Eight weeks of pregnancy, daughter was infected with a fever, this good way to help her with a fever

On the second day of letting go, the daughter who was pregnant for eight weeks called at noon and said that the son -in -law had a fever, and I didn’t know if it was infected.My daughter is ready to come back for a few days.

Lover and I hurriedly worn their jackets and drove to pick up my daughter home.The two of us also know that the daughter may also be infected. If we come back, we must not be spared.But this baby daughter can’t control so much, as long as the family is together, there is nothing terrible.

As soon as the daughter took home, she measured the body temperature at 36.8 degrees.It is normal for pregnant women. The daughter also said that her body feels good and has no fever symptoms.The lover put down his heart with his hands, and looked at his daughter with a smile.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, her daughter said that she had a fever, and her lover quickly gave her a body temperature, with a temperature of 37.5 degrees.Lover said anxiously to me: "Broken, it should be infected."

I couldn’t help but nervous, and said in my mouth, "Don’t panic, don’t panic, look at it first." On the one hand, I went to other rooms, called my doctor friends, and consulted the treatment of pregnant women after fever.

My friend said: "Try not to let pregnant women take medicine, and use physical methods to cool down. If the temperature cannot be reduced, it can only take medicine to cool down, because the temperature is too high to the fetus." The friend returned me to me.Recommended fever medicines and pictures of pill boxes are recommended.

The lover quickly brought the pot of warm water to physical cooling the daughter.I also went out to buy medicine. When I arrived at the pharmacy, I was in a hurry to buy medicine.There is no lotion in the lotus, and there is no antipyretic medicine. I went to a dozen pharmacies and could not buy the medicine.I quickly called my doctor friend and bought the medicine after his help.

After buying medicine for more than two hours, as soon as I returned home, my lover pulled me to other rooms and said, "The physical cooling has little effect, and the temperature has been 38 degrees. What if this can’t be controlled?"Suddenly shed tears.

I called the doctor’s friends again. My friend said that if he couldn’t control his body temperature, he would only take medicine.I discussed with my lover, and my lover said, "I’m afraid that taking medicine is not good for the fetus."Taking medicine is not good for the fetus, and the temperature is too high to the fetus. Now I am in dilemma. My lover and I are so anxious like ants on a hot pot.

The daughter comforted her mother and said, "Mom, don’t worry, just after a while."The lover looked at the sensible daughter and asked, "What do you want to eat? Mom do it for you."My daughter said, "I want to eat cow."

When the word "Belly Cream" came out, my lover and I couldn’t help but pay a pair, and at the same time thought of a way.The two of us hurriedly opened the refrigerator, took out two pieces of soup, put them in two plastic food bags, and wrapped them with a small towel to let the daughter clamped under the two armpits respectively.

In just half an hour, the daughter said that her body temperature seemed to fall.The lover touched her daughter’s head, and said to me with a smile: "The physical cooling pipe of the sorcharon is not so burned." I measured her body temperature again, and her body temperature dropped to 37.5 degrees.The family of three of our family took a long breath.

Two hours later, her daughter’s body temperature stabilized below 37 degrees, and she changed her sow, and her daughter fell asleep quietly.

It seems that the method of cooling with sow cream is really used.It is not only that the temperature is too bad for the fetus, but it is also not good for the fetus.

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