at him disgustingly, and you were forced.

The kidnapper boss did not like to be coerced, and he said fiercely,

"No one wants to go today."

Gu Beiqing looked at the dagger around Lin Wanbai’s neck, and his eyes were dark. He was happy if he was unhappy.

Okay, lie on the board together.

I glanced at the dagger around my neck and suggested to the little fat man seriously: "It’s better to let me go, he is so arrogant to him."

Then Gu Beiqing stared at me, and I rolled my eyes and gave him.

Gu Beiqing recruited it, and the bodyguard behind him came in. I was very eye -catching. It was his sister Gu Roufei.

For Lin Wanbai, his sister came over.

Gu Beiqing looked at the two kidnappers in a bad look.

"As long as you go now, I promise to let you go, the money will still give you."

The little fat man panicked when he saw Gu Roufei, and looked at his boss helplessly.

"Can you let us go?"

Gu Beiqing nodded.

Then they let me go …

"This is not important to put it first. This will naturally be released when we leave."

I thank you.

I immediately got up from the ground and prepared to go out. Lin Wanbai had Gu Beiqing who was worried about it, so I was worried about myself.

Who knew that when I arrived at the door, I was stopped by Gu Beiqing’s bodyguard.

Gu Beiqing looked at me with a bloom: "Miss Chu is afraid that she can’t go now."

Well, as soon as my body leaned on the door, just wait.

A sound sounded abruptly outside the door.

"Then see who can’t go today?"

I was happy, stood upright and looked outside, not Xiao Lihan who could be.

Xiao Lihan walked in front of me a few steps and looked carefully.

I stretched my wrists with both wrists, showed out the skin, pointed at Gu Beiqing, and said aggrieved: "He hit."

Gu Beiqing: "…?"

There was a large piece of skin on both wrists. The red flesh and blood was exposed. Chu Yanjiao’s skin was white. Now the clothes are stained, and the hair is messy. This is really serious.

Xiao Lihan’s face was a little dull, and his emotions rolled in his eyes.

He seemed to be angry. As soon as I wanted to shrink back, Xiao Lihan gently pulled it and lowered his head and blew it several times. I was a little embarrassed.

"Actually it doesn’t hurt."

Xiao Lihan’s face became more and more bad, and my mind suddenly glowed. Thinking of what he said before, this is the protagonist in the book. If something goes wrong, it will have an impact on him.

And I have important things to ask him.

Thinking of these, I rushed into his arms step by step, no matter how dirty it was, my tone was weak:

"Oh, I’m cold and hungry now, let’s go back first."

Sure enough, he hugged me out.


The remaining follow -up was handed over to Secretary Li, and Secretary Li directly called the police to the police for processing.

Gu Roufei naturally sat in prison at the end. Although the Gu family supported the relationship, who had the Xiao family who dared to let Gu Roufei come out.

When all this happened, Xiao Lihan was still rubbing my medicine.

I was nestled on the sofa.

"Xiao Lihan, what does that countdown mean, you say it."

I asked him at the moment of entering the door. He kept silently without talking. It was not a good thing at a glance. It would not be …

"Isn’t it that I really want to die."

Xiao Lihan had a meal, raised his head and looked at me seriously, "If you are there, you won’t be okay."

I understand, it’s really gone.

Can I return to reality in that three days later?

Xiao Lihan put the gauze to me to prevent me from hitting the wound again.

"Jiaojiao, do you remember how you came here?"

I nodded. Of course, I remember that when I was just off work, I had a car running through the red light when I crossed the road. As a result, I suddenly turned around and I wore a book.

Thinking of this, I immediately sat up and asked him seriously.

"Do you mean that I might not go back?"

Because it is likely to be hit.

The next moment, Xiao Lihan broke my fantasy.

"It’s not possible, your body is dead."


So I ca n’t go back, and there are three days of it.

Xiao Lihan gathered for me and continued:

"This world is about to collapse because of some plots, so I must leave here to let the plot return to the topic, so that the world can work normally."


This is the 100th day of Xiao Lihan’s departure, and many things happened in this hundred days.

The memory of everyone in the book has disappeared, and time goes back. No one remembers Xiao Lihan, a commercial genius that is upset.

including me.

After chatting with Xiao Lihan that day, he left quickly and reshaped the memory of everyone in the book.

As for how I think of it, it may be accidentally opened a box, and I found countless diamond jadeite and precious gems of various colors, as well as a gray square Papa.

Suddenly I remembered the day of the first sight.

The plot returned to the right track. Lin Wanbai saw at the hotel and the male lead Xiao Lihan, but this time I didn’t go.

Later, at all kinds of banquets, I saw the male lead Xiao Lihan.

They grow differently. Only I know that my Xiao Lihan looks better.

The process of male and female masters is quite fast, and happy enemies are in love with each other. Of course, there are still many suffering.

This time Lin Wanbai did not become the daughter of the Gu family. Gu Roufei still rack her brain to deal with her, and I have always been a bystander, a beautiful but inconspicuous passerby.

I have always followed the plot, and I was afraid that the world would collapse Xiao Lihan again. At that time, there was no bone residue left, and because I had no interest.

But I still did something that violated the plot. I made a friend with the heroine. Fortunately, the plot has not changed. I do n’t know if someone is trying to repair there.

On the 300th day of the plot, my passerby finally ushered in the task.

I was a little hesitant. This task would hurt Grandpa Chu, but as a friend with the heroine, the male lead should not deliberately embarrass, so you can rest assured to complete it.

After the male main Chinese medicine, I went to the hotel to wait for Lin Wanbai according to the original plot. After meeting, she said that I received the call.

I nodded and carried her the way intimately, and the things behind it were nothing about me.

Fortunately, the Chu family did not go bankrupt like the original plot, and Grandpa Chu was healthy.

This passerby has always lived well.

The second year of Xiao Lihan’s departure.

I started to suspect that he was lying to me.

I even suspect that he went to other worlds and fell in love with others. When he came back, he must punish him severely …

The male and female owners got married, and the Chu family received an invitation. Of course, I had to take a look.

The wedding scene was so romantic. Lin Wanbai was crying on the platform, and was the same as before.

But it’s not the same, she is happy this time.

I envy my nose sour.

Xiao Lihan, if you don’t come back, I will marry.

Grandpa Chu arranged a lot of blind dates for me. It is worth mentioning that Lu Ziming. I didn’t see it, and I didn’t know if he was dead to Gu Roufei.


In the deep winter of the year, goose feather snowfall was drifting in the sky. This is difficult to see. At least for so many years, I have seen it for the first time.

This year’s blind date can’t be avoided, I see three every day.

Somalonous lunch and dinner are solved outside.

At night, the sky began to float again, a thick layer on the ground, step by step.

I came out of the restaurant in a thick coat, pulled the number of fingers, and found that I would see four blind dates tomorrow.

During this time, I was full of it, and I didn’t have time to think about Xiao Lihan.

When passing by a tree, the snow on the top of the neck was sprinkled, and when my neck was shrinking, I heard someone said later:

"I heard someone miss me."

I turned around and saw the man standing under the dim street lights, wearing a black coat.

He looked at me with a smile, and his lips said a few words, and the sound was not loud, but I understood it.

He said, "I miss you so much."

As soon as my eyes were hot, I ran over and rushed into his arms, hugging tightly, as if holding my entire world.

Xiao Lihan hugged the person in his arms tightly and asked with a smile: "Do you like me more today?"

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