Eat fruits during pregnancy, do not exceed 400 grams a day

There are certain standards for the increase in weight during pregnancy. The international and domestic standards are: women with normal weight increased by about 12.5 kg during pregnancy.If this standard is significantly exceeded, the complications of mothers will increase significantly during pregnancy and childbirth, and fetal complications will rise significantly.

During pregnancy, weight control is really not easy. First, many expectant mothers appetite after pregnancy, and they are easy to be order to control the weight gain during pregnancy, the general dietary suggestion is: vegetables can be let go in principle, how much you want to eat; the amount of protein intake should be appropriate, but the amount is mainly controlled;Sugar drink.

Clinically, when I talk to the ultra -heavy expectant mothers about diet structure, they often say: "My staple food and sweets have been eaten very little, and sometimes I do n’t even eat.Ask her to eat fruit?As a result, some pregnant women will eat fruit as a meal.Then, the weight control is not good, it is the disaster of fruits.

In addition to various vitamins and cellulose, fruits are also rich in fructose.Fruit sugar has the advantages of good taste, high sweetness, low sugar lift index, and not easy to lead to dental caries.Among various natural sugar, the sweetness of fructose is the highest.Because fructose is a kind of monosaccharide, it cannot be directly used by the human body. After the intestinal absorption is absorbed into the liver metabolism, it can be converted into glucose, glycogen and fat.Compared with glucose, fruit sugar is easier to synthetic fat.When a small amount of fructose is intake, the fructose is mainly transformed into glucose, which increases the storage of glycogen in the liver.However, when fructose intake is large, it is mainly regarded as raw materials for synthetic fat.In the factors that lead to obesity in the human body, the harmfulness of fructose even exceeds glucose and sucrose.

It is undeniable that fruits are good things, but no matter how good things are, they can’t eat more, especially expectant mothers.According to the Chinese Society of Nutrition, the Maternal and Child Branch of the Chinese Society is recommended: the daily fruit consumption of fruits during pregnancy is 200 ~ 400 grams, which is the total amount of a day.After eating fruits, don’t drink another fruit juice, don’t eat fruit after drinking fruit juice.If you drink fruit juice, it is recommended to not exceed 150 ml a day.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to eat fruits directly instead of drinking juice.Fruit itself is rich in cellulose, various vitamins, and antioxidant substances. These substances help fight bowel cancer, but these substances will be lost during processing, so it is recommended to eat fruit as much as possible.(Duan Tao, a professor at the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital)

Source: People’s Daily-Life Times

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