Eat snacks to prevent malnutrition during pregnancy. Nutritionists recommend seven health snacks for you, please collect!

There is a paragraph on the Internet that my wife starts to make three orders and five applications after pregnancy. I can’t eat this or not. In the past, my wife particularly liked to eat burgers, and my husband would never let me eat after pregnancy.When I said, I said: My son is going to work. Do you want to buy you a burger to solve it ………. Netizens have noticed that this is my mother -in -law.

It is indeed that after pregnancy, we must pay more attention to our own health and fetal health. We must pay more attention to our diet. We must eat well for three meals, and the nutrition must be balanced.

But during pregnancy, one mouth eats two bodies. In case of twins, the three bodies need to use these nutrients.During pregnancy, because of pregnancy, the digestive function of the gastrointestinal and intestines will decline. I may not be able to eat too much during meals, and after a while, I have not reached the meal and hungry.tool.

But the tool is used well as a weapon, and it hurts itself if it is not used well, and the same is true of snacks during pregnancy.

There is a friend of Jing Jing just letting her own milk tea, eating bread, and chocolate during pregnancy.In short, which kind of high calorie likes to eat and which one is to eat. As a result, a child weighs 45 pounds. After the child with more than 7 pounds, her figure is still as pregnant.After three months of birth, she was often asked when she went to the bus, because her belly was too like a pregnant woman.

Another netizen said: Pay attention to diet when I am pregnant. I dare not eat except for other snacks. I have smelled the cake in the cake shop every day when I met that cake shop, but I never dared to buy it.I am really like going to jail …

During pregnancy, the calories, protein, various minerals and vitamins we need during pregnancy have greatly increased, so we will definitely eat more foods than usual. We can choose some snacks with high nutritional value.Happy can also make mothers and baby baby healthier.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women eat snacks.

There are several benefits to eating snacks during pregnancy:

1. Make your mother feel better

Eating can make people feel better, and the taste of snacks is generally better.In addition, some snacks can also greatly reduce symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy.

2. Reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines

Therefore, gestational snacks are an excellent supplement to our daily diet, so that our pregnant women can eat less and reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines.

3. Reduce the incidence of malnutrition

As long as you choose snacks, you can also be very nutritious and healthy, which can reduce the chance of malnutrition of pregnant women.

1. Milk

Mainly pure milk or yogurt, or pregnant women’s milk powder.Milk is a snack with high nutritional value, and it is convenient to carry. It is convenient to get a straw when eating.

Milk is strongly recommended that pregnant women want to drink.Even our Chinese Nutrition Society attributed milk to the food categories that we must eat three meals a day, but considering that the Chinese usually have less habit of drinking milk.Coupled with milk, we can usually drink meals, so we can also use milk as snacks.

And when we treat our milk as a snack, we will easily drink high -quality protein and calcium while drinking milk.

2. Sugar -free Cola:

Especially in the early pregnancy, a friend of Jing Jing said: The necessary thing in my bag in the early pregnancy is cola, which is more important than mobile phone money. When you drink a few mouthfuls a day, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting can be reduced.Essence

The bubbles in Coca -Cola can stimulate the fans to remove the nerves, which can reduce the occurrence of vomiting in early pregnancy, so Cola can also prevent vomiting and reduce the occurrence of vomiting during pregnancy.Because we need to control the sugar intake during pregnancy, it is recommended to choose sugar -free cola.If the book can’t buy sugar -free cola, soda is also another choice.

3. Soda biscuits

During pregnancy, we may have acid reflux due to hormones, which is mainly related to excessive gastric acid. Soda biscuits can neutralize excessive gastric acid during pregnancy. It is recommended to eat two tablets after vomiting.Pay attention to drinking water.Eating with sugar -free cola is also another flavor.

4. Apple

Jing Mu’s colleague of an elderly mother could not eat things in the early stages of pregnancy, so I asked her to eat at least one apple a day. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals in apples. It is still helpful to supplement nutrition.Moms during pregnancy are more recognized and accepted.

Another study abroad has found that eating apples during pregnancy may reduce the chance of infant allergies.Therefore, Apple is really a very healthy snack during pregnancy.

5. Walnut

We look at the shape of walnuts like the brain, so many mothers think that walnuts can promote the development of the brain. In fact, in fact, in the walnut oil, it is mainly linoleic acid, which is good for digestion, so it is a bit reluctant to make up the brain.But our dietary suggestions are 10 grams of nuts per day, and high fat can make us full longer.So eating two or three walnuts a day is also a good snack.

6. Sweet potato

It belongs to foods with high starch content, and there are many types. There are red, white, purple, good taste, and dietary fiber can prevent constipation. It can also supplement various minerals and vitamins.

7. Beef jerky

A Mongolian friend often sent me a few bags of beef jerky to me, and the beef jerky I bought in the supermarket felt that one in the sky and one underground. The beef jerky sent by my friend did not add additives.

For jerky with less additives during pregnancy, you can not only supplement iron, but also have more energy to exercise your teeth.

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