Eating spicy and hot hot hot couples to regret it!What are the foods that cannot be eaten during pregnancy?

A bowl of red oil soup rolled countless times in the bottom of the cooker of Guru, producing many chemicals that we can’t see.Although they know unhealthy, many people still selectively ignore the unhygienic of spicy and hot.

How harmful to the health of spicy hotness to human health?People with poor gastrointestinal stomachs eat the gastrointestinal disorders with diarrhea.You guess, what would it happen that pregnant women often eat spicy hot and spicy?

Mom gave birth at the hospital, and her father looked forward to it outside the ward.After a few hours of waiting, the moment the new life came, the doctor had no joy.Just send the baby to the mother’s arms.It turned out that the baby girl’s fingers could not be separated together, so that the family that should have been happy filled the strong yin.

The doctor did not understand why the newborn baby was so this, so he checked the baby, but the results could not be checked.I had to ask the child’s father what to eat for pregnant women and what they usually used.

Then my father said something, let us know the culprit: I am very busy during the day, come back overtime every night, my wife is easy to be hungry during pregnancy, and I will accompany my wife to eat supper.My wife loves to eat spicy spicy, so I often order it.

They do n’t know. The spicy spicy spicy spicy every day is like a poison for the fetus.

The doctor said that the seasoning auxiliary materials in the spicy and spicy spicy spicy may have mutagnectors that can change the genetic function of normal human tissue cells, which may cause fetal malformations.Next, the baby may stay in the hospital for a month to observe to see if you can move the small life …

Each pregnant mother wants her baby to be healthy and healthy.However, because she didn’t pay attention to her diet, the mother who had worked hard to conceive October was born with fingers and couldn’t be separated.How big is it for mothers?How big the growth of children’s growth in the future.

Small tip:

And my mother asked me that it was too greedy for the spicy hotness. During the pregnancy, I couldn’t help but eat the spicy hot and hot. Can I lift the ban.In fact, you still have to eat some digestive and healthy foods in confinement. Things such as spicy hot hot hot hot hotness are easier to get angry. If the baby eats breast milk, spicy spicy is not good for the baby.

In addition, the spicy food is not good for the recovery of the Yin wound of the mother, but it will also stimulate the throat and gastrointestinal organs. When the mother is confinement, the various organs of the body are relatively fragile.good.

The diet of pregnancy and postpartum is the top priority.I don’t pay attention during these periods, and many foods will threaten the health of you and your baby.And these foods may be more than you think.

Foods that pregnant women cannot eat

1 It is not suitable for high -fat diet

Common high -fat foods are: walnuts, sesame, and fried foods, fat, animal organs, and cream products.

Although high -fat food itself does not cause cancer, eating high -fat food for a long time will increase the concentration of bile acid and neutral cholesterol in the large intestine and induce colon cancer.At the same time, high -fat foods can increase the synthesis of prolactin hormones and promote breast cancer.

2 It is not suitable for Gaotang diet

Including chocolate bread, seasoning milk, plums, seasonings, etc.

Medical scholars at the Pattiole National Research Institute of Italy found that pregnant women with high blood sugar groups have a possibility of weighing higher than the fetus, incidence of fetal congenital deformity, gestational hypertension syndrome, or opportunities to need caesarean section.They are 3 times, 7 times, and 2 times of low blood sugar.

On the other hand, too much sugar intake will weaken the body’s immunity and reduce the disease resistance of pregnant women.Easy to be infected by bacteria and viruses.

3 It is not advisable to eat salty food and excessive MSG

Some places like to eat bacon and sausages.For seasoning, the MSG is also placed.

However, modern medical research believes that the amount of salt is related to the incidence of hypertension. The more salt intake, the higher the incidence.

MSG is a kind of chemical item. The pregnant mother eats too much, which will cause the baby to deficiency in the baby and affect the normal of the baby’s nervous system.

4 It is not suitable to eat supplements

Such as ginseng, antler, deer tire gum, antlers, longan, lychee, etc.

Due to the significant increase in blood flow of the blood circulation system in the whole body, the blood vessels in the cervix, vaginal wall, and fallopian tube are also expanded and congested. In addition, the endocrine secretion function of pregnant women is strong.Blood pressure and other diseases.

Also, due to the decrease in gastric acid secretion and weakened gastrointestinal function, pregnant women will experience loss of appetite, flatulence, constipation, etc.In this case, you can’t eat supplements.

5 taboo tobacco and alcohol

Severe nicotine is the biggest scourge of the baby’s deformity.For the baby’s healthy birth, pregnant mothers must not smoke or even get close to smoking, because the harm of second -hand smoke is no less than first -hand smoke.

And alcohol is easy to cause the baby’s innate intelligence, so pregnant mothers should stay away from alcoholic beverages.

Every child is the hope of mothers. Do not eat any food that cannot be eaten during pregnancy, causing the result of regret for life.

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