Emotions also have an impact on pregnancy. Please pay attention to women preparing for pregnant women

Emotions and pregnancy seem to be completely unrelated, but do you know that emotion has a small impact on pregnancy.If a person is often in a bad mood, things often do not go well.The same is true for pregnancy! Women who prepare for pregnancy must maintain a good mood.

Endocrine disorders are influential on the preparation of pregnant mothers. I often hear that some people say that pregnancy is prepared to prepare endocrine disorders. Menstrual disorders, the more anxious, the more they ca n’t get pregnant.

Why does emotion affect pregnancy?

When women are nervous, adrenaline secretion increases, the concentration of catecholamines in the body increases, and many hormones in the hypothalamus synthesis increase. These hormone changes affect the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian gland axis function.

If you feel bad or nervous, you will secrete some hormones, affect estrogen secretion, and intermittent ovulation disorders will occur.Excessive tension, the uterus and fallopian tube will spasm, causing contraction and affecting fertilization.Due to the uneven secretion of hormones, abnormal uterine secretions will also cause abnormalities, making it difficult for sperm to pass, resulting in unable to conceive.

When the eggs are emotional, sperm will be nervous.Men’s mood depression can also affect sperm quality, and there may be short -term liquefaction.Tension in the same room will cause impotence and premature ejaculation.This will affect the quality of pregnancy.

Suggestions for women with emotional instability

1. Understand all aspects that affect the conception.

2. Rowing stress.

3. Cultivate husband and wife feelings and build a harmonious family atmosphere.

4. Pregnancy is a matter for both couples. We must not blindly guess, complain, blame each other, and be considerate, shared and understand each other.Other members of the family should give care and consolation.

5. It is recommended to find someone you trust to talk and vent his bad emotions.

In short, pregnancy is originally a natural thing. To relax yourself, adjust your mentality, proper self -release, do not put a lot of pressure on pregnancy. If you often have delayed menstruation, you must pay attention to it.Infertility is caused, you should go to the hospital for examination and receive professional treatment in time.

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